On the set, Lin Jianshen looked down at the script and memorized his lines, when Dai Zhong suddenly called him: "Jianshen, come and see this."

A mobile phone was handed over, and the Weibo comment section that he posted was displayed on the page, and the word kapok was shining brightly in the center of the screen.

Lin Jianshen read it slowly, and then returned the phone without changing his expression.

Dai Zhong couldn't see what he was thinking, so he clicked his tongue twice and said: "Kapian is stimulated by something. It turns out that she is a firm fan of her mother. I still think she is pretty good. I didn't expect that she also has plans for you."

Lin Jianshen glanced at him lightly, then lowered his eyes and slowly flipped through the script without saying a word.

Dai Zhong: "Hey, you don't have any ideas?"

Lin Jianshen didn't raise his eyes, and his voice was cold and calm: "What do you think?"

Dai Zhong rolled his eyes, and said angrily: "You pretend that I don't know, kapok is always special to you, right? She calls you husband, so you don't have any reaction?"

The fingers turning the paper stopped, Lin Jianshen was in a daze for a moment, and when he came back to his senses again, he saw Dai Zhong's teasing eyes.

He looked back at him calmly, with a calm tone: "I already have a fiancee."

Dai Zhong was surprised: "Doesn't your fiancée like Chu Yan? She was still spreading your scandals on the Internet before, but she doesn't like you at all. How can you persist in such an emotionless business marriage?"

Lin Jianshen said lightly, "Why not?"

No matter whether he and Yu Mian have a relationship foundation or not, it cannot conceal the fact that they already have a marriage contract. The spirit of contract is the most basic morality that people need to abide by. He is not loyal to Yu Mian, but to his own principles.

The broken family made him hate emotional betrayal, so even if Lin Jianshen and Yu Mian signed a contract, and the two parties had no intention of each other, he would still assume the responsibilities and obligations of being a fiancé.

Besides...whether they have feelings or not, it may not be known for the time being.

When he saw the content of Kapok's comments, the first thing he noticed was that she said that she was wearing a coat with rabbit ears, which reminded him subconsciously of the girl in pink rabbit pajamas he saw at Yu's house, petite in his shadow Underneath, there are two fluffy rabbit ears on the back of the neck.

This made him dazed for a moment, and he was even more dazed after he woke up.

Lin Jianshen had to admit that the past two days of getting along had changed his view of his little fiancee.

It was... a very cute girl, beautiful and well-behaved, and she was especially pitiful when she cried.

It's a little different from the rumors, and it's not as hostile as before.

Lin Jianshen has never experienced the warmth of a family, and even in his heart, he believes that he has no family. Yu Mian is his fiancée, even if it's only in name, she still has a special place in his heart.

It's like some relatives who haven't seen each other for many years. In fact, there is not much affection at all. But once they meet each other and know that the other party is their blood relatives, they will immediately have a different feeling and feel close from the bottom of their hearts.

The lack of family makes him subconsciously yearn for a warm home. This is a longing from the depths of the soul, something that cannot be avoided, no matter how strong his mind is, there is no exception.

Before they met, he did have expectations for her. It's just that he can suppress this feeling and treat her rationally and calmly.

Later, when he realized Yu Mian's rejection of him, these expectations were deeply buried in his heart, but they did not die. The closeness Yu Mian showed to him made them start to move again.

As for kapok... If Yu Mian is said to be the temptation of the family to Lin Jianshen, then kapok is the long-term love accompanied by long-term companionship.

He also thought, through the screen and the Internet, what is the real appearance of the girl named Kapok who has been with him for eight years and has always chosen him firmly?

But Lin Jianshen is a very rational person, he is extremely cold from the bottom of his heart, he does not believe in real feelings, let alone illusory networks. Over the years, he has restrained himself very well, kept the distance between the two parties, and did not have any emotions for her beyond the ordinary boundaries.

It's not that he is not curious about why kapok changed, but he will never ask again.

If I have to give an explanation, it is too late.

Without Yu Mian, he would probably cooperate with her to take a step forward. But now there is a Yu Mian, he must stop here.


Since that day, the deer has never responded to the message.

Yu Mian understood, maybe it was her change that scared him. Lu is a very serious person. He is old and doesn’t understand the fan circle. I am afraid that most elders will not understand the behavior of young girls calling celebrity husbands on the Internet. .

Feeling the loss of this friend, although Yu Mian was mentally prepared, she still felt a little sad.

However, this kind of sadness didn't last long, being stuck in the cafeteria again, Yu Mian only felt like crying.

The young man on the opposite side bent his eyes and sat down with a gentle smile. His eyes were soft and his handsome face was as gentle as jade, just like a handsome young man in ancient times.

"Yu Mian, what a coincidence, we meet again."

Yu Mian secretly cursed, what a coincidence! I met her every day at noon for a week, and she has changed several cafeterias, even a fool would not believe it was a coincidence!

Wen Quyi didn't know where she heard about her, during this time she came to the cafeteria to block her every day, besides the cafeteria, she would also create all kinds of "encounters", Yu Mian was frightened by such a posture of chasing and intercepting her.

"Wen Quyi, what are you trying to do by doing this?"

