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Chapter 90 - The Start Of The Competition

Chapter 90: The Start Of The Competition

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At the thought of this, Wan Shanhai felt an itch in his heart.

As a true core realm cultivator, he was still unable to sense the cultivation levels of two personal disciples. If this news were to spread, would it not be a great joke?

‘What exactly did Ye Xuan do? Previously, he told me that he had gained new insights into how he could restrain his aura. Could it have resulted in this secret technique?’

At that time, Wan Shanhai had been unable to sense Ye Xuan’s cultivation. When his spiritual sense came into contact with Ye Xuan’s body, it was as if it had entered a fog that it could not extricate itself from.

Were it not for this guy taking the initiative to become the sparring partner of his two disciples and displaying his sword intent, Wan Shanhai would not even have known that Ye Xuan had already comprehended sword intent.

He also did not know what cultivation level this guy had reached recently.

Suddenly, Wan Shanhai’s heart trembled.

Wait, he actually did not know Ye Xuan’s cultivation level at all. When he left the Qingyun sect with Yue back then, he had already reached the early stage of the true core realm.

Regarding this matter, he and the various elders had witnessed it with their own eyes, so there was no way they could be wrong.

However, did this guy break through after that? It should have been very difficult to do so within such a short period of time… it was impossible that he did, right?

At this moment, Wan Shanhai felt extremely unsettled.

Although, logically speaking, it was impossible for Ye Xuan to break through so quickly, he had an inexplicable feeling that this guy’s cultivation level must have advanced recently, and that it had reached an extremely terrifying level.

Was it the middle stage of the true core realm, or the advanced stage of the true core realm? Ah… This feeling was too unsettling.

Wan Shanhai did not dare to think of the realms beyond that. After all, it would already be incredible to be able to reach the advanced stage of the true core realm in such a short time, let alone anything beyond that.

Still, he felt uncomfortable. Right now, he could not sense Ye Xuan’s cultivation level at all. In his eyes, Ye Xuan was covered in a fog that he could not penetrate.

“F*ck! Everything related to this guy is torturous!” Wan Shanhai was on the verge of pulling out his own hair in frustration.

“Cough cough! Sect leader?”

At this moment, someone coughed to get Wan Shanhai’s attention.

Wan Shanhai immediately came back to his senses. After which, he raised his head and discovered that the various elders of the Qingyun sect, and the elders of the two great sects, were all looking at him with strange expressions.

Wan Shanhai revealed an embarrassed expression. If he had not been thick-skinned, his face would have turned red from shame.

“Ahem, let’s commence the competition between the three great sects!” Wan Shanhai quickly changed the topic.

Seeing this, everyone looked puzzled. Was the sect leader thinking about something just now? Why had his expression been so strange?

“Is Elder Ye Xuan in secluded cultivation?”

The first elder of the Shenshan sect looked around and found that Ye Xuan had yet to make an appearance. He turned his gaze to Wan Shanhai questioningly.

“That’s right!” Wan Shanhai nodded.

Seeing this, the first elder of the Shenshan sect revealed a look of realization.

He had chosen to enter secluded cultivation at such a critical moment, presumably because of that matter.

It was no longer a secret that the top sects had been fighting for the seven-colored Chaos Lotus back then, and they were also aware that Ye Xuan had been severely injured at that time.

At that time, some of these elders were present at the scene and had witnessed with their own eyes that Ye Xuan had been besieged by the elders of the Xuanyin sect. In the end, the sect master and the elders of the Qingyun sect spared no expense to successfully break him out of the encirclement.

Now, he had not made an appearance at the competition between the three great sects. They surmised that his injuries had gotten even worse.

It had been almost two months since the appearance of the seven-colored Chaos Lotus, yet Elder Ye Xuan’s injuries had not yet healed?

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However, they did not dwell on the matter.

After all, the most important thing now was the competition between the three great sects.

The competition format was very simple. It was the elimination format.

In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, the rules of the competition were more comprehensive than before.

There were a total of 30 participants from the three sects. They would draw lots at the same time. The number of lots would be divided into 1 to 15. Those who drew the same number would fight each other.

After the first round of the competition, half of the participants would be eliminated.

However, in order to avoid special situations, for example, having powerful participants being accidentally eliminated due to the luck of the draw, there was a second chance.

For example, if Li Qingyan fought Yue in the first round, then Li Qingyan would have a high chance of being eliminated. After all, Li Qingyan was only at the second level of the purple spirit realm, while Yue was at the fifth stage of the purple spirit realm.

However, Li Qingyan could easily crush most, if not all, of the other cultivators present. It would be unfair if she was ranked lower than fifteenth because of her first round opponent!

Therefore, to avoid any special circumstances, the eliminated participants in the first round would have another chance. After drawing lots, the losing 15 would fight each other.

However, among the 15 participants, one of the lucky ones would proceed without fighting.

At the same time, the top 15 participants in the first round would draw lots and fight again. After half of the participants were eliminated, the remaining half would continue to advance. Similarly, one more would be able to advance without fighting.

Then, the seven cultivators who won in the second round would advance together with the seven people who lost in the first round, but won their revival round!

After the two elimination rounds, only those who were truly strong would remain. There would be 14 people after the two rounds of elimination, as well as the two lucky people who received a bye.

There would be 16 people who would enter the final round.

After that, the rules of the competition would be relatively simple!

The remaining 16 would battle it out in knockout competition format; quarterfinals, semifinals, and then the finals.

Once the rules were explained, the competition between the three great sects officially began.

A sixth-level true essence realm cultivator from the Huolie sect went up against a peak sixth-level true essence realm cultivator from the Shenshan sect.

The cultivators from the two great sects were cheering from below the stage.

One could see surging true essence power gushing out of their bodies, and the weapons in their hands emitted a sharp gleam. As their martial techniques clashed, even the extremely tough stage started to crack!

When the attacks and shockwaves hit the defensive array formation, it rippled.


After more than ten rounds, the Shenshan sect cultivator sent the Huolie sect cultivator flying with a slash, ending this battle.

In the first battle, the Shenshan sect had won!

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The second battle…

At the beginning of the first round, the three sects’ performances were all as expected, and there was nothing special about those fights.

It was not until Chen Xiaofeng of the Qingyun sect fought the eldest disciple of the Shenshan sect that the elders in the audience showed a hint of interest.

The two represented the eldest disciples of these two great sects, and they were extremely powerful for true essence realm cultivators!

This battle could be said to be a peak-level battle!

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