Yu Mian didn't stay on the set for a long time, and after lunch, the crew hurriedly started working again. She watched the filming scene for a while, and some people around her kept looking at her overtly and secretly. Yu Mian was thin-skinned, and planned to leave at three o'clock in the afternoon.

Lin Jianshen sent her off to the outside of the set, but Yu Mian was afraid of being discovered, so she let him go back.

Too many things happened that day, Yu Mian was a little confused, sitting on the high-speed train home, she still couldn't recover.

The phone vibrated suddenly, and the merchant sent a message asking her about her itinerary.

The two have been together for a long time, and they have cultivated some master-student friendship. He seems to have really become her elder, and he disciplines Yu Mian a lot on weekdays.

After replying to Shangshang, brother Yu Xing called again and asked her what time she would go home in the evening, and he came to pick her up at the station.

Yu Mian thought amusedly, why did these two people treat her like a child who went out to play? Such an adult, could she still lose it?

With such a slander in her heart, Yu Mian felt a wave of warmth spread all over her body. The love and care from her teacher and brother made her a little dumbfounded, but she was also extremely moved. This feeling of being missed after going out, she has never felt it since she was ten years old.

The high-speed train gradually left the station in S City, and also moved away from the person who made her unable to calm down. The boiling blood in Yu Mian's body finally cooled down slowly.

She watched the scene passing by outside the window for a while, calming down her emotions. Sitting next to her was a young lady who was watching a variety show with her mobile phone and earphones on.

The car was very quiet, Yu Mian also took out her phone and opened the chat software.

Flowers are blooming in the water group. This group visit event has attracted heated discussions among the group members, and many people clamored to see the group leader. The group leader has been mysterious for so many years, and everyone is very curious about her.

Deeply in love with Bai Yueguang: Ms. Mian, sister Mian, take a photo soon, I know you are diving, you have the ability to take a photo if you have the ability.

Xiaoyu only loves Lin Jianshen: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Lin Jianshen's wife: I heard that Sister Mian is a super good-looking loli? Anyone take a photo? Share it and see.

Deep love but not cinnabar mole: I'm going! Ms. Cotton is really super cute and soft! Just a little too shy, wearing a mask all the time.

Seeing the group of friends talking about her like this, Yu Mian made up her mind to pretend to be dead to the end, no matter how much the group of women shouted.

She clicked on Weibo, and the hot search on Weibo had the words "Lin Jianshen Response". When she opened it, it turned out that it was an interview after visiting the class. The man in the camera looked cold and impatient, and bluntly said "not familiar" Two words, the cold, white and clear side face is particularly eye-catching under the gloomy sky.

The comment area was also very lively. Some people laughed at Lu Yinyin, who was raving about the popularity, some people licked her face, and some people brought up Lin Jianshen's "note lonely life" stalk again.

Because of being too self-conscious, always keeping a distance from the opposite sex, and being unfeeling when facing scandals, Lin Jianshen is often ridiculed for being lonely, straight and so on. Although some people think that he is too disrespectful to women, the vast majority of people are still happy to hear it.

After all, a clean straight man is much better than a scandal-ridden playboy.

Many fans even fell in love with him because they were initially attracted by his indifference, thinking that he was different from ordinary men who are flirtatious.

The finger that swiped the screen stopped, and Yu Mian suddenly saw a somewhat different comment.

Infinity under the moon: After watching the video carefully, Lin Jianshen's expression seemed unhappy and absent-minded, and in the last scene, did he take out his mobile phone and call someone? He used to be a little more tactful, but this time he was so ruthless, was he misunderstood by someone, so he was in a hurry to explain? [covers mouth and laughs]

Yu Mian's heart moved, and she checked the time. Could it be that he was calling her at that time?

This guess made her heart beat violently again, and she thought of the way he explained to her seriously in the lounge, only felt that her chest seemed to be stuffed with cotton, the softness and warmth made her a little out of breath.

After a while, she let out a long breath, suppressing the eagerness in her heart.

Think about that contract signed in black and white, Yu Mian! There is only a commercial marriage between you, Lin Jianshen doesn't like you! He is only being so kind to you out of responsibility and principle!

Didn't you agree a long time ago that you want to be his fan for the rest of your life and protect him well?

Don't think too much, people who greedily want to hold everything in their hands will always get nothing in the end.

After deeply reflecting on herself again, Yu Mian finally woke up from the sugar-coated bullets given by her idol. At the same time, she also gave herself psychological hints over and over again, and the originally shaky defense became stable again.

The phone in her palm vibrated twice, Yu Mian looked down, someone sent her a private message.

It's Lu, the year-end friend who was scared by her "husband" and hasn't contacted for a week. Yu Mian was a little happy, she thought she would lose this friend before, but she didn't expect him to find her again.

Deer: how are you doing recently?

Kapok: Very good! Well, are you scared by me...

