After resting at home for four days and almost making up the missed lessons, Yu Mian was ready to go to school.

Shengming University is not far from Yu’s home. She didn’t live on campus. She used to live in an off-campus apartment, and she seldom went to school. She provides specific class and program information.

She stood on campus for a while, and took out her mobile phone to find out if there was a class schedule.

The result was obvious, the phone's photo album contained the most pictures of Chu Yan, and there was no class schedule she was looking for.

But she also found something useful. Yu Mian saw the class group on WeChat, and the group name was clearly written: 19th Comprehensive Painting Class 2.

Holding the mobile phone, Yu Mian was once again caught in a difficult situation. I know the name of the class, but where is the second class of comprehensive painting?

She swiped the screen unconsciously, and the few dialog boxes in WeChat flashed before her eyes. She suddenly caught a glimpse of a strange and somewhat impressive name out of the corner of her eye, and paused with her fingertips.

Xia Yushu?

It seems to be one of her roommates, I can't remember clearly.

All freshmen and sophomores of Shengming University require to live in dormitories, but they don't insist. Yu Mianmian has never been to the dormitory a few times, or she has not been to the school a few times. I can remember Xia Yushu because of the two when they first divided the dormitory. People exchanged contact information.

And Xia Yushu seems to be still a cadre in the class. When Yu Mian first became Yu Mianmian, she was also the one who notified Yu Mian's counselor to find her.

Looking down at the phone, Yu Mian hesitated for a while between looking for someone to ask for directions and asking Xia Yushu.

She kept her head down and thought, but she didn't notice the faint gazes of the people passing by and focusing on her.

Yu Mian wore a long-sleeved dress today, which was still prepared by Yu's mother. The dark blue, which is almost dark blue, is like the deep sea, making her skin fairer and fairer. The skirt is perfectly cut, which perfectly outlines the unbearable slender waist. The design of the skirt is simple, without any extra decorations. The wide doll collar adds a touch of playfulness and cuteness. The ankle-length skirt sways gently as she walks, elegant and moving.

She didn't wear makeup, and she didn't bother to apply makeup because her skills were not good. She didn't apply makeup on her small face, but her facial features were exquisite and her skin texture was good, and she didn't lose her color at all.

For a well-known art school like Shengming University, most of the students are from better backgrounds, and the girls have already learned how to dress themselves up. After seeing a lot of beautiful girls of all kinds, everyone is a little tired of aesthetics.

It was the morning school time, and there were so many moving people on campus. When they saw the girl in the blue skirt standing under the tree, the students who had already seen such a beautiful woman couldn't help their eyes brighten.

Many girls habitually dress themselves in a mature direction. There is another saying that cuteness is not worth mentioning in front of sexiness, which is enough to prove the extraordinary charm of mature women.

Most of the girls in the art school are gorgeous and charming. Even though they are only about twenty years old, they all look charming and charming.

Girls as fresh and natural as Yu Mian are rare on university campuses.

Such a girl is like a gust of gentle wind, and also like a dream I had when I was a teenager. Her clean and soft appearance is extremely eye-catching.

During the time when she stood with her head bowed, there were not many people who passed by her without looking at her. Seeing her slightly frowning and troubled look, several boys were already ready to make a move, wanting to strike up a conversation.


Hearing someone calling her, Yu Mian recovered from her thoughts and followed the sound.

Not far in front of her stood a girl wearing glasses, looking at her with uncertainty, the surprise and scrutiny in her eyes were obvious.

Yu Mian couldn't remember who this person was. After all, the original body didn't care about studies at all, and didn't pay attention to the people in the class. There were very few memories of classmates in his mind.

But seeing that this person will come to call her, it should be her classmate, or someone who knows her.

"I'm Yu Mian, may I ask you...?" Yu Mian asked with some embarrassment.

The girl didn't care whether she recognized her or not, seeing Yu Mian admitting, she immediately widened her eyes in shock, and murmured in disbelief, "It really is."

Is it strange to see her come to school?

Before Yu Mian could ask, the girl gave her a strange look and said, "You have changed so much that I almost didn't recognize you."

"Well... I had a serious illness, and when I got better, my thoughts changed a lot. It looks a little different." Yu Mian thought of the reason before moving out.

The other party didn't suspect anything, probably because they were not familiar with each other.

"You don't remember me, do you? I'm Xia Yushu, and I sent you a message before."

It turned out that she was Xia Yushu, what a coincidence. Thinking about this, Yu Mian took a serious look at Xia Yushu, and wrote down her appearance. Next time, you can't forget people anymore, or you will look very rude.

Yu Mian still explained a little bit: "I remember you. I was sick a while ago, and I can't remember many things clearly. I even forgot where we were in class. I was just going to call you to ask you."

