Bound To The Divorce System

Chapter 24: It's all drama

Bai Ertang felt a chill in her heart, and she regained consciousness and sobered up in a blink of an eye.

At this time, she was lying in the ward with a huge headache, and a nurse was guarding her. Seeing her awake, she routinely asked her a few questions.

"Doctor, is my head okay?"

"It's okay. It's just a concussion. Just take a break."

Bai Ertang breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't get married and didn't get divorced, so Tang Yu was handicapped, so she would be so sorry for Tang Yu.

When Bai Ertang saw Miss Nurse's words, she was full of gossip, and she immediately understood. Thinking that she was beaten by Zhong Qiao with a concussion, it should have caused quite a stir.

"What? What do you want to say to me?"

Bai Di Tang decided to make proper use of the curiosity of passersby to ferment this matter.

"That, your relationship with Dr. Zhong..."

Bai Ertang blinked aggrievedly and squeezed out two tears. Just as he was about to say something, Zhong Qiao came in.

He was holding a bunch of flowers in his hand, and Bai Ertang looked at people carefully, and after a long time, Zhong Qiao became depressed.

His face was haggard and annoyed, his eyes were bloodshot, and his chin was showing stubble.

Before Bai Ertang could speak, Zhong Qiao had already made a preemptive strike, staggering and rushing to Bai Ertang's side, "Xiaoyu, you wake up, it's all my fault for being too careless, a joke made you like this! Seeing you faint, I I can't live anymore, but luckily you're all right."

Nani, Zhong Qiao's lines are too... nauseous, it's almost Erkang's possession, the key is her carefully designed trap, she almost lost her life, and was warned by the system to deduct one point, now this Zhong Qiao has two After all, is it a joke?

"...But I..." Bai Ertang wanted to make a comeback, and then Tang's father and mother came in again.

"Zhong Qiao, don't blame yourself too much. This incident was an accident, and it's because Xiaoyu likes to make a fool of yourself. You missed her and didn't catch her. For Xiaoyu's sake, you haven't rested all day and night, and you should take care of yourself. The body can continue to take care of Xiaoyu."

"Parents, I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I'm really shameless to see you!" Zhong Qiao's bloodshot eyes were wet, and the man didn't cry easily, but he didn't reach the "sad."

There are people behind Tang's father and mother, who came to visit Tang Yu's colleagues and students. Everyone listened to Tang Yu's parents and husband's back and forth, and seemed to have understood the truth. It turned out that Zhong Qiao flung Tang Yu away, just a Accident.

This fairy couple is really still in love.

Bai Ertang was stunned, what's the matter, so she has entered a novel with the level of a collective Oscar actor? How can everyone act?

[Miss Oops, it seems that your superiority in drama is useless in this novel. 】The friendly reminder of 嘤嘤 gave Bai Ertang another fatal blow.


"Everyone has also seen Xiaoyu. She is not very well now and needs to rest. We are grateful for everyone's kindness!"

Tang’s father and Tang’s mother were afraid that Tang Yu would make trouble again, and sent too many colleagues and students who were visiting Tang Yu. Bai Ertang wanted to take the opportunity to express his demands, but was stared at by Tang’s mother. Tang’s mother was vicious. The appearance reminded Bai Ertang that this pair of parents are people who can sell their daughter's lifelong happiness for the sake of their rich life. If she really takes the initiative to screw up this marriage, then the pair of parents will not let it go. Tang Yu.

So Bai Ertang shut up obediently, and let the three of Tang's father, Tang's mother and Zhong Qiao act.

After a while, all the people who came to visit left. There were only four people left in the ward.

Zhong Qiao regained her indifferent expression in a second, and no longer looked at Bai Ertang, but nodded slightly to Father Tang, "Dad, Mom, I have something to do in the hospital, so let's go first."

"Okay, Zhong Qiao, hurry up, Xiaoyu is handed over to us, don't worry, we promise that there will be no trouble."

Zhong Qiao nodded and was about to leave, but Mother Tang quickly added, "Then Zhong Qiao, your parents have to say something to us about the bank account..."

