Disciple Cashback System: I Got Exposed By My Disciple

Chapter 76 - I Will Not Let Teacher Down

Chapter 76: I Will Not Let Teacher Down

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However, Wan Shanhai soon felt that something was wrong. Even though his sword intent had reached the first level, he could not fight with his disciples with such ease.

Compared to Li Qingyan and Yue, his disciples were completely tied up and beaten.

Even though his disciples sparred with him many times, their actual combat ability improved very slowly.

After half a day, there were indeed some disciples whose strength had improved, but the margin of improvement was very small.

“Forget it! The results aren’t that good!”

Seeing this, Wan Shanhai could not help but sigh deeply.

Ye Xuan was not only a monster, but his disciples were too.

He could not be compared to Ye Xuan, and his disciples could not be compared to Yue and Li Qingyan either.

What could he do? How could he compete?

Time flew by, and soon five days had passed.

There were a total of 20,000 Qingyun sect cultivators gathered on the Qingyun Mountain to participate in the sect competition.

The sect competition would last a total of three days.

It was a competition between outer sect disciples, inner sect disciples, and personal disciples!

Among these groups, the number of outer sect disciples was the largest, followed by inner sect disciples and personal disciples.

If one ranked top ten among the outer sect disciples, he or she would be qualified to challenge the inner sect disciples. If the challenge was successful, he or she could become an inner disciple.

At the same time, the challenge rules for inner sect disciples were the same.

However, whether or not one could truly become a personal disciple depended on whether the sect leader, vice sect leader, or one of the elders favored the successful challenger.

If the cultivator possessed outstanding talent, there was a high chance that he or she could become a disciple of an elder.

Most of the outer sect disciples were qi transformation realm cultivators, and only a very small number had reached the true essence realm.

A day passed, and the outer sect disciples’ competition round ended. Among the top ten outer sect disciples, three had reached the true essence realm, but most of them were at the first level of the true essence realm.

Although inner sect disciples were generally stronger than outer sect disciples, there were still some inner sect disciples who were only qi transformation realm cultivators, albeit high-level ones.

Among them, many had reached the third level of the true essence realm.

The strongest inner sect disciple had broken through to the fourth level of the true essence realm.

The second round of the competition also ended uneventfully. The elders had already listed out the rankings.

Soon, it was the third day.

The competition between personal disciples would happen today. Compared to the first two rounds, the personal disciples participating in the competition were undoubtedly the elites among the elites. The cultivator with the lowest cultivation realm was a fourth-level true essence realm cultivator.

These few days, Ye Xuan had also been watching the competition to see if he could find any cultivators that possessed a special physique.

However, to his disappointment, there was no one else in the sect who had a special physique.

There were a total of 22 personal disciples, which included those under the sect leader, vice sect leader and the five elders.

They were also the most powerful and famous of the 20,000 cultivators.

Among them, the most famous were Yue and Li Qingyan, whom Ye Xuan had taken in.

Many cultivators had come to watch Yue and Li Qingyan fight.

After all, not only were they devastatingly beautiful, but also extremely powerful. This much was apparent from the sparring session at the training ground five days ago.

Yue and Li Qingyan also did not disappoint Ye Xuan. They had won all their fights, and could be said to have crushed the other personal disciples.

“Why is Yue’s strength getting more and more terrifying?”

Lin Qing, who was sitting cross-legged in the elder’s seat, was speechless when she saw how the competition progressed.

Although Yue’s cultivation had not broken through, her sword qi had become extremely sharp. Cultivators below the seventh level of the true essence realm could not even withstand one of her attacks.

Even the beloved disciple of the first elder, the disciple whose cultivation had reached the peak of the seventh level of the true essence realm, had only lasted ten moves against Yue.

“This is the strength of someone with a sword physique!”

Wan Shanhai saw this scene and said with a smile.

The Sword Jade physique that Yue had awakened was a rare sword physique, which greatly improved her physical capabilities and reflexes. Coupled with the Qingyun sword that Ye Xuan had given her, even Chen Xiaofeng might not be able to defeat her.

Thinking this, Wan Shanhai’s heart was filled with envy.

Ye Xuan was not only a monster, but his disciples were also becoming more and more monstrous.

“I lost! Junior sister is indeed powerful!”

After the beloved disciple of the first elder was sent flying by Yue’s sword, he climbed up from the ground with difficulty. Feeling the erratic spiritual power churning inside his body, he could not help but smile bitterly.

The strength that Yue displayed was too shocking, just like her fairy-like appearance. She seemed like a towering mountain, lofty and unattainable.

“I admit defeat!”

At the same time, on another arena platform, Xue Min also directly admitted defeat.

It could not be helped. She had encountered Li Qingyan this round.

Had it been any of the other personal disciples, she might have been able to fight and win, but she did not have the slightest desire or confidence to fight Li Qingyan.

Looking at Li Qingyan, Xue Min felt that everything was like a dream.

A few days ago, Li Qingyan had just been a low-level qi transformation realm cultivator. How many days had passed since then? She was now able to force her to admit defeat just based on the difference in their cultivation levels.

Suddenly, she was overcome by self-pity and sadness. Why did I not end up with such a good teacher?

“Those two senior sisters are so strong!”

“Yes, yes! Elder Ye’s disciples are different. They are both monstrously strong!”

When the spectating disciples saw the fights unforld, they could not help but cry out in excitement. One after another, they turned into little fanboys.

There was no helping it. Who could resist and not admire women who were beautiful enough to topple nations, and strong enough to bring down cities?

“If only Elder Ye was also my teacher. How great would that be!”

At the same time, their hearts were filled with envy, especially after learning about Yue’s origins. They could not help but fantasize in their hearts. Perhaps they too were another unpolished diamond waiting to be found?

However, every time someone had such a fantasy in their hearts, their friends around them would poke fun at them and bring them back to reality.

The crowd was not only immersed in the beauty of Li Qingyan and Yue, but they were also deeply shocked by their strength.

Soon, the competition reached the crucial stage.

This round of combat was between Li Qingyan and Chen Xiaofeng.

When the crowd saw this, they narrowed their eyes in excitement.

This would probably be the most exciting match in this third round.

“Hello, Junior Sister Qingyan!”

Chen Xiaofeng cupped his fists toward Li Qingyan like a gentleman.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Chen!”

Li Qingyan cupped her fists politely as well.

“Everyone said that Junior Sister Li and Junior Sister Yue’s levels of talent are extremely monstrous. They even called the two of you the strongest cultivators of the younger generation in our Qingyun sect!”

“However, as the eldest senior brother of the Qingyun sect, I have experienced some ups and downs, and I will not be affected by these rumors!”

“So… Junior Sister, be careful. I will not hold back!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a golden light flashed across Chen Xiaofeng’s eyes, and his aura turned fierce. The surging true essence power in his body swept out.

Peak eighth-level true essence realm!

What greeted Chen Xiaofeng was Li Qingyan’s longsword.

Since she had promised her teacher that she would take home the championship, then she would definitely not let her teacher down.

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