Xia Yushu said, "We have a class this morning in Room 302, Liubai Building. Let's go and I'll take you there."

As for Yu Mian's illness, Xia Yushu didn't believe it at all. Although she didn't meet many times, she had seen Yu Mian's behavior style. Every time she came to school to stay for a while, she would leave. She never talked to the class. face.

So now that Yu Mian said that she couldn't remember the class and courses, and Xia Yushu, who was a classmate, Xia Yushu wasn't surprised at all.

Although I don't know why she changed her appearance, she looked different from before, she seemed to be much easier to talk, and her dressing style was different, as if she was a different person.

But Xia Yushu was just puzzled in her heart. She didn't have much affection for an arrogant rich daughter like Yu Mian, and it was the monitor's responsibility to take the initiative to talk to her.

The two of them looked at each other in silence all the way, and arrived at the Liubai building that Xia Yushu had mentioned.

Liubai building 302 is the fixed classroom of her class. When Yu Mian arrived in the class, there were already several students who came early in the classroom.

There was still nearly half an hour before the class time, Yu Mian asked Xia Yushu to find her seat, and after sitting down, she carefully looked around.

Different from the classrooms she had seen, this classroom was very large and empty. Each desk was spread out, and there were many paint brushes and some tools in the belly of the desk. There was an open space at the back of the classroom. There are many easels and drawing boards.

It seems that it is similar to what she thought. Students majoring in painting basically paint in class.

But she also saw that the desks of the surrounding classmates were full of things, but there was nothing under her own desk.

While she was checking these things, the classroom, which seemed a bit noisy with people talking, became quiet at some point.

Yu Mian looked around belatedly, met a pair of hastily dodged eyes, and then turned her head to look around, a group of people who were scrutinizing her without a trace all subconsciously looked away.

Are they looking at her?

Yu Mian touched her face, a little confused about the situation.

Could it be that it is a very unusual thing for her to come to class, is it necessary to look at her like a gorilla?

What she didn't know was that Yuanshen was very famous in this school. In fact, it was more than just blatantly skipping classes. There were many wealthy young masters like her who came here for mixed education, and she was able to stand out for other reasons.

For example, last month, she humiliated a sophomore senior in the women's bathroom because that senior was a fan of Lin Jianshen, and Lin Jianshen was Chu Yan's opponent.

She likes Chu Yan, so she spreads it out to everyone in the world. She is afraid that some people don't know it, and she can't tolerate others saying that Chu Yan is not good, otherwise she will make trouble for you.

Fortunately, the original body seldom came to school, and there were not many incidents like senior sisters, otherwise she would have been stabbed to death by everyone's eyes, and the school would not let her continue to run amok.

This time, Yu Mian just felt that these people looked at her strangely, and they seemed to be alienated from her, as if they were hiding something, but she didn't feel anything else.

Until class, no one took the initiative to talk to Yu Mian, and Yu Mian didn't remember them, and couldn't tell who was who. Moreover, she is introverted and not very outgoing, so she just sat quietly in her seat all the time, looking at the textbooks she brought over.

Because she didn't know the specific courses, she deliberately carried a schoolbag and carried the pile of brand new and unread textbooks at home, but she didn't have time to bring those drawing tools.

Fortunately, this class is about modern art appreciation, so there is no need to draw, just textbooks are enough. One class lasted for one and a half hours, with a ten-minute break in between. Yu Mian listened very carefully and took notes from time to time.

The completely different appearance from the past shocked countless people's jaws.

After one class is finished, the morning class is over. Yu Mian also got the schedule from a classmate, and seeing that there was a class in the afternoon, and she would not be able to stay home for long now, she decided to simply stay in the school for a stroll.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he walked out of the classroom door, he was stopped by someone.

There were a few girls standing in the corridor outside the classroom door, obviously not from the second class of comprehensive painting. Taking advantage of the teacher's roll call in class, Yu Mian has already identified all the students in the class, and the appearance of these girls is not among them.

And Yu Mian remembered the face of one of them, in her memory, it was this person who said "fat" to the original body, and the original body paranoidly lost weight and went to the hospital, and lost his life because of it.

Yu Mian came out relatively late, almost everyone in the class had left, so she walked out slowly.

One of those girls stopped her: "Student, is Yu Mian from your class here?"

They didn't seem to recognize her yet, another girl looked into the empty classroom, but didn't see the person she was looking for, and said strangely: "Didn't you say that Yu Mian came to class today? Why didn't you see anyone? Xu Is Yao lying to us?"

The girl who asked Yu Mian said: "Impossible, I asked clearly." She turned her head and asked again: "Student, did you see Yu Mian in class just now?"

Yu Mian pursed her lips, she didn't quite understand their reason for coming, but she still replied, "I see."

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