Bound To The Divorce System

Chapter 46: and the village chief theory

Zhang Cai was embarrassed, seeing that Wang Caihua didn't invite him into the house, he had to go to the door, "sister-in-law, I heard about what happened yesterday, my brother is too outrageous, he left Xiaobao at home and went out by himself, I I also asked, at that time it really happened for a reason, my brother and my parents had something to do yesterday, and they had to…”

"Xiaobao told me that this is not the first time, but a frequent occurrence. They often leave Xiaobao at home alone. I believe Xiaobao will not lie, and Director Li of the Women's Federation said that he will investigate this matter. Yes." Bai Ertang was neither humble nor arrogant, and did not intend to let Zhang Cai fool around.

Zhang Cai really didn't expect that Wang Caihua, who was arrogant in the past, suddenly became so eloquent, "Well, sister-in-law, we are all a family, why are we making such a fuss? Right."

"I didn't do anything. At that time, the police said it was private. I agreed. Now I will bring Xiaobao back to raise it by myself. Is it alright?" Bai Ertang looked puzzled.

"No, I mean, why don't you go to the Town Women's Federation with me to explain that what happened yesterday was a misunderstanding... Xiaobao remembered it wrong, she was alone at home yesterday..."

Zhang Cai's tone was full of pleading. It turned out that yesterday Bai Ertang went to the Women's Federation to cry, and the staff in the entire office building knew about it. These people went to tell relatives and friends again, and it didn't take long for the whole town to know about it. Zhang De's family was pointed out when they went out. As Zhang De's younger brother, Zhang Cai is not much better. If this matter does not subside, it will even affect his future.

"Misunderstanding? You told me to lie? No, lying is going to be hit by lightning. I won't do it." Bai Ertang refused.

"...Sister-in-law, you can do it, if you don't explain it, how will the parents live in the town? Now that the child has been taken away by you, the neighbors come to say that the parents abused the child..."

"I can do it? When you treat me like this, Xiaobao, why can't you do it? You didn't see that yesterday, Xiaobao's clothes are old and dirty, eating cold steamed buns, like a beggar! I don't There will be trouble, as long as Xiaobao and I can live in peace, I am satisfied, but if I lie, I will not do it."

"...Sister-in-law, are you going to fight against my family?" Zhang Cai said something nice, but he didn't expect that Wang Caihua didn't know how to praise him. He, the village chief, was humbled, but was rejected, which made Zhang Cai very embarrassed. So his tone became harsh.

"Village chief, how dare I, I'm just telling the truth, why, you won't let me tell the truth?"

"Sister-in-law, I just don't want to turn my back on you. You should also think clearly about how to deal with this matter. It's best to go to the town this afternoon to explain the situation."

"Sure, I'll go to town in the afternoon." Bai Ertang smiled, but it was so weird that Zhang Cai felt uncomfortable.



Zhang Cai left, but Bai Ertang was a little worried.

Naturally, she had to fight Zhang De's family to the end, but in the end, she was just an ordinary village woman, and Zhang Cai was indeed the village chief. If Zhang Cai would go wrong and deal with her...

Forget it, there is always a way to cover it with water.

Then Bai Ertang quickly made a pennant. This pennant Bai Ertang made is very simple. After all, Wang Caihua is only a village woman who graduated from elementary school, and she is at this level.

The pennant is made of red flannel, with the words "thank you" sewed with yellow cloth. A circle of yellow cloth is sewn around the pennant, and then a wooden stick is wrapped on it, and a tape is sewn on it.

Simple, but sincere, with a heartfelt thank you letter from Bai Ertang, it will definitely impress Director Li and try his best to the end.

Bai Ertang naturally didn't plan to go to town by bicycle. It was so far and tired, but she couldn't be exhausted, so she sent Xiaobao to her neighbor Zhang Tao's house.

Zhang Tao went to work in the field, only Xia Xucheng and Xiaolin were there.

"Xiaoxia, I'm going to town, please help me take care of Xiaobao."

"You're going to town again? Well, I'll take you there. Xiaolin can take care of Xiaobao. My brother will be back in a moment. I'll give him a call."

"It's not good, I'll trouble you again." Bai Ertang said no, but she was very happy. What she wanted was this result.

Sure enough, when Bai Ertang delivered the pennant, thank you letter and a bag of fruit, Director Li and other staff were very moved.

"Wang Caihua, what are you doing? What are these..."

"Director Li, I'm here to thank you. Without your help yesterday, I really don't know what to do. Now I can live with Xiaobao, I'm really happy, I'm just a village woman and I don't have much ability. , you know, I don't have any money, so I made a pennant overnight by myself. I went to school with TV, I don't know if it's good or not, and then this thank you letter was written by me, and this fruit, no How much does it cost, I hope you don't dislike my things."

Seeing Wang Caihua's simple and sincere thanks, Director Li's eyes turned red, "Wang Caihua, we just did our own work, as we should."

"But this is really a life saver for me. I'm sorry if you don't accept it."

"In this way, you can take the fruit back for the children to eat, the pennant and thank you letter, I will accept it."

Director Li said, followed by Bai Ertang's pennant and letter of thanks, "We are public officials, and we must not take every stitch of the people!"

Xia Xucheng, who was standing at the door, photographed this touching scene.

At this time Director Li noticed him, "You are..."

"Hello Director Li, my name is Xia Xucheng, I came from Shanghai to visit relatives. I am also a witness to this incident. I happen to have a friend who is a reporter in the county. I would like to report on the support deeds of your town women's federation, can you? ?"

Director Li was stunned, "Reporter? Report?"

"Yes, I think good things deserve to be preached."

Bai Ertang on the side was also stunned. Good guy, this Xia Xucheng is our NPC, and he actually thought of contacting reporters to report on this matter. In this way, wouldn't everyone know the bad things that Zhang De's family did?

Hahaha, I really want to laugh three times.

When Director Li heard that he was going to promote himself, he was also happy, but he didn't expect to report it, "This, it's not good, it's just a small matter."

"A good deed, no matter how small, is not small. Isn't it, Director Li."

"That, that's right, this matter is up to you, but don't cause any bad influence."

When I went back, Bai Ertang purchased some more things. It was during the summer vacation. I thought that Xiaobao went to kindergarten and was about to go to elementary school. She prepared some school supplies for Xiaobao.

"Xiao Xia, why are you so powerful? You're not from here, how do you know the reporters in the town?" On the way back, Bai Ertang couldn't help asking.

"I don't know, but it's not difficult to find newspapers and websites in town to report on this."

"Xiao Xia, you are amazing."

Bai Ertang praised, this time the auxiliary NPC is too powerful.

Xia Xucheng smiled slightly, "It's okay."

Wow, she's so charming, but unfortunately, she's a village woman now, so she can't be a nympho.

[Hehe, do you like him? 】The loud voice of the main system, which has rarely appeared recently, suddenly appeared.

Don't dare, just appreciate it.

Bai Disu quickly took a stand. Anyone who offends can't offend this vinegar jar!


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