Dressed As the Actor’s Fiancée

Chapter 1: Osmanthus fragrans

The girl has a slender figure, and she can see her slender figure from just a silhouette. When she falls into Tang Yao's eyes, she can't help but feel chills all over her body. Fear and jealousy gnaw in her chest, gnawing on her like tiny bugs. eating her heart.

She clenched the mouse and scrolled down, and there was a sound of exclamation in her eyes. Countless people were discussing the identity of the girl, hoping to find her trace.

Tang Yao bit her lips unconsciously, her face turned pale.

Qin Lili beside her noticed the content of the post. She pointed to the photo on the computer and exclaimed, "Isn't this Yu Mian?"

Under the illumination of the fluorescent screen, jealousy, humiliation, and disbelief emerged in her expression one by one, distorting her ordinary face into a weird one.

"Some time ago, she said that she was sick and hospitalized, and even asked for leave. Maybe she went for plastic surgery?"

She stared at Yu Mian's face in the photo, and speculated with the greatest malice, "And she is so rich, but never mentions her family. Maybe she got her money by relying on this face?"

Hearing Qin Lili's words, Tang Yao's hand flipping the comment gave a sudden pause.

There were quite a few people who saw her chatting with Yu Mian that day, and it would be a matter of time before Yu Mian's identity was revealed, but Tang Yao did not expect that Yu Mian's face was so powerful, seeing that her plan was about to fail, she would never The situation cannot be allowed to develop like this.

Although she knew that Yu Mian hadn't had plastic surgery, there were still a large number of people who didn't know about it. With Qin Lili's reminder, maybe she could guide her in this direction.

Most people in the world are ignorant and follow blindly, accustomed to being influenced by public opinion, only believe what they see and hear, and don't care about the truth.

Gradually someone broke the news in the post, pointing out that the "little fairy" in the population is Yu Mian, the "white-eyed wolf best friend" in another post.

From the ugly to the little fairy, only a few posts away, after reading the two posts, all the melon eaters were shocked.

The direction of the wind has changed again. The comments in Tang Yao’s posts no longer blindly denounce the “white-eyed wolf bestie”. Originally, many of Tang Yao’s supporters came for her appearance, but now there is a girl with a higher appearance and more temperament. "Little Fairy", the positions of many Yangou are instantly shaky.

In fact, we can’t blame them for their unsteady stance. After all, they are art students. People who study art are well-known for their yearning for “aesthetics”, so the pursuit of beautiful appearance is very understandable.

Someone said bluntly: "To tell you the truth...I am a pure-faced dog. I saw Yu Mian as ugly before, and I definitely supported Goddess Tang Yao. Now that Yu Mian is more beautiful, I will support her."

"We don't get involved in the affairs between the two of them, so I don't care who is right and who is wrong, and I will support whoever looks good."

"I don't care about anything else, I'm just curious about what Yu Mian thought before. With such a face, he wants to dress up like a ghost? Do you think you are too beautiful?"

Yan Gou's speech is basically the same as above, but Tang Yao has accumulated a lot of fans in the past two months, and most of them are still standing on Tang Yao's side to speak for her.

"The people above are really wrong. What's the use of just having a face? Yu Mian is comparable to the goddess Tang Yao? The goddess is kind and gentle, unlike her white-eyed wolf, who can't even raise her well."

"Hey, when it comes to her face, I want to say, no one should be so stupid to deliberately pretend to be ugly, right? This Yu Mian was so ugly before, but she suddenly became so beautiful, so no one suspects anything?"

A person familiar with the matter revealed: "She was sick and hospitalized some time ago, and she took a long leave."

A simple sentence, but it contains a huge amount of information, and everyone can smell something strange from it.

Someone raised an objection: "But Yu Mian's facial features look very natural, doesn't it look like a whole face?"

"I compared the two photos and found that her facial features have not changed much. Are you too sensitive?"

Another retorted: "How do you know she hasn't had a facelift? Look at the thick makeup she wore before, maybe there are some scars on her face?"

"Now the plastic surgery industry is so developed, and the technology is very mature, we can't tell the difference with some fine-tuning, okay?"

At the end of the debate, except for a few stubborn Yangou who shouted "I like her even if she has a plastic surgery" and "I don't care if she looks good after a plastic surgery", passers-by basically believed the fact that Yu Mian had plastic surgery.

Without Yu Mian's knowledge, she was first called "the white-eyed wolf best friend who hurt Tang Yan", then became a "little fairy in the world" sought by countless people, and finally got a "plastic surgery" inexplicably. hat of.

Yu Mian knew nothing about this, and had a tasteless lunch.

After being so hot that she almost cried on the spot, she was absent-minded, but now she didn't even have the mood to eat.

Shenshang hadn't finished eating yet, Yu Mian sat and waited for him. The two of them don't like to talk when eating, and they are relatively silent for a while.

Yu Mian sat for a while, feeling embarrassed to keep looking at Shenshang, she simply turned her head and looked out the window. Through the wide-open windows, you can see two rows of sweet-scented osmanthus trees standing quietly on the side of the road, and the fragrant fragrance is blowing in the wind.

Looking at the osmanthus tree covered with golden flowers, she couldn't help but took out her phone and took a picture of it.

