Dare to Take Me as a Stand-in? Are You Worthy?

Dare to Take Me as a Stand-in? Are You Worthy?


10 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Following Xie Qing’s return from the small worlds such as the overbearing CEO text, cultivation text and farming text, he found that his original body that stayed in the real world had become dull and s*upid due to the loss of most of his consciousness. At the same time, he was also taken as a stand-in of his brother by a popular actor, a rich second generation and a few others. Looking at the pale panting face in the mirror, Xie Qing slowly raised his eyebrows.

On the night of his return, the popular actor burst through the door of his living space, only to find a thin young man with a pale complexion but bright eyes asking him, “Want to sleep together? The kind that will never wake up again?”

The popular actor: “…”

It didn’t take long for many to discover that the dull Xie Qing had changed. The once silly little white flower that was like a puppet, lifeless and boring, finally faced the sun. Everyone wanted to dye the little white flower with bright and gorgeous colours.

One after another, bosses confessed to him: ‘It was all my fault that I was blind before. It turns out that Qingqing is my true love.’

The young man standing behind Xie Qing smiled with his red lips, “Say one more word and I’ll send you to hell.”

To create a better society, the first step is to clean up the garbage.

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