Yu Mian felt uneasy, but it turned out that a well-educated and wealthy young lady like Mu Lan couldn't do anything out of the ordinary in this kind of public place.

Mu Lan seemed to be very emotional, most of her usual elegance and dignity had gone, she walked over in a hurry, and outsiders thought she was looking for trouble.

But after all, she was concerned about her identity and face, when she walked in front of Yu Mian, she still tried her best to smile at Yu Mian.

"Miss Yu, I heard that you and Lin Jianshen are engaged?"

She condescendingly surveyed the whole body of the girl sitting on the sofa, from the hair draped over her shoulders, to her delicate and pretty face, to the girl's slender waist pinched out by the dress skirt.

Looking at it, a ray of frustration appeared in her eyes.

Even with the most critical eyes, Mu Lan has to admit that Yu Mian is very beautiful.

She used to dress up like a bad girl, so people ignored her good looks.

Now she suddenly changed her style, sitting there in a gorgeous little dress, like an innocent little princess.

Does Lin Jianshen like such a girl? Innocent, delicate, tender little girl like a flower?

"Yes, you have heard of it too?"

Facing Mu Lan's almost questioning tone, Yu Mian spoke in a good-tempered manner, with a shy pink on her fair cheeks.

Mu Lan stared at her, a puff of air hovered in her chest, unable to swallow it or spit it out. She didn't dare to make a fuss, she had to know how to behave in such a public place, otherwise she would not only lose face, but also bring shame to the Mu family.

Besides, Lin Jianshen's reputation in the aristocratic circle is not very good, if people find out that she is a fan of Lin Jianshen, how many people will laugh at her.

Mu Lan suddenly laughed at herself, feeling bitter and complicated in her heart. Even if she likes it, she doesn't dare to be blatant, so she can only vent her emotions online with a layer of skin on.

It was said that Yu Mian had a deep love for Lin Jianshen, she was more courageous and luckier than her. If Lin Jianshen really likes Yu Mian, all she can do as a fan is to bless her, isn't it?

Thinking of this, Mu Lan calmed down, picked up the wine glass, and smiled with all her strength, and said to Yu Mian: "Then I really want to congratulate Miss Yu, I wish you all, Miss Yu must drink this A glass."

As she spoke, she brought the cup to her mouth and drank all the wine in one gulp. She drank quickly and decisively, as if she was angry with someone, and she also seemed to want to drink away her sorrow.

Yu Mian was a little hesitant when she saw that she drank a glass, she hadn't had a lot of alcohol, and she was poured a few glasses of beer by her classmates at the high school graduation dinner.

At this time, the other daughters who came with Mu Lan also persuaded her.

"Miss Yu is married, so she should have a drink."

"We also congratulate Ms. Yu. How can you not drink when you meet such a good man and such a good thing?"

"Miss Yu doesn't like us, does she? What's the matter with a drink? Last time I met you at the bar, you were blowing into the bottle."

These women all had smiles on their faces, seeming to be congratulating her, but Yu Mian could sense the ridicule and contempt in their eyes.

Lin Jianshen has an outstanding appearance and has made a lot of achievements in the entertainment industry, but in the eyes of these aristocratic daughters, he is an abandoned son abandoned by the Lin family. Without a family background, no matter how outstanding he is, he will not be regarded by them.

Hearing their false congratulations, Yu Mian suddenly felt that Mu Lan was pretty good, after all, she really liked Lin Jianshen. Instead of saying congratulations and looking full of jokes like other people.

Yu Mian pursed her lips, she pinched the handle of the slender glass, and smiled at Mu Lan: "Thank you, I am also very happy to be Lin Jianshen's fiancée, I like him very much."

After speaking, she took a drink from the cup.

It turns out that Yu Mianmian is not drunk for a thousand cups, so she should be fine if she drinks. It's just that the taste of this wine is not good. Yu Mian is good at making sweets, so he is very sensitive to bitterness. Although champagne is called sweet wine, there is still a bit of bitterness in it.

After drinking a cup, the other daughters rushed up one after another.

Mu Lan is the leader of Qianjin, she suddenly came to Yu Mian to persuade him to drink, which gave the others a wrong message. No one thought she was here to congratulate, or no one thought she was here for Lin Jianshen, they guessed that Mu Lan should be looking at Yu Mian unhappy, just to find fault.

Yu Mian was soft-tempered and didn't know how to refuse, and these young ladies were used to talking about scenes, and each of them persuaded a glass of wine, and when Lin Jianshen came over, her little face was flushed from drinking.

Said it was just a formality, Lin Jianshen really didn't plan to stay longer.

He went downstairs to say hello to some elders of the family, and then went to meet Lin Jiahua. Unfortunately, Lin Jiahua hated his eldest son who was not doing business very well, and his face turned black when he saw him.

Maybe Lin Jiahua still had a father-son affection for him in the early years, but when Lin Jianshen found out the truth about his mother's death and had a big fight with him and moved out of the house, there was a deep gap between them.

In the past few years, Lin Jiahua has grown old, and the family business should be handed over to the heirs. The people below began to move around. Lin Yueming guarded him like a thief. Lin Jianshen didn't say a few words to Lin Jiahua, but was squeezed by Lin Yueming. step aside.

Lin Yueming is two years younger than Lin Jianshen. He is twenty-five years old, but he is already the father of a one-year-old child.

