After four or five beeps, the phone was finally connected, and a familiar cold male voice sounded from the opposite side.

Yu Mian breathed a sigh of relief instantly, this call was from Yu's mother, I heard it was Lin Jianshen's private number, she had never called it before, she thought he would not answer calls from strangers.

Lin Jianshen probably didn't know it was her, and he spoke with some doubts in his tone.

Yu Mian hurriedly whispered: "Well, are you busy now?"

She didn't call his name, in order not to make Wen Quyi suspicious, she deliberately looked very familiar when speaking.

There seemed to be a moment of silence on the phone, and it took a few seconds before there was a response: "No, I just took a break, what's the matter?"

The man's voice was slightly distorted through the phone, and his tone was calm and indifferent, like a gurgling stream in the mountains, flowing slowly in his ears.

Yu Mian's ears slowly warmed up, and she raised her eyes to look at Wen Quyi on the opposite side. The young man's face turned cold again at some point, and he was staring at her expressionlessly for a moment.

"I, I'm in school now," the next words were a little hard to say, but Quyi was staring at him, Yu Mian held back her shyness, gritted her teeth and said, "Someone confessed to me, I said that I have a fiancé who rejected him, He doesn't believe it, can you explain it to me...?"

When the voice fell, Yu Mian's face was completely red.

There was another few seconds of silence, and there was an undetectable chuckle from the phone, and the man said with an indistinct smile, "Okay, give him the phone, and I'll talk to him?"

Yu Mian blushed and handed the phone to Wen Quyi.

There was no trace of warmth on the young man's face. His eyes were dark and dark, and his breath was cold, as if a storm was brewing in his body. Affected by the low air pressure emitted by him, all the people around him were frightened by the smell of the storm. Dare to speak out.

Wen Quyi didn't answer the phone that was still on the phone. In fact, when Yu Mian dialed that number, he sensed something was wrong.

The person on the other end of the phone may really be her fiance, or even if not, she is also her sweetheart. He has eyes, how can he not see her girlish appearance?

Yu Mian also blushed shyly at him, staring at him with shining starry eyes. He is very familiar with her expression, but now the gift object is no longer him.

Words cannot describe the mood at this moment, Wen Quyi exhausted all her strength to restrain the deep pain in her heart, and did not explode in front of Yu Mian.

He thought blankly and painfully, why did he always miss her?

He was too conceited when he was young, so he chose to go abroad on his own initiative, and when he returned to China, he met her cold body.

After finally finding her again, he hadn't fully experienced the joy of regaining what was lost, and he was about to watch her fall in love with another person.

One wrong step, one wrong step, is he destined to lose her?

"This classmate, Yu Mian is my fiancée. To be a human being, you must have the most basic morality. If you meddle in other people's feelings, you will be cast aside. I hope you can find your love."

The man on the phone was declaring his sovereignty, and the girl sitting opposite had rosy cheeks and was charming, her eyes and brows were full of passionate love, Wen Quyi suddenly felt that she was so strange.

Is she really Yu Mian? How could Yu Mian like other people? Did he find the wrong person? How in the world can someone come back from the dead? She must not be Yu Mian, everything is just a coincidence.

His Yu Mian would only smile shyly at him and look at him with gentle and affectionate eyes.

He is more willing to believe that she is dead than that she does not love him.

At this moment, Wen Quyi subconsciously escaped from the cruel reality under the double blow of body and mind.

"That's enough, I'm sorry, I just recognized the wrong person." He stood up, looked at her with no trace of warmth in his eyes, left such a sentence indifferently, then turned and left without hesitation.

Yu Mian watched him change his face, full of bewilderment. After many years, he was no longer the sunny boy he used to be, and she couldn't understand him at all.

The phone was still on, Yu Mian turned off the speaker, leaned into his ear and whispered thanks: "He's gone, thank you."

Lin Jianshen chuckled, and asked slowly, "You are my fiancee, what's wrong?"

Yu Mian felt that he seemed to be in a good mood, but she didn't know why. But she is also very happy, the first phone call with an idol is so rare, it is a memorable event.

Although they were excited, the two didn't say much. Yu Mian was thin-skinned and easily satisfied, so he hung up the phone quickly.

After lunch and leaving the cafeteria, the news that Yu Mian had a fiancé quickly spread. As a "little fairy" recognized by the boys in the school, Yu Mian's popularity in Shengming University is not low. From time to time, boys stop the way and ask for WeChat.

Later, when her family background was exposed, many people were intimidated. There were not as many suitors as before, but it also made her famous.

Now the male students at Shengming University secretly call her "Little Princess". After hearing the news, many nerds in the forum cried out, and countless people wanted to find out who the "Little Princess"'s fiancé was.

It's a pity that there is no "insider" to provide information this time. Most students have no access to her level, and those in the upper class will not be so stupid to expose this matter. Therefore, regarding the identity of the "little princess" fiancé, in Shengming has always been a mystery.


Lin Jianshen turned off his phone, and as soon as he turned around, he saw a girl standing not far behind him.

