In the studio, the director looked at the time and called to stop after a scene was filmed.

"It's over, it's over, everyone has worked hard, let's have lunch and rest first."

The director greeted the staff on the stage, turned his head and saw Lin Jianshen who was leaving the stage, hurriedly rushed up and walked side by side with him.

"Jian Shen, you did a really good job in that scene just now."

The director is Fang Da. He has been filming for more than ten years. He is a well-known director in China. He is good at filming large-scale costume dramas. Applause and seats.

Lin Jianshen has been in the entertainment industry for nearly ten years, and has more or less cooperated with Fang Da several times, and the two also have some friendship.

A well-known director like Fang Da has made dozens if not hundreds of films, and has made enough money. In the past few years, he has not cared much about the commercial nature of the films, and instead began to pursue the quality of the films, so he paid special attention to Pay attention to the acting skills of the actors and the interpretation of the characters.

The movie I'm filming now is a big production that Fonda has been preparing for a long time. It's about the political revolution in ancient history. , The story of expanding the territory and conquering the world.

He has put a lot of effort into making this movie, and he has extremely high demands on the actors and crew. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Fonda's real goal in making this movie is to go to the film festival next year, and he intends to use this movie to hit some awards. , Increase its own gold content.

"Dragon Court" was originally a women's novel, but its plot is exquisite, the characters are brilliant, the author's writing skills are excellent, and his control over words is superb. From her pen, it seems that the rise and fall of a dynasty has been reproduced, and in that historical turbine, countless amazing characters have emerged, interpreting wonderful stories.

This book can be regarded as the pinnacle of historical conspiracy novels, and it is not surprising that it has become popular in a short period of time.

Earlier there were rumors that "Dragon Court" was about to be made into a film and television film. Later, Fang Da contacted Lin Jianshen and invited him to play the leading role in Long Ting. Only then did everyone know that he bought the copyright to direct the film.

As soon as the news came out, the reaction from the outside world was even worse. One is a director who is famous for making historical dramas in ancient costumes, a well-received and popular novel, and the newly promoted actor Lin Jianshen who is good-looking, superb acting skills and dedicated, everyone can't help but look forward to Long Ting even more .

"Thank you director."

Facing Fang Da's praise, Lin Jianshen looked indifferent.

Fang Da didn't mind his slightly indifferent attitude. He has been filming for so many years, and he has his own way of seeing what kind of people he hasn't seen.

The first time I saw Lin Jianshen, he was not popular at that time, he was just a young man who had just entered the entertainment circle, while Fang Da was already a cutting-edge director. While other actors were rushing to curry favor with Fonda, Lin Jianshen filmed quietly by himself, not arguing or snatching, and in Fonda's eyes he was like a clean stream.

In the subsequent contacts, Fang Da also gradually learned that this young actor with a unique performance may look indifferent on the surface, but his acting skills are really good, and he is also extraordinarily hardworking in filming. At that time, he had a vague premonition in his heart that this little actor would be popular sooner or later.

Facts have proved that Fang Da's vision of seeing people is still very accurate.

Thinking of this, Fang Da sighed, "It would be great if everyone could worry as much as you do."

What he said meant something, it was really because of his heart-struggling and unspeakable suffering recently. Blame him for being obsessed with ghosts for a while. Before the start of the filming, the investor said that he must come in alone and only play the second female lead. I can't help but agree.

But who knew that the girl who came in was a girl who had never filmed before. It can be said that she basically had no acting skills. During the entire filming process, she kept ng, which slowed down the progress of the crew. She would cry and apologize when she was scolded. .

"Be patient, the second female role will soon be filmed, and you have worked hard during this time."

Fang Da turned his eyes to one side. Many people were sitting on the ponytail outside the studio and having lunch. There was a pretty girl who was holding the script and was fascinated by it. From the focused eyes of the other party, it could be seen that she was very serious, but there was no such thing. Talent, he couldn't help but secretly sighed.

This little girl's attitude is still good, otherwise, according to his temper, regardless of whether she is a relative of the investor, he would have just let her go and replace her.

Lin Jianshen's expression is still calm, his temperament has always been calm and indifferent, like a calm lake with no waves, everything that passes through leaves only a shallow reflection, without any waves.

Following Fonda's line of sight, he said softly, "She is not suitable for acting in movies."

A big screen like a movie is an extreme test of an actor's acting skills, and any subtle changes can be seen clearly when performed on the big screen. That's why many actors who are okay in TV are terrible when they act in movies.

With Lu Yinyin's current level, she is not good enough to act in such a big-budget movie.

But this is just someone else's business and has nothing to do with him.

Lin Jianshen quickly looked away, went to a chair beside him and sat down.

At noon, I just rested temporarily, so I didn't remove my makeup and change my clothes.

It was already getting cold in late autumn at the end of November, but the costumes worn in the play were light and ethereal. As soon as he sat down, Dai Zhong handed over a thick coat that he had prepared.

There is a small table next to the stool, and there is already ordered box lunch on the table.

The director opened a lunch box, looked at the dishes, and said with satisfaction: "Today's dishes are all right, and they are all my favorite flavors."

Lin Jianshen didn't touch the boxed lunch on the table, looked at Dai Zhong in a blink of an eye, and stretched out his hand: "Mobile phone."

Before Dai Zhong could speak, Fang Da spoke out.

"Young people nowadays can't live without their mobile phones all the time. I can't see that you are also a mobile phone addict."

With a secretive smile, Dai Zhong slowly took out his cell phone from his pocket and handed it to Lin Jianshen.

Slowly said: "Director, people who are addicted to mobile phones are actually obsessed with the things on the mobile phone."

Fang Da nodded, "That's right, my son is, playing games and scoring points with his mobile phone every day."

Lin Jian glanced at the two of them deeply, with no expression on his face.

After taking the phone, once it is unlocked, the first thing to do is to open Weibo.

This time it was his account that came in, and as usual, Lin Jianshen glanced over the innumerable new news, and then switched to the small account with a clear goal and clicked on Kapok's Weibo homepage.

What caught my eye was a new Weibo post ten minutes ago, a very familiar sentence, with the warmth of many years.

The corners of her lips, which had been tense since the morning, unknowingly loosened a little, raising a small arc.

Dai Zhong knew everything about him well, leaned close to him to see clearly the content on the screen, and said in a low voice, a little speechless: "See? Your die-hard fans haven't abandoned you, it's probably just that you're too busy in life and forget After clocking in, you still rushed to give people likes and comments, did you know that it was almost on the hot search? Fortunately, I discovered it early and suppressed it for you in time."


Dai Zhong exclaimed: "It's rare to hear such a sincere thank you from your mouth, and I borrowed others' light."

He knew that Lin Jianshen's thank you was definitely not for himself, but for that girl.

Lin Jianshen didn't speak, and tapped the screen slightly, as if typing to send a message. The slender eyelashes fell naturally, casting fan-shaped shadows, the gaze became a little softer than usual, and the deep side face was clearly defined.

Seeing his concentrated appearance, Dai Zhong suddenly had an idea in his mind, and couldn't help but joked: "You look like this, don't you want to follow the fashion and have an online dating?"

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