Deer: What scares you?

Kapok: That’s right, my name is Mrs. Lin Jianshen... I thought you were scared, but you didn’t reply to my message after that [crying]

Lu: Sorry, I'm not scared. I've been busy recently and haven't surfed the Internet much.

Hearing that Lu said that he didn't ignore her on purpose, Yu Mian didn't doubt it at all, and the corners of her mouth immediately raised.

Lu sent another message: I'm on a business trip to City S today, and I'm going to visit Beihai Film City. Do you want me to help you find Lin Jianshen for an autograph?

This was the first time he talked about the reality on his own initiative, but Yu Mian didn't notice it, only saw the signature he said.

Kapok: What a coincidence, I also came to S City today! I've already got my signature, don't bother.

Saying so, she also took out the small notebook with her signature, took a photo of the signed page and sent it over.

Lin Jianshen looked at the picture on the phone, couldn't help raising his hand to his lips, and smiled softly. He really didn't expect that she would be so undefended when facing a netizen.

When he signed her, he suddenly recognized her, so there was a pause in the signed font, and he recognized it at a glance.

It was confirmed once again that Yu Mian was indeed kapok, and there was a long-lasting smile on Lin Jianshen's face. Thinking of something suddenly, the joy in his expression was slightly put away, he recalled Yu Mian's panic when facing him, how to ease the relationship between the two with some headaches.

He could tell that although the little girl liked him very much, she might have been intimidated by the contract she signed before, so that she subconsciously suppressed herself in front of him, not daring to cross the boundary.

She regards him as an idol, just like kapok on the Internet, she sticks to the line of fans.

On the set today, Yu Mian sat quietly most of the time, looking at him with sparkling eyes, but didn't dare to say a few words to him.

This made Lin Jianshen regret why he didn't find out that she was kapok earlier, and told her that the marriage contract was just a joke. As a result, the little girl was not obedient, and no matter how excited she was, she just called her husband a few words on the Internet, but in reality she firmly abided by the agreement and never crossed the line.

Thinking of what she once said to Lu that she couldn't get it in reality, so she could only fantasize about it online.

Lin Jianshen stroked his forehead and sighed, how do you want him to tell her that he is actually very good, not only online, as long as she wants, she can also get it in reality?

Forget it, let's take it slowly, don't scare the little girl away. Anyway, the two are already a fiancé couple, and there will be plenty of time in the future.

Although he was thinking so in his heart, Lin Jianshen switched to a large size, edited a new Weibo and posted it.

The Weibo content is extremely simple, a red love heart, plus a picture taken.

In the picture are the gifts I received today, all kinds of bags, boxes and small gifts piled up together, it looks like just a microblog to thank fans.

At least few people thought too much, the fans who heard the news rejoiced, and warmly congratulated the idol for posting on Weibo again not long after, the comment section was as lively as Chinese New Year. There are also some fans who came to visit the class today, they are keen to find their own gifts in the photos, and they are moved by the rare love of idols.

Yu Mian naturally also saw this Weibo, and was particularly concerned that there would be a system reminder when she posted a post. She clicked on it and saw her present immediately. The ordinary paper bag was placed on the edge of the camera, so inconspicuous .

But she still found it at a glance, because a white and slender hand with well-defined knuckles was gently pinching the bag.

She is obviously not the only one who pays attention to that hand. There are many hand-controlling parties below the comments. The first commenter said that she wants to become that gift, so that she can be held in the palm of the idol and won countless praises.

Yu Mian's cheeks were burning red, and she looked down at the slender hand. His fingers were long and slender, the knuckles were slightly curved, and there was a pale bone color around the protruding phalanges. The nails were neatly trimmed, looking as good as a perfect man. Immaculate craftsmanship.

She suddenly remembered a luxury watch he once endorsed. It seemed that the commercial was sold out as soon as the feature film was released?

At that time, she really wanted to buy one, but unfortunately the price was too expensive and she had to give up.

Yu Mian bit her lip, silently quit Weibo, clicked on the online shopping software, and placed an order for that watch in a luxury jewelry brand store.

As soon as the payment was completed, several messages popped up on the phone one after another.

Send me flowers: Sister Mian, have you seen Weibo? Shen Shen even posted a thank you Weibo, which shocked my whole family!

Fan Hua sent me: The more I think about it, the more I feel wrong, how could Shen Shen post on Weibo so frequently, do you think he is in love?

Flowers send me: I rely on! That paper bag that was held deeply in your hand seems to belong to you! Ms. Cotton, you are so lucky! Shen Shen took the initiative to sign for you, and still holds your gift, did you save the earth in your previous life! !

Holding the phone, Yu Mian watched Fanhua's message for a long time, but never replied.

She didn't want to think about it, but even others could see his abnormality and how special he was to her.

So it's hard for her not to guess, he suddenly posted on Weibo, holding her gift, is it... to thank her?

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