Yu Mian decided to get straight to the point, she really didn't want to go around in circles with him anymore, it didn't matter if he found out her identity, anyway, no one would believe him even if he said it.

Wen Quyi was startled, and the smile on his face deepened. He thought she would continue to hide, and it was fun to tease her, but he didn't expect her to stop hiding so soon.

He said softly: "Didn't you see it? I'm pursuing you. "

When she first heard him say that, Yu Mian was still very surprised, she really never thought that one day she would see Wen Quyi chasing girls.

When she was young, she also liked him ignorantly, but this feeling was very shallow, mostly because Wen Quyi was too outstanding, and there were no outstanding opposite **** around her, and she had reached puberty again, so she would naturally fall in love with him , Soon this heartbeat also passed with the end of puberty.

She had also guessed what kind of girl Wen Quyi would like before, but she did not expect to see her today.

Being chased by someone she once liked, Yu Mian was not happy, and started to have a headache after being surprised.

Wen Qu unexpectedly has an outstanding appearance and excellent ability. If such a boy stands out, there will be no shortage of girls to like him. Even a person like her who doesn't pay attention to the outside world has heard about a talented exchange student transferred from the Conservatory of Music. It is said that Quyi was crowned the school's grass throne as soon as she arrived, and was regarded as the male **** of the Conservatory of Music.

So, why did Wen Quyi pursue her?

Yu Mian doesn't think he fell in love with her at first sight, she looks very similar to before, has the same name, and died on the same day. She has reason to suspect that Wen Quyi may have noticed the connection, so she just became curious.

She didn't want to have entanglements with him, and she didn't want to see him indulge in the past and deliberately approach her for the sake of his former depression.

"I'm sorry, Wen Quyi, I have a fiancé, I'm sorry I can't accept your pursuit."

Facing the courtship of such a campus male god, Yu Mian's expression is still very calm, and she can even say these words calmly to reject him.

Wen Quyi was really stunned this time, and the students around him who were quietly stretching out their ears to eavesdrop were also stunned.

It's not that she would reject him in a daze, but because of her fiancé.

"...If I remember correctly, you should be eighteen years old?" Wen Quyi laughed, "Even if you reject me, you should find a better reason, right?"

Yu Mian's expression remained unchanged, she looked at him seriously and said, "I didn't lie to you, I really have a fiancé, and we are already engaged."

The smile on the boy's face gradually faded, and he couldn't see any joke in her expression. She was serious, this discovery made his eyes gradually darken, and a layer of gloom slowly cast over his fair and handsome face.

The young man who had been smiling turned cold, his dark eyes were bottomless, and he felt chills in his heart when he looked at someone inexplicably.

He twitched the corners of his lips, as if he was smiling and looked extremely weird.

"I don't believe it. You said you have a fiancé, but I have never seen you in contact with any opposite **** for so long. Doesn't your fiancé come to pick you up at school?"

Yu Mian was also a little scared, this kind of listening to the song was very similar to the state she had on the day she went to mourn for herself, she was full of depression and gloom, completely unlike him before.

She retorted carefully: "I, who I have been in contact with, you don't know."

Wen Quyi stared at her, her eyes were cold and gloomy, as if she wanted to eat people.

A thought suddenly popped up in Yu Mian's mind, he wouldn't really know it! ? Could it be that her daily schedule is under his control? Otherwise, how could he accurately block her every day? It's really possible to see him looking so perverted and paranoid.

Wen Quyi suddenly asked coldly: "Your fiancé is a merchant?"

He also knew about Shangshang, did she go to the teacher's class after lunch every day, and he found out, so he guessed so?

Yu Mian was almost terrified to death by her own conjectures. The original bamboo horse was such a good child, gentle and gentle, how did she suddenly change after not seeing him for a few years?

She nodded in panic, she really didn't dare to communicate with him anymore, in order to get rid of him, she simply admitted: "Yes, Shang Shang is my fiance, don't look for me again!"

Hearing the song, he suddenly laughed, and the gloom on his face disappeared with a wave.

He looked at her tenderly, and said softly: "You are really lying to me. Canshang is your teacher, right? You are learning painting from him. I know all this. You don't need to use him to prevaricate me. "

Although Wen Quyi was smiling, and she was smiling very nicely and gently, but Yumian... She was even more afraid of QAQ.

She took out her mobile phone and found a contact person. She was so upset that she couldn't take care of it too much, so she dialed the number marked "A" like a desperate situation.

"What are you doing?" the boy asked.

Yu Mian was pinching the phone nervously, her heart beating faster with the beeping sound from the speaker. In order not to appear too timid, she tried to stay calm and said to him, "Don't you believe me? I really lied to you just now, because It's not convenient for my fiancé to come here, but I do have a fiancé, so I'll let him tell you."

There was a precedent before, Wen Quyi obviously didn't trust her, he looked at her leisurely, his lips slightly curled up.

The author has something to say: the three views of the male protagonist are very positive, and the three views of the female protagonist are also very positive. Maybe they are not as suave as other novels, but they are all very good, with their shortcomings and advantages belonging to ordinary people

Facing suitors who love themselves

Lin Jianshen: I have a fiancee

Yu Mian: I have a fiance

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