At this time, Kyoko pushed the door and entered, relieving Hoshino Yuzawa.

“Lord Shinmei, the theme of the next issue of “I Am the King of Songs” has been announced, oh, the theme is burning, do you have any ideas?”

“Of course, and there are many more.”

Hoshino Yuze said with his head held high.

To be honest, when it comes to Japanese songs, it is related to “burning”, and he is most impressed.

Not to mention one, the songs in his head are more than enough to make up a dozen albums.

However, as there are more songs to choose from, Hoshino Yuzawa’s difficulty in choosing begins to occur.

So many divine comedy, which one to choose?

“By the way, Lord God… Actually, there is one more thing. Kyoko picked up a document she was carrying with her and said, “Regarding the manga “Demon Slayer Blade” you created, there is an animation production company expressing the intention of animating, and Ayano Iida would like to ask your opinion~. ”


Hoshino Yuze touched his chin.

As a small baby, he is usually idle except for eating, sleeping and basking in the sun, and he naturally puts his extra energy on “Ghost Slayer Blade”.

Therefore, his creative speed is very fast, and normal cartoonists are basically Zhou Geng, even if they speed up, they can’t guarantee the quality.

However, Hoshino Yusawa can do it every day, and the quality of the manga is extremely top-notch.

Editor Ayano Iida was shocked when she learned that Amaterasu’s ability to carry out such high-intensity horror creations, and her attitude became more and more respectful, and she often sent condolence messages to the mobile phone number left by Kyoko… Even if Amaterasu suddenly dies on the workbench.

A few days ago, Hoshino Yusawa finished drawing all 23 volumes of “Demon Slayer Blade” and sent all the drafts to Ayano Iida.

Of course, although he updated quickly, Shonen Jump is definitely still a normal weekly serial, so the current plot of Ghost Annihilation is just updated to the death of Yanzhu, that is, the end of the infinite train chapter, which is a big climax of the whole article.

In this world lacking knives, Yan Zhu’s death brought unimaginable heartbreak and shock to all readers.

Whether it is in Blue Star or this world, Yanzhu is a very popular character.

Why Big Brother is popular is not because he is strong, but really because his values and positive energy output are too strong and too contagious, rather than those who argue about who is stronger.

They simply could not imagine that the handsome big brother with a cheerful personality, enthusiasm like fire, a loud voice, and a fiery pattern cloak died in that dark night.

Especially the line before the eldest brother died: “I will fulfill my responsibility and will not let anyone present die!” ”

He guarded everyone, but excluded himself.

This sentence, like a sledgehammer, smashed into the hearts of readers.

On the day of the latest serialization of “Ghost Slayer Blade”, many readers looked at the back of the big brother in the comic book and shed tears, and then spontaneously came to the comment area of the comic and began to build a building in a neat formation: “Big brother, go all the way.” ”

Overnight, the building in the comment area was built to tens of thousands of floors.

This terrifying popularity directly detonated the entire comic book industry, and the pillar of flame that illuminated the entire night but dissipated at dawn became an eternal pain in the hearts of readers.

Of course, while mourning for Yanzhu, readers can’t help but look at the hateful culprit, the author Amaterasu-sama.

All kinds of “return my big brother”, “Amaterasu, you have no heart”, “I will send you blades” remarks filled various related forums and comment areas.

Now when Amaterasu is mentioned, readers are all in love and hate.

I like his excellent plot and painting, but I hate his teeth for the act of sending knives.

For a time, “Ghost Slayer Blade” even rushed to the hot search list of the web page many times, because the death of the flame of Yanzhu is about to be out of the circle, and the popular serial works directly stand at the top of the comic circle.

It’s normal to attract the attention of animation production companies.

In this regard, Hoshino Yuze is still quite cautious.

After all, an excellent animation company can take the work to the next level, but poor animation affects the audience’s perception, not to mention, the masterpiece may directly become a dung work.

“Which animation company, has it been investigated?”

Hoshino Yuze asked seriously.

Kyoko nodded and handed the document over.

The above details the strength of animation companies and the works that have been adapted.

After reading the document, Hoshino Yuze nodded slightly.

The animation company that wants to animate “Ghost Slayer Blade” is an animation company nicknamed “Saucer Society”, which is regarded as the top animation company in the industry, and the adapted animation all have a good reputation on the Internet.

“Well, I agreed… Kyoko, the details will be discussed by you after that. ”

“Yes, Lord God, is there anything else you need to command?”

“I want to think… The revenue share of animation should be raised by at least 20 percentage points. ”

“Huh?” When Kyoko heard this, she immediately opened her mouth in surprise, and couldn’t help but explain, “That, Lord Kamei, you may not know very well… The other party’s share of the market given us is relatively fair, a few percentage points can still be discussed, 20 … That’s an exaggeration. ”

“Not exaggerated, not exaggerated at all, I even feel like I’m going to be less.” (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Hoshino Yuze smiled mysteriously, leaned on the sofa behind him and said slowly.

“Exactly, Mommy’s song selection problem doesn’t have to be entangled~”

That afternoon.

Kyoko directly meets with the head of animation at the saucer club as an agent.

The two parties met in a quiet café and talked about the contract.

When he learned that Kyoko wanted to directly increase the share by 20%, the person in charge of the saucer club laughed angrily: “Excuse me, are you kidding me?” ”

If it weren’t for the excellent work of “Ghost Slayer Blade”, this person in charge wanted to get up and leave directly… Isn’t this too ugly?

He originally admired Amaterasu as a genius in the manga world, but now he only smelled the copper stench of his body.

But in the next second, the person in charge changed his face.

I saw Kyoko look indifferent and said, “Then if… What about Ai Hoshino and Amaterasu’s joint creation of the theme song for the Demon Slayer anime ? ”

“You, what do you say, Ai Hoshino… And Amaterasu, wouldn’t it?! ”

The person in charge immediately rounded his eyes and had an expression of disbelief.

Of course, he knew who Kyoko was talking about, or that he was one of the followers of Aimon himself.

Looking at Kyoko’s meaningful expression, the person in charge felt as if he knew a big secret.

The composer Oni Amaterasu, is the same person as the author of the manga of Ghost Destroyer?

Although there has always been such speculation on the Internet, he has always been skeptical.

But right now, if Kyoko hadn’t lied, then this matter… Kind of a real hammer?!

Yes, and only in this way can Miss Kyoko in front of her have the confidence to say such conditions.

This is also too much of a thief, right?

It turns out that there really is such a genius in the world, and he has achieved extremely dazzling achievements in many fields at the same time, which is really unheard of!

He is willing to bet that once the news is put on the Internet, it will set off a heated discussion.

The face of the person in charge was full of shock, and his attitude was unconsciously humble: “That… Miss Kyoko, this matter is too important, I need to report it to the head. ”

Kyoko nodded casually, took a sip of coffee, and said lightly: “By the way, I forgot to mention that Xiao Ai can sing the theme song of Ghost Annihilation in the third issue of “I Am the King of Songs”, which is considered … Publicize the animation in advance. ”

“What?! I am the king of songs?!! ”

The person in charge stayed directly in place, and even the mobile phone that had just been taken out fell to the ground.

“I Am the King of Songs” can be said to be the current top variety show, the popularity and discussion are terrible, if the popular top meteor Ye Ai on such a variety show to promote the “Ghost Annihilation” animation.

The effect is unimaginable!


The person in charge directly gasped and looked at the urban beauty in front of him in awe.

The one he ran into today… What kind of immortal is it?!

.. Two..

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