The next morning, Yu Mian woke up and opened her eyes, hearing the sound of rain, rustling like silkworms eating leaves.

Surrounded by a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere, she stretched out in the warm blanket, rubbed the soft pillow, and sat up slowly.

A cool wind brushed against her cheeks, bringing a burst of cold and damp breath.

Yu Mian tilted her head, and looked over with sleepy eyes. It turned out that the window was not closed tightly, and there was a small gap. The wind and rain outside the window lifted the curtains and blew into the room.

The rain was slender, and it hit the window glass, printing mottled and dripping water marks.

It rained all night, and the sound of the pattering rain continued, as if it would never stop.

After an autumn rain and a cold, Yu Mian sat on the bed, and the fresh water vapor with the scent of grass and trees rushed to her face. She took a deep breath, and the air full of moisture went straight into her lungs, bringing a refreshing coldness.

Rainy days always make people depressed for no reason. Yu Mian sat quietly for a while, listening to the small sounds that seemed noisy and quiet in his ears, and the relaxed expression on his face when he just woke up gradually subsided.

She seemed to be lost in thought, her slender eyelashes were blown by the wind, trembling slightly, after a few minutes of silence, she suddenly reached out and took the phone from the cabinet next to the bed.

Turning on the phone screen, she pondered for another period of time, until the lit screen automatically went dark, and she seemed to make up her mind, pursed her lips and clicked on the WeChat in the phone.

After entering WeChat, she switched accounts directly and chose her original account to log in. Yesterday, the interface was quiet, but now a lot of new news suddenly appeared.

At a glance, they were all very familiar names, most of them were former classmates.

Gao Jingjing: Unexpectedly, the first time I contacted you, it turned out to be in such a situation, Yu Mian, go all the way.

Wu Weiqi: Yu Mian, I hope you will live a happy life in the next life, and not be so miserable like this life.

Xu Huiyan: I think I will always remember you, thank you for your help, Yu Mian, let’s go.

Many message boxes popped up one by one, she clicked on them one by one, and finally closed them one by one.

She can't reply to any messages, and now she's a different person, her old life is gone.

These people are all high school classmates of Yu Mian, they should have come to express their condolences after learning of her passing away.

In her high school class, Yu Mian found an online news link posted by a classmate, titled "Female college student dies in car accident after being brave enough to save others", clicked on it and saw her report on the car accident.

If she hadn't read the news, Yu Mian still wouldn't have remembered that she had saved someone.

She vaguely remembered that when the car rushed over, there seemed to be a passerby beside her, and she subconsciously pushed him away.

But that was just a subconscious action. Now it seems that the passer-by is probably fine, and her death is not worthless.

Compared with the uproar in the high school group, the university group can be said to be as quiet as a chicken.

The class structure of the university is relatively loose, and Yu Mian's personality is rather introverted. She didn't choose to live on campus. Apart from attending classes, she usually works part-time and goes home, so she doesn't communicate much with her classmates.

The group was quiet, and Yu Mian guessed that they didn't know that she had an accident.

Just as she was reading the news, someone in the high school group suddenly sent such a message.

Hu Bingxin: Is anyone free today, let's go see Yu Mian together?

Someone responded right away.

Wu Xinyang: What do you think? Do you know where her home is? I want to go.

Zhou Zhou: From what I remember, Bingxin and Yu Mian seem to be in the same community. Yu Mian has no one at home, so what happened to her funeral?

Hu Bingxin: Yu Mian's former neighbor made it for her, just today, so let me ask who will do it.

Tan Jiaxi: If you have time and convenience, go there and see off our squad leader.

As soon as the words came out, everyone responded one after another, and everyone set a time like this, and agreed to see Yu Mian off together.

Yu Mian himself watched their discussion silently. He was still in a low mood, but he quietly improved a lot without knowing it.

Sitting on the bed with her mobile phone in her hand, looking at these kind names, the sadness in her heart was dispelled by the harmonious warmth, Yu Mian couldn't help but bend her eyes.

When he got up and went downstairs, Yu Xing happened to come out of the restaurant. He changed into a slim black suit, tailored to a decent size, and trimmed his height and legs, and his stern profile was well-defined.

Seeing Yu Mian, his steps stopped, and his voice was cold: "The tutor has contacted you. He will come over at three o'clock this afternoon. I will give you his contact information later. You can decide what you want to learn. .”

The man spoke quickly, calmly and loudly, as if he was used to making decisions, and his speech seemed very vigorous.

Yu Mian said with a blank expression, "Okay."

Glancing at her one last time, the coldness in his eyes subsided slightly, Yu Xing nodded slightly at her, turned and walked towards the door.

Aunt Chen, the family helper, handed him an umbrella and sent him out. When she came back, seeing Yu Mian still standing on the stairs, she couldn't help laughing and said, "Miss, what do you want for breakfast? The kitchen has porridge and dumplings." , what else do you want, I will make it for you."

Yu Mian waved her hand, indicating that these were enough. After struggling for a while, she still couldn't help frowning and raised her own question.

"Aunt Chen, did brother go out so early?" She checked the time just now, and it seemed that it was only half past six in the morning. Her parents didn't get up yet, but she was still woken up by the wind, and she usually wouldn't get up so early.

Aunt Chen said: "The young master always leaves early, the home is a bit far from the company, the young master has to go to work, so he has to leave early, otherwise he will be late."

Yu Mian nodded understandingly, and she also realized that it was indeed a long distance from the city center in Yu's father's car yesterday.

No wonder my brother doesn't go home very often. It's such a long distance and it's so troublesome to go to work in the company.

But yesterday my brother didn't bother to go home, not only gave her a bank card, but also settled her tutoring issue in one night. Does that mean that my brother didn't like her as a younger sister, as the original body thought?

Maybe, he is just indifferent by nature and not good at expressing, but he still cares about her in his heart.

Aware of this, Yu Mian secretly made a decision in her heart, she must work hard to find opportunities in the future, change her brother's original view of her, and look forward to reaping a good brother in her mind.

After breakfast in the dining room, Yu Mian went back to her room, opened the closet to choose the clothes she was going to wear today, all her clothes were bought by Mrs. Yu, basically according to Mrs. Yu's aesthetics, the clothes were fresh and sweet.

In a pile of pink and blue dresses, Yu Mian finally managed to find a black coat, thick woolen fabric, wearing it well against the coolness of late autumn.

Putting on a pair of black jeans and brown leather boots, and standing in front of the full-length mirror, Yu Mian took a look at what she was wearing to make sure there was nothing wrong, then took her mobile phone and went out.

Aunt Chen cleans the living room. The helpers usually get up early in the morning. Before the host's house is up, they clean the house first.

Seeing that Yu Mian seemed to be going out, Aunt Chen took an umbrella for her and said, "Miss, where are you going? It's raining, let Lao Liu take you there."

Yu Mian shook her head, "No need for Aunt Chen, I'll call a car myself, tell your parents, I have something to do, come back for lunch at noon."

After speaking, she opened the umbrella and walked into the dense rain outside the house.

The pitch-black umbrella cast a shadow, enveloping her thin body.

She just wanted to take a look at her original home and see off another Yu Mian.

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