Before going to the banquet, Yu Mian did a styling first.

On the way, Lin Jianshen told her a little about the banquet, which was the 60th birthday party of Lin Jianshen's father and the head of the Lin family.

Let's talk about the Lin family here. This is an old family that has existed for hundreds of years. Lin Jianshen's father is the direct branch. The Lin family members are all over the political and business circles, and the family business covers all walks of life. It is an aristocratic family belonging to the top of the pyramid of the upper class.

Logically speaking, with such a big family, how did Lin Jianshen enter the entertainment circle?

Moreover, there has never been any news that he was born in a famous family, and he has always worked **** his own in the entertainment circle, never relying on the power of his family.

Yu Mian had heard vaguely mentioned in his family that Lin Jianshen's mother died of illness when he was very young, and then his father Lin Jiahua married his stepmother and gave birth to several half-siblings.

The father-son relationship between Lin Jianshen and Lin Jiahua was very cold, almost bad. Lin Jiahua usually didn't care about the eldest son, as if he didn't have such a son, he only lived a family life with his step-wife and the children born to his step-wife.

I heard from Yu's mother that Lin Jianshen moved out of the Lin family alone before he was an adult. After that, he lived alone for many years, and he didn't call himself the Lin family when he was outside. It can be seen that he has no sense of belonging to that family.

But it's normal to think about it. After my mother died, my father married his stepmother immediately, and the stepmother gave birth to a child who was a few years younger than him. They lived happily together, making him seem like a superfluous person.

Anyway, Yu Mian felt that if it was her, she would definitely not be able to bear it.

Just hearing the news, Yu Mian felt very distressed.

She guarded him for so many years, wishing to give him all the good things. Lin Jianshen, who sincerely hoped that he would live a happy life, lived such a life behind the screen.

Yu Mian knows better than anyone what it feels like to be alone and helpless. It was only then that she understood why Lin Jianshen always looked so cold and distant.

He seldom smiles, and the expression on his face is always light, as if nothing bothers him. When looking at people, his eyes are cold most of the time, with a touch of indifference and indifference, making him look like a gust of wind that cannot be grasped, with lingering indifference and loneliness lingering around him.

Many people say that Lin Jianshen looks very calm and indifferent, with a unique and distinctive personal atmosphere, and he is unique in the entertainment industry, so he has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Kesen fans all say that the most attractive thing about Lin Jianshen is the alienation he exudes, which is not obvious at ordinary times, but you can find out after a long time of observation that this man His indifference comes from the bottom of his heart.

Lin Jianshen doesn't favor fans at all, even to those fans who love him, he keeps a distance and rarely interacts with them. And Mori fans are like licking dogs, the colder the idol, the more obsessed they are.

It's the same as liking the abstinence department, the white shirt is neatly buttoned up to the top button, but some people just like to take it off, and the pleasure of collapsing buttons one by one.

Thinking of this, Yu Mian quietly raised her eyes, carefully looking at the man in the driver's seat through the rearview mirror.

His suit jacket was unbuttoned, and there was a clean white shirt inside. The white buttons were neatly buttoned up to the neckline, against the man's slender neck, and above that was the raised Adam's apple.

I finally understand the feeling of a girlfriend fan, this is too sexy!

As if aware of her gaze, Lin Jianshen glanced over and asked, "Are you feeling unwell? Have you got a fever?"

Yu Mian smiled awkwardly: "No, no."

After only one glance, Lin Jianshen didn't pay attention to the blush on her face that didn't go away for a long time.

He said lightly: "We're just going for a cutscene, we'll be back soon, you don't have to be too nervous."

This time in the past, it was mainly to reveal his engagement with the Yu family, so he had to attend with Yu Mian, otherwise he wouldn't bother her.

Lin Jianshen is Lin Jiahua's first child. He has the right to inherit the Lin family. In an old family like the Lin family, there are still some old habits. Many elders attach great importance to inheritance. As the eldest son of this branch, he He is the first successor of the Lin family.

Ever since he became an adult, his stepmother and stepbrother had become more wary of him. At that time, Lin Jianshen had no one to rely on, unable to compete with this scheming stepmother, so he simply entered the entertainment circle.

His father had long been attracted to his stepmother and stepbrother. Even though Lin Jianshen didn't care about the Lin family's property and didn't long for his father's love, he still didn't want to be oppressed by them for no reason because of his status.

As long as he is Lin Jiahua's eldest son, he has to deal with the hostility from his stepmother.

Even if he entered the entertainment circle and became an actor looked down upon by the upper class, hated by his father and abandoned by his clan, they would not let him go easily.

Unless Lin Jianshen is really abolished, I'm afraid they will relax their vigilance.

But Lin Jianshen has been dormant for so many years, so he didn't just accept his fate.

He looked down on the Lin family. His mother died because of postpartum depression. Lin Jiahua cheated on her during her pregnancy. After the mother gave birth to him, she didn't get any care. The depression became more and more serious and she committed suicide by jumping off the building.

When Lin Jiahua claimed to have died of illness, Lin Jianshen took it seriously when he was young. Later, he learned the truth of the concealment only after hearing the leak from the old man who served at home.

Afterwards, he hated that family very much. The hypocritical and heartless father, the vicious stepmother, and the stubborn stepsisters all made him feel sick and want to vomit.

Due to his own blood, he has no way to get rid of them, and can only be threatened by them again and again.

