Bound To The Divorce System

Chapter 29: 0 points for flirting skills

"Hello, little brother, there seem to be very few people here today." Bai Ertang squeezed his throat and looked at the bartender's little brother with an ambiguous gaze.

The bartender got goosebumps by Bai Ertang's voice, he looked at Bai Ertang with complicated eyes, "Miss, because it's still early, wait until around eleven o'clock in the evening, there will be more people, you can wait. Wait and see."


Why is the bartender's little brother standing two steps away, his face is very disgusting, what does it mean?

Is she not attractive? Although she doesn't have a boyfriend, she has seen thousands of novels and small movies. To be reasonable, it should be a matter of minutes to get a handle on a boy in his twenties.

Bai Ertang doesn't believe in evil, so he threw a charming wink at the bartender, "Little brother, come here, anyway, there are no guests now, you can chat with me for a while."

[Mom, young lady, don't do this, please! 】

Bai Ertang just ignored the babble, and continued to look at his little brother, continuing to think he was tender.

The bartender's brother was really frightened. He looked at Bai Ertang and stammered, "Sister, you, please let me go, I, I am a showman, not a showman!"

【Ha ha. 】The main system couldn't help but laugh. The sound is very pleasant.

Bai Ertang was angry, she almost gritted her teeth and growled, "Are you thinking too much? Ah? I'm not jealous of you, I really just want to chat with you!"

The bartender shuddered, "Oh, sister, talk to me."

"..." It seems that this little brother eats hard but not soft, and likes the domineering sister's style, Bai Ertang immediately understood and changed his style, "Little brother, I'm not afraid to scare you, this is the first time I come to the bar, If you don't know each other in life, let's be friends, shall we?"

The bartender refused, "Sister, I don't like to mix work and life, you are my guest."

By the way, kicked the iron plate.

It doesn't matter, it's human nature, white two sugar is very get.

"How about I get a card, 10,000 cards." Failing to do so, Bai Ertang chose to lure him.

The little brother looked up at Bai Ertang, took out the POS machine, "Cheng, sister, we are friends now, Alipay or WeChat or credit card?"

"...Wait, don't worry, I'll ask you a question first. Well, the owner of this bar, you know?"

The younger brother of the bartender changed his face instantly. He glanced at Bai Ertang alertly and took back the POS machine, "Sister, I don't think you are a bad person and tell you the truth, don't ask about it casually. Also, although it's **** here There are bars, but there are not a few men and women who eat it all, so you should go quickly if you are okay."


White two sugar is extremely frustrated.

She had no success in the previous task, as long as she wanted to do it, there was nothing she couldn't do, like opening a golden finger. When it comes to this task, she seems to be out of luck and can't do anything.

This little brother is so alert, it seems that he has been trained for a long time and will not disclose information. Bai Ertang is also afraid that there are too many guests and it will be dangerous, so he plans to leave first.

But I just drank the fruit wine and felt a little thirsty, so I went to the toilet.

Bai Ertang entered the women's toilet, but a man came across him.

Bai Ertang was stunned for a moment, thinking that he had entered the wrong room, and hurried back a few steps to the door to see the sign, yes, it was the women's toilet.

Although the man on the other side is handsome, he still looks like a man... Could it be that he has undergone **** reassignment surgery, so he looks like a man but is actually a woman, so "he" should be wearing women's clothes, right?

Bai Ertang was wondering, the man had already walked up to him, grabbed Bai Ertang's hand with one hand, turned around, and directly pushed Bai Ertang against the wall.

Bai Ertang was startled and immediately resisted, but he didn't expect this man to look delicate and powerful.

"Miss, is this the first time you've come to Long Night Bar? Are you surprised to see a man in the women's restroom? Then you're really ignorant. Here, keep calm when you see anything. Otherwise, you may annoy the other party. "

The man's tone is very soft and handsome, his face is close to Bai Ertang, his lips almost touch her ears, Bai Ertang has goose bumps all over, but his heart is a bit complicated. people of unknown gender.

[Miss, what do you think? At this time, hurry up and find a way to escape. If you are not pure, you will lose the chance of resurrection! 】

Bai Ertang came back to his senses, secretly raised his right knee, whether he was a man or a woman, ready to give him a fatal blow to his vulnerable parts...

"Mr. Song, you are here, Mr. Bai is here, he is looking for you."

Suddenly a voice sounded, the sissy Mr. Song who was holding her down was taken aback for a moment, and then he let go of Bai Ertang a little unwillingly, "Miss, this is my phone number, I will contact you later, I promise not to disappoint you. "Mr. Song handed Bai Ertang a business card and then left.

Bai Ertang breathed a sigh of relief and threw it on the ground without looking at the business card.

And the one who just exited to help her out was an uncle who was cleaning. Bai Ertang glanced over and was stunned, "Uncle, why are you?"

It turned out that this cleaning uncle turned out to be the shrewd uncle of Tang Yu Community.

This is too coincidental.

"Uncle, why are you here?" Bai Ertang couldn't help asking.

"I work part-time here, the property in the community is too expensive, and the money I give is too little. I sweep the property during the day, and I come here to clean the part-time job at night." The uncle explained, "Miss Tang, this place is not your place to stay, hurry up and leave. Bar."

However, Bai Ertang immediately extracted key information, "Uncle, you mean, how long have you been cleaning part-time here?"

"...It's been several years. This nightclub just opened, and I'm here."

Bai Ertang immediately rejoiced, "Then you must know this nightclub very well!"

The author has something to say: it doesn't mean anything else, it's cold, just keep it down

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