Isn't this a picture of her in high school?

Yu Mian still remembers that this is a photo she took when she applied for a campus card in her first year of high school.

But later, the campus card disappeared at some point, and Yu Mian got another campus card.

But this photo left a deep impression on her, because when the teacher took a photo of her when applying for the campus card, he said that this photo was taken very well, and it was the best one he had taken in so many years.

Yu Mian picked it up and took a look, she was really pretty in the photo.

Everyone loves beauty, and Yu Mian is no exception. Looking at her beautiful photos every day, her mood will improve.

After she lost her campus card, she searched for it for a long time, but unfortunately she couldn't find it, so she had to get a new one in the end.

The long-lost photos reappeared in front of my eyes, but changed from color to black and white, looking familiar and strange at the same time.

Yu Mian stood up and approached, stroking the girl's childish face with her fingertips, her heart was ups and downs, and an inexplicable sadness appeared in her heart.

Wen Quyi came out of the kitchen, holding a cup of tea in his hand, and stood behind the dazed girl.

"Is she very similar to you?"

The clear and clear voice of the young man rang in his ears, as clean as a gurgling stream flowing through the secluded valley.

Piaoyuan's thoughts were pulled back, Yu Mian turned her head to look at the young man, and slightly pursed the corner of her lower lip.

Maybe it was because her mood was too complicated, she didn't know what to say, so she simply fell silent.

In fact, there was no need for her answer, Wen Quyi smiled lightly, with self-mockery in her smile: "If it wasn't for sure that she had passed away, I would have thought she was not dead and was standing in front of me."

Yu Mian's heart skipped a beat, almost thinking that he saw something, originally wanted to ask him why he had this photo, but now he dare not ask.

She said dryly: "Well, if Yu Mian knows, seeing you miss her so much, she will be very pleased."

The boy gave her a fixed look, as if confirming her identity again.

After a long time, when Yu Mian was so disturbed by his gaze, he looked away as if giving up, and handed over the teacup in his hand, "I just went home, the house is quite chaotic, only tea is left."

"It's okay, thank you." Yu Mian took the disposable teacup and shook her head to express that she didn't mind.

From Wen Quyi's actions, she finally felt a trace of familiarity, this young man was still so gentle and polite in his bones.

She looked at his warm eyebrows and wanted to ask him how the past two years have been, but she opened her mouth and swallowed it all.

Changing identities, former friends become strangers, even if there are still many things in my heart, it is not suitable to say them at this moment.

Yu Mian turned her head and noticed that there was a white porcelain altar behind the black-and-white photo. The porcelain altar was not big, with a bulging belly and blue-blue cloud patterns. It looked nothing special, but Yu Mian felt that there was something inside. It should be her ashes.

Seeing your own death from the perspective of a bystander is like dreaming.

Seeing her looking at the columbarium, Wen Quyi said, "This is Yu Mian's."

"Well, I know." After watching it for a long time, it was a little strange, feeling very awkward, Yu Mian turned around and sat back on the sofa, took a sip of tea with a teacup, "That... Yu Mian told me about you, you seem to be Studying abroad, I really troubled you this time, and I came back specially to help her with her funeral."

Wen Quyi glanced at her unexpectedly, "Did she tell you about me?"

Yu Mian was taken aback for a moment, she didn't expect him to focus on this, she paused and said, "Yes, she said she has a very enthusiastic neighbor named Wen Quyi, if it's it you?"

"It's me." Hearing what she said, Wen Quyi's eyes darkened, and she lowered her eyes and said, "Since she told you, I won't introduce any more."

Yu Mian vaguely felt that his mood suddenly became a little lower, did she say something wrong? Come to think of it, she didn't say anything.

But what is certain is that his mood changed after she finished speaking, or did her arrival disturb him?

Realizing this, Yu Mian suddenly felt a little restless, the sofa was very soft, but she felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.

Before she could linger for too long, there was a knock on the door, and Wen Quyi softly said "excuse me".

Yu Mian sat opposite him for ten minutes, during which the two of them had no communication, in order to ease the embarrassment, Yu Mian finished the glass of water in her hand for her to drink.

The ringing of the doorbell broke the stagnant atmosphere, Yu Mian breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly put down the cup while he was opening the door, got up and went to the bathroom.

After going to the bathroom, when Yu Mian came out of the bathroom, the living room of Wen's family was already full of people, all talking softly.

When she came out of the bathroom, someone heard her footsteps and looked over subconsciously. When the two of them met their eyes, the person suddenly yelled "Ah".

"Ghost!" The scream resounded throughout the room, almost toppling the roof.

Yu Mian had just finished washing her hands, and put her wet hands in front of her body. Seeing the other party staggering in fright, and almost falling to the ground, she couldn't help but have black lines on her hair.

She thinks that the original body is pretty good-looking, when she was still Yu Mian, when she walked out the door, she would be praised for her good looks.

Although the appearance of the original body is similar to before, but if you look closely, you can still see the difference. Now this face is much more delicate than before. If Yu Mian can be called a little beauty, then Yu Mianmian is a real big beauty.

A beautiful woman can actually scare people to the point of being called a "ghost"...

Yu Mian froze on the spot, the people in the living room were startled by this sound, and all turned their heads to look over.

Yu Mian scanned around subconsciously, and found that the people who came were all her former classmates.

Three years in the same class in high school, although some people have changed, but she still recognizes most of them.

When she was observing those people, they were also looking at her. A girl pulled back the screaming boy and rolled her eyes, "Wu Xinyang, what's your name, look carefully, it's not Yu Mian, okay?"

The boy hid and did not dare to come out, he tried his best to push his huge body behind the girl, and said in a low voice, "I can see clearly, it is Yu Mian, did she come to us with her eyes closed?"

The girl sighed helplessly. Everyone was in a heavy mood at first, but this interruption actually relieved some of the dullness, and the atmosphere around them relaxed a little.

Yu Mian knew that she was not dead, and the previous sadness had already passed, so she couldn't help laughing.

"Hello, I'm Yu Mian's netizen. I knew something happened to her, so I wanted to come and see her." She repeated what she said to Wen Quyi before, and finally added embarrassingly, "Well, I just I look a bit like Yu Mian, but I am a living person."

Hearing Yu Mian's voice, Wu Xinyang poked his head out from behind the girl and looked over tentatively.

"Huh, it's really not Yu Mian, I thought I saw a ghost."

Probably surprised by their similar faces, Wu Xinyang came over and walked around Yu Mian, curiously asking: "Beauty, you and Yu Mian are netizens? What's your name?"

This person is still as jumping as in memory, Yu Mian glanced at everyone, and realized that they seemed to be waiting for her to answer.

If the similar appearance is just a coincidence, then if the same name is added, it is really a bit weird.

Thinking about it, Yu Mian thought for a while and replied, "My name is...Kapok."

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