He has been in the entertainment circle for so many years, not only for acting, although he really loves acting, but more for the purpose of numbing those who have been staring at him.

His mother didn't leave much to him. In order to be able to control his life and not be manipulated by those disgusting people, Lin Jianshen has tried a lot.

Now the company he secretly started is about to go public. This company is still in its infancy and has great development potential. He doesn't want to expose his trump card, so he cooperates with the Yu family, which has risen in recent years, and uses the Yu family to cover up the facts.

The marriage was not proposed by him, but by the elders of the Yu family. Lin Jianshen agreed after weighing it up. Making people mistakenly think that the company belongs to the Yu family, and that he is just a door-to-door son-in-law who was favored by Miss Yu's family, can also make those people relax their vigilance.

So for today's trip, the two of them had to come, and it was best to show a better relationship to be more convincing.

Lin Jianshen didn't say these words to Yu Mian, the original purpose of the marriage contract was to accommodate him, she didn't have any good feelings for him, so why force the little girl to pretend to like him?

The two of them basically didn't talk along the way, Lin Jianshen was used to being silent, but Yu Mian was so nervous and excited that he didn't dare to speak, for fear of revealing himself if he opened his mouth.

The banquet was held in the Lin family's mansion. The Lin family lived in an outrageously luxurious house, and the size of the house made Yu Mian dumbfounded. Before, she thought that the Yu family was rich enough, but compared with the Lin family, it was nothing worth mentioning.

The courtyard was full of luxury cars, the street lights in the courtyard were turned on, and countless luxuriously dressed men and women entered the hall.

When Lin Jianshen led Yu Mian in, the eyes of the welcoming man at the door flickered, and a look of surprise crossed his face.

"Brother, who are you bringing here? It can't be sister-in-law, right?"

Before Yu Mian came, she had listened to Yu's mother explain about the Lin family. This young man in a suit and tie with a bright smile should be Lin Jianshen's stepbrother, Lin Yueming.

It is filial piety for parents to celebrate their birthdays, and it is filial piety for children to welcome guests at the door. But Lin Yueming was standing where Lin Jianshen should have been standing, while Lin Jianshen, the eldest son, came to celebrate his birthday like a guest.

Yu Mian subconsciously turned her head to look at Lin Jianshen, with worry and unconcealable distress in her eyes.

Lin Yueming didn't know Yu Mian, so saying this was just a test.

Didn't you see that everyone around heard what he said and looked over? He just wanted people to take a good look at his father's birthday banquet. Lin's eldest son had only come here until now, and he was the only one who received the most attention from his father.

Seeing Yu Mian's expression at this moment, Lin Yueming's heart skipped a beat. Lin Jianshen rarely went home, let alone brought someone back. This was the first time he brought a girl here, and it was such an important occasion. Could it be that the two were really related?

The sky was dim, and the street lamps and house lights shone on the man's face, his profile was clearly defined.

Yu Mian saw that his expression was still, she glanced at Lin Yueming indifferently, and said coldly: "This is my fiancee, Yu Mian."

Not to mention Lin Yueming, the onlookers were also taken aback.

Everyone knows that Lin Jian has entered the entertainment circle, after all, he is not just an ordinary celebrity now.

What he didn't expect was that he had a fiancée quietly, and the name didn't seem to be any lady in the circle.

Yu Mian's face became hot, but luckily the light was dim and she couldn't see it, so she just took this opportunity to look at him openly. Look at the curve of his handsome side face, and stare at his long eyelashes.

Girls in the fan circle often say that they want to swing on their brother's eyelashes. Looking at his thick and dense eyelashes like crow feathers, Yu Mian has already turned into a brainless fan screaming chicken in her heart.

So much so that she didn't realize that when she was looking at him fascinated, Lin Jianshen introduced her identity as Miss Yu's family, which attracted the attention of people around her. Although the Yu family made a fortune late, they should not be underestimated.

Combined with her fascinated face and Lin Jianshen's usual indifferent performance, everyone including Lin Yueming came to a conclusion: this Miss Yu's family really loves Lin Jianshen, and Lin Jianshen joined Yu's family in order to gain a foothold!

When the girl who was obsessed with the beauty of her idol came back to her senses, she had already been brought into the banquet hall.

After getting out of the car, she took Lin Jianshen's arms, and now she hung her hands on the man's elbows, and was taken to the small rooftop on the second floor by him.

Lin Jianshen said: "There are few people here and it is clean, you just sit here for a while, and you can leave immediately."

Yu Mian nodded. She really doesn't like crowded places, and she doesn't know how to deal with people. The sofa on the small rooftop can block some prying eyes.

Leave her here, and Lin Jianshen will go outside to meet the elders of the Lin family and make a show.

Yu Mian's performance at the door was beyond his expectation. He didn't know if she had some advice from Yu's family, but no matter what, the two showed up very well, and everything was developing according to his expectations.

I am afraid that many people will come to him to inquire about the news. He saw the girl's cramped, so he placed her in the small rooftop.

Yu Mian sat alone on the sofa, and a waiter brought a glass of golden champagne and a small dessert.

The news of her engagement with Lin Jianshen should have spread, because after a while, Yu Mian saw several girls walking towards this side together. One of them is aggressive, isn't it Mu Lan who had a relationship last time?

It's over... idol's rumored partner will be torn apart by fans, and she is still his fiancée, will she be thrown with sulfuric acid?

QAQ is a little afraid of being swollen?

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