Then he opened Weibo, found the chat box of "Deer", and sent out the photos he had just taken.

Kapok: "The sweet-scented osmanthus is blooming, have you smelled it?"

Since she was discharged from the hospital, Yu Mian's communication with this netizen has gradually become more frequent. I don't know how the change happened. It seems that after learning that she was ill, Lu began to send her messages to ask if her condition was getting better.

Although there is still not much communication, it is no longer as unfamiliar as before.

The two would chat occasionally, when "Deer" was free.

Yu Mian found that "Deer" should be very busy at work in reality, and would disappear after chatting with her from time to time, and then reply after a long time, always saying "sorry for being busy".

She also had a thought just now, and felt that the sweet-scented osmanthus in front of her smelled really good, so she couldn't help but find someone to share it with.

She doesn't have any friends now, so the most suitable candidate is Lu, who is a netizen. Lu is a very polite and self-restraining person. He never explored her privacy during the chat, and every conversation is on point, which makes people feel very comfortable.

It is also because of such a comfortable way of getting along, even though he is just an unidentified netizen, Yu Mian gradually regards him as a friend who can share life.

The message was sent, but there was no reply after two minutes, Yu Mian didn't wait any longer, and put away the phone.

At this time, in the studio on the other side of downtown Kyoto, Lin Jianshen was filming a fight scene. The tall Wia hung him in the air. He held a gleaming sword in his hand, and his flawless white clothes were stained with blood. .

The makeup artist put on a wounded look for him, a few strands of forehead hair were loose, his handsome face was covered with powder, and he was pale, his lips were stained bright red with blood, a trace of blood slid down to his jaw, and was covered by slender fingertips. Erase indifferently.

While the Yi Jue was flying, he swung his long sword and repelled the men in black who attacked one by one. His long and narrow eyes were dark, as if a storm was about to come.

The onlookers couldn't take their eyes off their eyes, and their hearts were raised. It wasn't until the man finished a series of difficult movements, stood still on the ground and turned to look at the director, that everyone seemed to wake up from a dream.

"It's great!" The director watched the recorded video again, and patted his thigh from ear to ear, "One by one! Everyone, take a break and go to lunch!"

After lunch, the filming will continue. Lin Jianshen didn't change the costume, and left the scene immediately after the staff relieved Wia.

Fang Da was watching the video with the martial arts instructor, tsk-tsk in admiration: "I really didn't expect it! I could pass it in one piece! I was already prepared for NG, but this scene is too long. It's really hard for him to use continuous footage. It's hard for him, hey, now it seems that I underestimated him..."

The martial arts director said: "I just said that Lin Jianshen can do it. I knew his potential as a martial artist in other crews before. Well, you have to listen to me now. I think you can use Lianjing in the next few scenes. , This way the effect is good and smooth..."

Fang Da nodded again and again, "Okay, okay."

Lin Jianshen had already walked to the sidelines, and Dai Zhong handed him a lunch box and his mobile phone as usual.

Lin Jianshen took the phone without hesitation.

"I knew you were going to take your phone," Dai Zhong muttered without any surprise, opened the lunch box for Lin Jianshen, and ate by himself.

Lin Jianshen was still wearing the blood-stained costume, standing under a laurel tree and looking down at his phone.

With a straight figure and elegant white clothes, she is obviously silent, but she cannot be ignored like a pearl.

The second female Lu Yinyin held the script and walked over here, looking at him with bright eyes.

"Mr. Lin...can I ask you a question?" She took a deep breath and asked anxiously.

Lin Jianshen raised his eyes to glance at her, then lowered his eyes to look at the phone after a moment, and said in a calm tone, "It's lunch time."

Lu Yinyin was taken aback. Lin Jianshen happened to be out of the movie when she was filming, so she ate lunch earlier than him, so she didn't expect that Lin Jianshen hadn't had lunch yet.

"No, I'm sorry, Mr. Lin, to bother you. I'll ask you for advice when I have time." Lu Yinyin hurriedly apologized, and left with red ears.

Dai Zhong looked at the back of the little girl full of panic and frustration, and raised his eyebrows with interest.

This female number two was stuffed in by an investor, she might be a little princess who came to the entertainment industry to play tickets, her acting skills were much worse than those of a professional background. Especially in front of Lin Jianshen, he always looked very nervous, but the more nervous he was, the worse his shots were, and he had to drag Lin Jianshen to take another shot every time.

Dai Zhong always thought that she was so nervous because she was afraid of Lin Jianshen, but now it seems...

But the little girl should be sad. Lin Jianshen is just a stupid person. He has never seen him show affection for any girl. Dai Zhong always feels that his appearance of wanting nothing is to A lifetime of loneliness.

He slowly withdrew his gaze and looked at "Wood" Lin Jianshen.

"See deep, what are you doing?"

Lin Jian cherishes words like gold, "Take a picture."

Dai Zhong asked like an old lady: "You take pictures carefully, and don't reveal anything."

Lin Jianshen walked around the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, found a place, and snapped a photo of the branches full of yellow flowers.

"I'll just shoot the tree."

The author has something to say: let the hero come out and make a fuss~

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