"Mom and dad, don't worry, as long as Xiaoyu is fine, you don't have to worry about the bank."

Zhong Qiao's words were meaningful, he glanced at Bai Ertang, "I hope things like today won't happen again. By the way, I'm going to attend a classmate's wedding in a week, and I hope Xiaoyu will be well by then. Cooperate."

"That's for sure." Mother Tang responded.

As soon as Zhong Qiao left, Tang's father and mother's face completely sank, with a posture that the mountains and the rain are about to come, Bai Ertang sighed inwardly, it seems that she underestimated the NPCs in the mission system this time. , I thought that they were just being wooden people and promoting the plot, but they did not expect to become their own obstacles.

Right now, Bai Ertang is alone, her parents and in-laws are all staring at her, and the hero doesn't take any immediate losses. Bai Ertang hesitates in seconds, "Dad, Mom, it's not what you think, I really don't know that Zhong Qiao's reaction is so big, when I looked at the restaurant so much. Many people just want to pull him to show their affection, who knows that he just dumped me."

Father Tang stared, "You take us for fools? Didn't you already know about Zhong Qiao... He, he doesn't like women, so you suddenly leaned on him! I think you did it on purpose!"

"Xiao Yu, what you did this time went too far. Do you know that because of this incident, Zhong Qiao's secret was almost impossible to hide? Your parents-in-law are all powerful people in the city, and Zhong Qiao's incident cannot be It's been exposed! You come here, now your in-laws are very angry, just now, your father and I have received more than a dozen calls from the bank! Don't you want to kill us by doing this?"

"...What about me?" Bai Ertang couldn't help it. "What should I do? Do I want to be a fake couple in name with Zhong Qiao for the rest of my life?"

"Xiaoyu, you don't have to worry about this." Mother Tang reassured Bai Ertang, "We have discussed this matter with your parents-in-law a long time ago. When you and Zhong Qiao have a child, they will divorce peacefully in two years. Later, Zhong Qiao's divorced identity will not be suspected by outsiders."

Bai Ertang was stunned, he had already discussed it? Does the Zhong family have a queen? Co-authoring her is a tool? First, to cover up Zhong Qiao's gayness, and second, to inherit the Zhong family's lineage?

So the background of this mission is the Qing Dynasty?

[Miss, the task background is modern. But there are old ideas everywhere, regardless of the times. 】

"It's better to have a boy." Father Tang added.

Mother Tang nodded with a smile, "Yes, your in-laws agreed, you will give you a house in the city when you give birth to a son, and you will give you one million when you give birth to a daughter. After a few years, your parents' business will be done well, and you don't need to rely on the clock. If you have a family, you will divorce with the house money, and the children will be left to the Zhong family. At that time, if you have money and a house, it will not be difficult to remarry."


From an economic and intellectual point of view, what Mother Tang said seems to make sense. Even five years later, Tang Yu will not be thirty years old. She is still very young, with good looks, good money, a good job, and she wants to remarry or Not to marry, it all depends on the mood.

As if all was well, she just lost her reputation as a first marriage. However this is not important.

"What about the child? I don't care if I have a child?"

"What else do you care about? The child is born and belongs to the Zhong family, it has nothing to do with you. Xiaoyu, listen to your mother, mother is for your own good, now you can act this play honestly, and then Well, the Zhong family didn't treat you badly, you see, your hospital is a single room, and the Zhong family found a relationship and paid for it."

"I really don't know how to be blessed. You have memorized what your mother just said. Next time you make trouble, don't talk about us, and your in-laws will not let you go. In their eyes, you are a university teacher. It's nothing, to find a reason to fire you, it's a matter of minutes."

"Yeah, Xiaoyu, what your dad said is right. This matter is not only about my business with your dad, but also about your own future!"


One of Tang’s parents sings a white face, the other a smack face, good and bad words coerce and lure a big pass. To sum up, when Zhong Qiao’s fake wife, everyone has a good life, they fall out, the Tang family’s business is finished, and Tang Yu follows. Bad luck.

Oh, what a divorce.

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