Dai Zhong just asked it jokingly on a whim, but Lin Jianshen seemed to be thinking about this question seriously, and stood still and thought about it.

He unconsciously frowned slightly, and his posture of contemplating himself startled Dai Zhong.

"Jian Shen, don't tell me you really have this plan..." Looking at Lin Jianshen's pensive side face, Dai Zhong felt dry and bitter in his mouth, worried that he had reminded him.

Thinking of this, Dai Zhong couldn't help but shed a tear of sympathy for himself in his heart.

He has been Lin Jianshen's agent for several years, and what he has experienced the most is that Lin Jianshen is a very trouble-free actor. He is serious and dedicated in filming.

But sometimes he insists on something inexplicably, and has his own opinions on many things. Dai Zhong stays by his side, most of the time like an assistant rather than a manager.

For example, accepting endorsements and advertisements, choosing scripts for movies and TV shows, and other important decisions, the basic decision-making power is in the hands of Lin Jianshen, and Dai Zhong has little say.

It stands to reason that such an actor who disobeyed the arrangement of his superiors would be difficult to be reused if he was in an entertainment company.

What the company needs are employees who obey orders and are easy to control. People with too much autonomy like Lin Jianshen will not only not get too good resources, but will also have huge conflicts with the company because of disobedience to discipline, and sometimes even fall into The point of being suppressed and frozen.

So in the first few years, because Lin Jianshen was too assertive, he didn't get along well with his agent. He had two agents successively, but he didn't get any good resources, so he remained unknown.

In the entertainment industry known for being chaotic, competition for resources is all too common.

During Lin Jianshen's quiet early years, there was not only pressure from the company, but also exclusion from peers.

But he never thought of catering to others in the past. If he couldn't get a satisfactory script, he simply refused to accept it. He even disdained to act in some bad dramas. In the smoky entertainment circle, he acted willfully and recklessly.

As a result of being too independent, he was abandoned by two managers. In the end, the company directly handed him over to an unknown manager. The intention to give up was very obvious. That manager was Dai Zhong.

Dai Zhong had just entered the industry that year, and he only had a few 38th-tier artists. When he first took over Lin Jianshen, he thought that Lin Jianshen was also a 38th-tier artist who could not be supported. But after getting along with him, he felt that Lin Jianshen was different from other artists under him. He had the potential to become a big hit.

The previous manager never paid much attention to Lin Jianshen, so naturally he couldn't see his hard work and excellence.

However, Dai Zhong discovered during the contact between the two that Lin Jianshen was not born in a major, but his acting skills are quite superb. He usually works very hard in acting. There is a slack.

It's just that he is a bit colder in dealing with people and things, but he can also be said to be humble and polite.

Unlike some young actors he met, who were not well-known but were full of airs, and their net worth in the 38th line was as high as a top line.

Dai Zhong suddenly discovered Lin Jianshen's golden bump among a group of people who had long been judged to have no potential, and immediately felt boundless pride and ambition. bright future.

But soon he was awakened by the cruel reality, because even if he discovered Lin Jianshen's potential, Dai Zhong couldn't give him better and better resources. One year novice broker.

At that time, Dai Zhong had several conversations with Lin Jianshen regarding the difficult situation they were facing.

Compared with Dai Zhong's anxiety and ambition, Lin Jianshen remained calm as usual. He has always been like this, his emotions and anger are invisible, as if he has never panicked.

"You don't need to do anything, you just need not to interfere with my judgment and respect any of my decisions, that's all."

That day, when Lin Jianshen said such a sentence to Dai Zhong, the faint power in his expression made people surrender unconsciously.

For so many years, Dai Zhong has been conscientiously carrying out this sentence. Countless experiences have told him that Lin Jianshen's choice can't be wrong. The roles he has played are widely acclaimed, and the movies and TV series he has participated in will always be popular. His vision is sharp and precise, and he can accurately grasp all opportunities for success, as if he has the power to predict the future.

However, it turns out that whether Lin Jianshen can predict the future is open to question, but he does have a far-sighted vision, not only in the choice of scripts, but also unique and accurate in the business field.

After following him for so many years, Dai Zhong gradually learned more. Two years ago, Lin Jianshen's contract with the company expired, and instead of renewing the contract, he came out of his own company. Dai Zhong left the company without hesitation and joined Lin Jianshen, truly changing from a broker to Lin Jianshen's employee and assistant.

So now, if Lin Jianshen really wanted to do something, Dai Zhong couldn't stop him at all.

Seeing that Lin Jianshen was still silent, Dai Zhong's brain instantly rang an alarm. Some time ago, Lin Jianshen and Yu Mian's engagement caught him off guard. Fortunately, no rumors spread and it did not affect Lin Jianshen's career.

