Bound To The Divorce System

Chapter 43: tempted

The troubles at Wang Caihua's house were so big that the neighbors heard it, only Zhang Tao and another neighbor, Zhang Song's wife, came over.

"Caihua, what's the matter?" Zhang Song's wife asked.

Bai Ertang immediately made a look of grievance and wanted to cry, "Zhang De just hit me and said he wanted me to have a son, otherwise he would not want me."

"Hey, how can you do this? It's not like there is a son. Even if you don't have a son, you can't say such things." Zhang Song's wife said.

Zhang Tao was noncommittal, "Without a son, there is nothing, a daughter is better."

Bai Ertang agreed, she nodded, "Yes, I also think my daughter is good."

Zhang Song's daughter-in-law objected, "How can a daughter have a son, but if she doesn't have a son, what will she do when she grows old?" Zhang Song's daughter-in-law has two sons, which is the proudest thing in her life.

At this time, Xia Xucheng brought Xiaolin over to join in the fun, and happened to hear their conversation.

Xia Xucheng hugged Xiao Lin with a smile, "Xiao Lin, your father only has your daughter. He will be old and will no longer be able to farm, make money, or eat. What should I do?"

Xiaolin immediately said, "I will work, I will buy rice and meat for my father to eat."

Zhang Song's daughter-in-law was unhappy when she heard it. "You're married by then, and your in-law's family won't allow you to take care of your father."

"Then I won't be with my mother-in-law. And my uncle said, in fact, many people outside will not be like this. As long as the girl works well in the future, her mother-in-law and her mother's family are equal, and they have to take care of her mother-in-law's parents as well as her mother's parents. ."

Xiao Lin is nine years old this year, and she is much more sensible. Zhang Song's wife was stunned by this theory.

"Yes, Xiaolin is right. I heard that this is the case in the city. There is no separation between men and women. Marriage is to live together and take care of both parents together." Bai Ertang nodded quickly. I thought that Xia Xuguo was actually our auxiliary NPC.

Zhang Song's daughter-in-law was embarrassed, "Hehe, Zhang Tao, this is your younger brother. I heard that he came from Shanghai. It's amazing."

Zhang Tao immediately became proud, "Yes, my brother is a doctor in Shanghai University Hospital, that's really amazing."

Bai Ertang's eyes glowed, it turned out to be a doctor in a big city, no wonder he looked so temperamental.

[That’s not true. This time, the main system has invested heavily in order to meet your requirements. 】

It's just a change of our NPC. Is it so difficult? White disaccharide is not accepted.

[Hmph, Miss Sister doesn't know anything! 】

Zhang De felt that what happened to him on this day was very bizarre.

This Wang Caihua seems to have changed a person, and actually became aggressive, not only beat and scolded him, but also asked him to write an agreement.

Back at the town home, Zhang Deba told his parents about it.

When Zhang De's parents heard this, they were angry, "This woman's wings have grown hard? Don't look at how she can raise ducks to make money without our family."

"Mom and dad, I've also figured it out. If she really quits and goes to the city to wash dishes, she can really get 3,000 a month."

"She can't be allowed to wash dishes in the city. She dares to be so arrogant now that she has no money. If she makes money by washing dishes, she won't fly to the sky." Zhang De said.

"So I pretended to agree." Zhang De said quickly.

Zhang De's mother frowned, "Then you can't sign the agreement either."

"What are you afraid of? Who will look at that kind of thing. When the ducks are fattened, I will go to the buyer and sell the ducks. The money is in my hands and I will see what she can do."

Zhang De's mother nodded, "Yes, just do it."

"What about the birth of a son? Wang Caihua disagrees." Zhang De asked again.

"...Then tell her to get out." Zhang De's mother said.

"But she's gone, how much will it cost us to marry another daughter-in-law?" Zhang De's father was still rational.

"...This, I'll think of a way. Let's see if I can find a cheap, obedient, daughter-in-law who will give birth to a son." Zhang De's mother still wanted to find a good daughter-in-law.

Another day.

Bai Ertang got up early in the morning, after feeding the ducks, he went to look for Zhang Tao next door.

"I'm going to town. Please help me take care of the house. I'll be back before three o'clock in the afternoon to feed the ducks."

As soon as Bai Ertang left, there was no one at home, so he was afraid that hundreds of ducks would be stolen or something happened.

Zhang Tao nodded, "No problem, you can go anyway."

Bai Ertang got on his bike and was ready to go.

It is pitiful to say that Wang Caihua has only one bicycle when he buys a house and a car in Zhangde Town. Zhangkou Village is very remote, and it takes an hour or two to go to the town by bicycle.

Next time I get money, I have to buy at least an electric car, Bai Ertang thought.

"thank you."

Bai Ertang said, turned around and launched his bicycle. At this time, Xia Xucheng, who was next door, came out and saw this scene, "Aunt Caihua, where are you going?"

"I'm going to town to see my daughter." Bai Ertang said.

"I just happen to be going to town. I'll take you there. It's inconvenient to ride a bicycle from here to town for thirty or forty kilometers."

"Okay." Bai Ertang agreed.

Bai Ertang was so happy in his heart, he simply loved this NPC this time. He was eye-catching, righteous and considerate.

[Miss, you are tempted. 】

Yes, I will be tempted when I meet a handsome guy.

[Then why are you still single at the age of thirty. 】

Not moving.

So Zhou Xucheng drove Bai Ertang to town.

"Aren't you from Shanghai? Why does your car have a Gansu license?" Bai Ertang sat in the back seat and asked.

"I rented it in Lanzhou. It's inconvenient to transfer cars in the village."


Then Bai Ertang really couldn't move, she didn't do anything with a good opportunity in front of her, but concentrated on thinking about Wang Caihua's divorce.

Xia Xucheng, on the other hand, drove quietly in front of him without disturbing each other.

[Don't you want a good-looking NPC? Why are you indifferent now? 】The main system sounded loudly.

Only then did Bai Ertang realize that the main system had disappeared for two days. She ignored the master system before, and she didn't know if it angered him.

Bai Ertang rubbed his hands together, big, I'm not that kind of person, I just look at the handsome person in a better mood, don't worry, I've always followed your purity rules and won't do anything.

[Obviously, there is a thief's heart but no courage. 】

...that's right.

Bai Ertang has been single for 30 years. During these years, it is not that she has never met someone she likes, but she has never dared to take the initiative to do something. On the surface, she looks bold and bold, but in fact, she is very timid and introverted. .

Great, don't tell me, your system allows me to go to the bubble, if that's the case, I can try it, anyway, this is not the real society.

【Not allowed! 】The main system is very decisive.


The drive is relatively fast, and in less than an hour, the town is there.

"Aunt Caihua, go see your daughter. I'll go buy something in town, and we'll call you later."

"Okay, thank you."

"You're welcome."

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