Lu Yinyin, the second female lead who acted with him, some little princess from a wealthy family came to experience life in the entertainment industry. The acting skills are very poor, and I often come to him to ask about his experience.

He nodded slightly to her as a greeting, and then prepared to leave this corner.

"Mr. Lin..." Lu Yinyin called him suddenly hesitantly, her young face couldn't hide the hesitation and sadness in it: "Do you have a fiancée yet?"

Presumably she heard the phone call just now, Lin Jianshen had a slight smile on his lips, nodded slightly, and replied with "um".

Lu Yinyin looked at him complicatedly, and couldn't help but said, "That girl is so lucky to be Teacher Lin's wife."

Dai Zhong always said that Lu Yinyin harbored ill intentions towards him, and Lin Jianshen was not aware of her concern for him, but he had always treated others indifferently, never had much contact with her, and did not treat her differently from other actors, so the two Friendship has been light.

This sentence, in terms of the relationship between the two nodding acquaintances, is already a little too much.

Lin Jianshen looked back at her, and said solemnly, "No, it should be said that I am lucky to be her fiancé."

Sure enough, Lu Yinyin's face suddenly darkened, even a little distorted.

Although there was deliberate element in these words, it was not necessarily what Lin Jianshen had in mind.

The phone call he just received made him still feel happy to this day. Lin Jianshen felt Yu Mian's frankness to him, and her sincerity to their marriage contract.

He does not trust human nature, especially when it comes to marriage and love.

Yu Mian's actions were beyond his expectation. In the modern society full of false feelings, how many ordinary girls can tell their partners so frankly when they face outstanding suitors?

It has to be said that she gave him a great sense of security. So in order to repay her trust, on her invisible side, he rejected Lu Yinyin's overtures with a clear attitude.

In the next few days, Lu Yinyin never came to Lin Jianshen to ask about the script, so Dai Zhong was puzzled several times.

I thought things would end there, but on Friday, a group of pictures suddenly appeared on the Internet. They were all photos of Lu Yinyin and Lin Jianshen on the set. There were two people sitting together reading the script, some looking at each other, and one A photo of the two wearing costumes, hugging each other face to face.

The picture quality is not very clear, it should be a sneak photo, but people can be identified.

As soon as the photo appeared, it immediately went up the trending searches, and the title was extremely hot: The actor and the new actress interact intimately, because of the drama? Fake show for real?

Lin Jianshen has always kept himself clean and seldom spread scandals with others. This time the news just came out and immediately caused a sensation.

Lin Jianshen's fans were also stunned, and soon found out that she was a new actress, and they were shocked when they learned that she was a complete amateur and there was no such person in the entertainment industry.

Little Yuyuaner: Landing on the moon and touching porcelain? Please don't cue me deeply, I am deeply indifferent.

Mengmeng, a chasing girl: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone who came to rub against our house. Didn’t the newcomers count their acds these days? Is it when we Mori fans can't lift a knife anymore? Or are you too drifting?

Deeply x me: Which investor stuffed this woman in? Do you dare to touch it deeply? When our 80 million Sen fans are vegetarian? This is not how you seek death.

Lu Yinyin's personal Weibo originally had tens of thousands of fans, and it skyrocketed to hundreds of thousands in one day. The homepage was criticized by Lin Jianshen's fans, all of whom were ridiculed, and it was rare for them to be truly insulted and rude.

The fan group managed by Yu Mian was not as lively as on Weibo, and everyone only discussed it a little bit, and the mood was fairly stable.

As the saying goes, noodles are cooked with cooking, Lin Jianshen's fans are a bit like him, most of them are Buddhist and calm.

If other male actors break out this kind of scandal, and it is obvious that the woman is so popular, there will definitely be a lot of scolding on the Internet, but fans who know Lin Jianshen know that if he really has a relationship, he will not hide it. .

After all, with his current status and net worth, the impact of love affairs on his career is not worth paying too much attention to.

If Lin Jianshen really liked that little newcomer, he must have officially announced to protect him as soon as the news broke out. How could it be possible for the woman to be ridiculed for a whole day without making a statement?

This kind of thing happened more than once or twice, Sen fans are also familiar with his style, he doesn't even bother to respond to false remarks, time will naturally clarify everything.

The group of friends chatted about gossip on the Internet for a while, and then began to discuss tomorrow's class visit activities.

Yu Mian huddled under the warm blanket, fiddled with the phone subconsciously with her fingertips, pursed her lips slightly, feeling a little depressed.

She is a little unhappy.

Even though the girls in the group made an analysis and said that the woman was just trying to get her attention, and the photos were all taken on borrowed seats, she still couldn't help caring about the cold expression on the young newcomer.

Reason told her that Lin Jianshen didn't like that actress named Lu Yinyin.

But the sourness from the bottom of her heart still made her feel uncomfortable, Yu Mian couldn't help but think, maybe he likes her? What is she going to do?

Even if he doesn't like Lu Yinyin and falls in love with another girl in the future, what should she do?

The phone screen went off in the palm of his hand, Yu Mian buried his face in the soft quilt, smelling the warm sunshine inside, his eyelashes trembled slightly.

Is she a little greedy?

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