But if news of the online dating between the actor and his fans is reported at this time, the consequences will be unimaginable. After all, the relationship between idols and fans in the entertainment industry is inherently sensitive, and with the addition of an online relationship, I don't know how the outside world will judge Lin Jianshen.

Don't look at him always teasing Lin Jianshen and his "netizens", once things really happen, Dai Zhong still cares more about Lin Jianshen's future.

What's more, now that Lin Jianshen still has a "marriage contract", although the two parties have no relationship, they can't be scumbags.

"What are you thinking?" Lin Jianshen looked away from the screen, saw Dai Zhong's constipated face, and immediately knew that something was wrong with his brain.

Dai Zhong suddenly came back to his senses, wiped his face and said: "Jian Shen, you are also engaged to someone now, let's say goodbye to this online dating? You don't even know whether the other party is a man or a woman, right? Maybe Is she married? Maybe she's ugly? Maybe she..."

Lin Jianshen's brows became tighter and tighter following Dai Zhong's words. Fortunately, Dai Zhong also took into account that this was on the set, and there were many people around. The director was sitting at the table next to them, and he lowered his voice when speaking. .

"When did I say I wanted to..." The word "online dating" rolled between her lips and teeth, but she still didn't say it in the end.

Lin Jianshen's voice was cold, and his eyes were even colder.

Dai Zhong trembled all over, and immediately shut up. He didn't expect Lin Jianshen to react so strongly. He knew him better than anyone else, and knew that he was really angry.

The person in front of him is his boss, who controls his job and salary. Dai Zhong didn't dare to continue talking about this issue, and changed the subject abruptly: "That, that, you didn't say anything, I was thinking too much." By the way, Jianshen, someone contacted you just now and handed over an endorsement, do you want to accept it?"


With such an indisputable tone, even though he was prepared, Dai Zhong was still speechless.

After thinking about it, he felt that he still needed to explain all the information, "Yiju company invited you to endorse their products. I got internal information that the boss of Yiju has a daughter at home who seems to be your fan. This time, too. She offered to ask you to speak for her, and the price she offered was very high..."

Lin Jianshen didn't give him a chance to continue talking: "I won't answer if I say so."

He put down his phone, his face seemed to be covered with a thin layer of frost, and his expression was filled with coldness.

Dai Zhong nodded his head as usual to express his understanding. He was already used to Lin Jianshen's behavior. Apart from being interested in acting, Lin Jianshen has rarely participated in other things such as endorsement of variety shows.

He never accepts general endorsements. The endorsements he has received in the past are basically public service advertisements, none of which are commercial in nature, and are not at all different from other entertainment stars.

Occasionally, Dai Zhong would think, why does someone as arrogant as Lin Jianshen enter the entertainment industry?

If he can't figure it out, he shouldn't think about it.

Dai Zhong shook his head, "Okay, then I will reject it for you."


When Yu Mian returned home, it was already past meal time, and her aunt left food for her in the kitchen, Yu’s father went fishing with a friend, Yu’s mother was invited by the wife of the same community to have afternoon tea, and she was the only one left at home. people.

Auntie took Yu Mian's umbrella and was about to dry it and put it away, but suddenly found that the amulet hanging under the umbrella was missing.

"Miss, is the pendant under your umbrella lost?"

Yu Mian was changing shoes next to the shoe rack. Hearing this, she looked at the handle of the umbrella, and she saw that there was only a bare wooden handle under the handle. The handle was polished smooth and translucent.

Before she went out to open the umbrella, she noticed the safety talisman, the safety knot made of red rope and the square sign engraved with the word of safety, which looked exquisite and festive, and she played with it for a while.

"It was still there before I went out. I don't know when it disappeared. It must have fallen on the road." Yu Mian thought about it carefully for a while, but still couldn't remember where it fell.

Auntie waved her hand and didn't seem to care too much: "It's okay, just drop it if you drop it, and Auntie will hang another one for you later."

After lunch, Yu Mian couldn't help feeling anxious when thinking of the tutor who was coming in the afternoon.

Under nervousness, she took out Yu Mianmian's textbook and started to read it from the beginning. She loves traditional Chinese painting, but because she couldn't afford the cost of studying fine arts, she used to find materials for self-study. There is no systematic and professional study like this.

Looking at some skills and knowledge in the book, she was fascinated for a while.

The Yu family specially arranged a room as Yu Mian's study place. There is a big floor-to-ceiling window in the room, and the small garden behind the villa is outside the window. The indoor lighting is very good. There are several bookshelves and easels, as well as a comfortable and soft sofa. , is a very suitable place for learning.

Painting is the most important thing to practice, and you can’t learn the essence just by reading. Yu Mian read the book for a while, and then simply sat in front of the easel, holding a brush in one hand and a book in the other, and practiced the knowledge in the book.

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