Can you reach into the game? I took out the red police base car

Can you reach into the game? I took out the red police base car

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What happens when the hand can take items out of the game world?

Su Che, who was playing Red Alert, accidentally discovered that he could actually take out the units in Red Alert from the screen.

Su Che on the international battlefield!

He felt that it was necessary to take out the Red Police base car and create a steel torrent in the real world!

Apocalypse Tank! Hyperspace Teleportation Soldiers! Magnetic Explosion Infantry!

When the country of Lia was unified by Su Che behind the scenes, a certain country was shocked: “Where did these black technology weapons come from?”

However, Su Che can not only take out items from the Red Alert world, but all the worlds of games and movies.

mk50 armor, incarnate Iron Man!

The blood orchid of the wild python disaster, create a longevity club!

Super Seminary genetic technology, complete artificial god!

He established an umbrella technology company behind the scenes and became the world’s top class, mastering many technologies and creating a technology myth!

Unbeknownst to everyone, the person who has mastered the lifeblood of the world turned out to be the unknown Su Che.


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