As the saying goes, the younger son, the older grandson, is the lifeblood of the elderly. Lin Jiahua was distracted by his eldest grandson, and didn't even notice when his eldest son left.

When he turned his head and found that Lin Jianshen was gone, he stopped teasing the child and sighed deeply.

Where did Lin Yueming not know what he was thinking?

People in their family are more thoughtful than anyone else, and he was terribly worried, fearing that the old man would become confused when he was old, and suddenly think of the eldest son, and wanted the father and son to get back together.

But on the surface, he still smiled brightly, and said to Lin Jiahua caringly: "Dad is looking for brother, right? I should go to see my sister-in-law. My brother is engaged to the young lady of the Yu family. Soon you will be able to hold your grandson again. "

Lin Jiahua was taken aback, he had never heard of Lin Jianshen's engagement. Lin Jian deeply resented him, he knew it well, and he was indeed sorry for the elder son who had been neglected for a long time. But engagement is such a major event in life, Lin Jianshen didn't give his father a little notice, which is really shameful.

He doesn't look like he is his father!

Lin Jiahua's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and the poor father-son relationship born of the long time no see was also burned away by anger.

"Hmph, don't worry about him." He snorted coldly, completely forgetting Lin Jianshen.

When Lin Jianshen came to the small platform on the second floor, what he saw was a girl with bright eyes and flushed cheeks who had drunk too much.

There is no one on the small platform, only Yu Mian is here. Below the platform is the swimming pool in the courtyard. The azure swimming pool is inlaid with light strips, and the blue pool water is shimmering like a beautiful and dreamy sapphire.

Yu Mian was lying on the side of the fence, eagerly looking at the swimming pool below.

Lin Jianshen frowned, he didn't expect that Yu Mian could drink like this after he left for a while.

He walked up to her, lowered his head and called her, "Yu Mian?"

The girl turned her head and looked at him with bright eyes. She was obviously still sensible and could understand people's words.

"Shen Shen, are you here?" She called him softly, her voice was sweet and waxy like a piece of sugar in her throat.

deeply? What is this called?

Lin Jianshen's brows did not loosen. The little girl was obviously drunk, and she didn't know if she would be blamed if she was sent back to Yu's house.

Yu Mian feels very good now, her spirit is very high, and her whole body is in a state of extreme excitement. But she knew that she was not drunk yet, her thinking was very calm and rational. For example, she realized that she called Lin Jianshen incorrectly, but she didn't know if it was the effect of alcohol, she was willful and didn't want to change it.

Is that what it feels like to be drunk?

I am very happy, I want to laugh, I want to say all the words hidden in my heart, I want to tell him loudly that she likes him so much.

But no, she couldn't bother him.

Lin Jianshen didn't like Yu Mian, the marriage between them was fake, soon, when he didn't need her anymore, he would leave, and this marriage contract would not count.

So she has to restrain herself and not cross the line. She is already very happy to be his fan, and now she can touch him at close range, she is full of happiness and satisfaction.

One must know how to be content and be happy, she can no longer be greedy.

"I'll take you home now, can you go?"

Lin Jianshen stretched out his hand, and held the girl's arm with the palm of his hand through the clothes, trying not to touch her body.

In the next second, Yu Mian hugged his arm with both hands, hugging him tightly, like a koala hugging a tree trunk, with all her strength hanging on him.

Lin Jianshen froze, he turned his head to look at her, he could only see the girl's little head buried in his chest, and the lovely curls on top of her head. The soft girl's body was next to him, rubbing against him like a pillow from time to time.

She was mumbling something, the voice was too small for him to hear clearly.

Forget it, just take care of the children.

He sighed lowly, pulled his hand out of her arms with a little force, then wrapped his arms around her waist loosely, protecting her in his arms.

"Why do you drink so much?" He sighed helplessly, and didn't expect her to answer.

But the girl in the arms spoke: "It's Mulan and the others, they are jealous that I am your fiancee, so they came to drink me."

Lin Jianshen was taken aback for a moment, Yu Mian didn't know what people in the circle thought of him, but he knew it well. Those daughters with eyes above the top are definitely not out of jealousy, they are probably here to ridicule her, right?

There was a shallow ripple in the man's slightly drooping eyes, like a small fish passing by on the calm lake, breaking the silence of the lake. He didn't know if she didn't notice it, or if she concealed it on purpose, but this didn't affect his pity and emotion for the girl in his arms.

He stroked her long hair and lamented that this little girl was completely different from the rumors, she didn't look like a bad girl, she was obviously obedient.

"In the future, if someone asks you to drink, don't drink if you don't want to drink."

Yu Mian rested her forehead on his shoulder, while smirking at the intimacy between the two, she shook her head and said, "No, the more they are jealous of me, the happier I am."

What are you happy about? But she didn't say anything, just tugged on his sleeve and smiled foolishly.

Lin Jianshen had nothing to do with the drunk little girl, he took her out of the Lin's mansion and got into the car.

When Yu Mian came, she was in the co-pilot, seeing her giggling drunk, Lin Jianshen asked her to lie down and sleep in the back seat for a while.

As soon as she climbed into the back seat, Yu Mian suddenly remembered something again. She poked her head out from the middle of the front seat, holding a small paper bag in her hand, looked at the man in the driver's seat with a blushing face, and said shyly, "This is ...I made it and gave it to you."

Lin Jianshen took the paper bag, and accidentally touched the girl's soft white palm with her fingertips, and she shrank back as quickly as if she had been scalded.

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