Bound To The Divorce System

Chapter 15: It's time for my show

After Ning Ze left, Bai Ertang was a little tired. She went upstairs tiredly and lay on the bed in a daze.

[Miss, what's wrong? Are you afraid of their counterattack? It doesn't matter, we have all the evidence in our hands. 】 嘤嘤 comfort white two sugar.

I'm not worried about this. There's no problem with fighting... I'm just thinking about the logic of this kind of novel. Obviously unrealistic and inappropriate, but get married together. Then after the perfect ending, one by one, it was so miserable. So my task in the future is to enter these anti-reality romance novels to continue the story?

[It seems that Miss Sister has mastered the core goal of the system task. Indeed it is. The authors constructed an ideal, unrealistic and beautiful story, but the novel is over, and life needs to continue. Therefore, task performers like Miss Sister are needed to help the male and female protagonists get a better life. 】

Are there many people doing tasks like me?

[This is not clear. Well, 嘤嘤 is a one-to-one system with you, and is only responsible for guiding and supervising your mission. But 嘤嘤 think there should be a lot, after all, there are really too many such idealized romance novels. 】


Soon, the trend of public opinion changed.

Previously, because Song Yuyin brought out real hammer evidence to reveal that Ning Yueze had cheated four years ago, public opinion was mainly on Song Yuyin's side.

However, in the past few days, there have been a lot of posts and reports about Song Yuyin on the Internet. In short, Song Yuyin's various bad histories have been exaggerated and exaggerated, and she has been described as a prodigal Pan Jinlian.

This is really an injustice to Song Yuyin. Although Song Yuyin is not motivated to be a worm, she is not a prodigal. At most, she occasionally buys a few bags and a few pieces of clothes. It is not the same as those rich wives who go to Macau to gamble and buy sports cars for extreme consumption. Different.

[It's terrible, how can this male protagonist black you so much? The revelations of the young lady are all true, but the revelations of the male protagonist are clearly false. 】

this is the truth. The male protagonist and I have a huge conflict of interest now, and have no feelings anymore. Of course, he will choose what is beneficial to him.

[Wuwuwu, men are so scary. 】

In fact, this has nothing to do with men, it is the essence of reality. If you see through the essence of reality and see through people's thoughts, you will find that a person's life is the most unrestrained.

[Hey, I understand, it seems that Miss Sister is alone. 】


"Yinyin, if you do this, you will tear up your face with the Ning family and make you die. Not to mention how miserable you will be in the future, have you considered me?" Song Ziru came to the door again.

This makes the white two sugar a little grumpy.

I really don't want to spend time paying attention to these irrelevant people.

[Actually, I want to remind Miss, it's not irrelevant. After all, Song Ziru is Song Yuyin's mother, so you should also pay attention to the relationship between the heroine and her mother. Otherwise, the mother-daughter relationship will be completely broken, and Song Yuyin will be in great pain after you leave... In this case, your performance this time will not be very good. 】


Damn, it turns out that not only did the heroine divorce wonderfully, perfectly, and properly, get the property that she deserved, spray those hostile people to death, but also take care of the heroine's mood?

[Well, Miss, you can understand it like this. In short, we must ensure the quality and ensure that the heroine can live a good life after the divorce. 】

So I can't tear my face off with my mother.

Bai Ertang, who was about to spray Song Ziru with full power just now, immediately smirked.

"Mom, of course I thought about you. I did it for you."

Song Ziru looked bewildered, "What? Think about me? You and Ning Ze are already divorced very badly, so what are you posting on Weibo, exposing Ning Ze's cheating and humiliating the Ning family, you know my current situation How embarrassing? Ning Jing looks at me every day now, blaming me for not educating you well. How dare you say it's for me!"

Song Ziru was really going to be **** off by her daughter's hooligan logic.

[Well, I also think the logic of Miss Sister is very rogue. 】

You know shit.

Next is my performance time, watch my Tianxiu!

【Um? 】I'm very curious.

【Ah. 】The main system couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Mom, calm down and listen to me. You know how to manage money now. You can't put all your eggs in one basket, can you?"

"...So this has something to do with your divorce?" Song Ziru's eyes wanted to kill.

"Mom, the two of us are actually two investments. At the beginning, the two of us invested in the Ning family's marriage at the same time, and as you can see, this is very dangerous. It means that our risk factor is very high. In a basket!"

Song Ziru raised her eyebrows, "You call me an egg?!"

"...This is just a metaphor. I am also an egg! The marriage of the Ning family is that basket."

【Ha ha. 】The main system laughed again.

Come on, can you stop laughing, it affects me to flicker, oh no, play.

"Mom, look, the basket is unstable now, and both of our eggs are in danger."

"It's not your fault. Originally, Ning Jing and I had a good marriage. Now he ignores me." Song Ziru continued to be angry.

"No matter who did it, the result now is that if one of us has a problem, it will spread to the other. So, I suggest putting two eggs in two baskets."

"...You don't have a basket at all right now!" Song Ziru raised her voice.

"Yes, yes, but I can grab a basket from Ning Ze. For example, now that I have half of Ning Ze's property, is my basket stable, okay? What if one day you and Ning Jing don't have a relationship? Well, you come to join me, and I can still make you live well."

Song Ziru was silent, she stared at Bai Ertang and seemed to be shaken.

"But it's very dangerous for the two of us to be in the same basket. Besides, the Ning family's basket is not your own, but the Ning family's, so it's even more unreliable. So you don't think that Ning Ze and I divorced and got yourself. The basket is actually a very good way out?"

[Mom, Miss, you are from Master Huyou. As I said, I also want to make a basket. 】

【Go. Since you don't want to stay in this system space, how about I clear you? 】

[Oh, the main system is huge, people are just talking about it... Don't delete them...]

"But Yinyin, it's very difficult for you to win this divorce case."

"Mom, you don't have to worry about this, I have the winning ticket, you just need to watch it with peace of mind. As for Ning Jing, he will ignore you and ignore you. When I get divorced, you can choose to continue with Ning Jing. You can also choose to live with me, in short, I can also guarantee you a good life."

Song Ziru stared at Bai Ertang, and then tears came out, "Yinyin, you, you really impress your mother. You are right. In this divorce, your mother supports you."

"Thank you mom!" Bai Ertang moved forward and hugged Song Ziru excitedly.

【…Into the play? 】

No way, people can't fall.

After all, Song Yuyin and Song Ziru are deeply in love with each other.

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