Dressed As the Actor’s Fiancée

Chapter 1: asymptotically

The happy time is always short. When she returned home, Yu Mian had to devote herself to her studies again.

The merchant has very high demands on her. Apart from class, he also assigns Yu Mian a lot of extracurricular homework every day. On weekends when he doesn’t have classes, he also arranges extra courses. It is clearly recognized as the most relaxed college life, but Yu Mian It was busy and fulfilling.

The distance and heavy schoolwork made Yu Mian gradually return to her original state, and the enthusiasm and excitement when facing Lin Jianshen gradually calmed down.

Yu Mian spent the whole day completing the homework of travel experiences.

She drew an alley in an ancient city, and the gloomy sky was very low, as if a storm was about to come. The narrow alleys are gathered between the raised eaves and the blue walls, often the alleys are deep and quiet, spreading to unknown distances.

Thin weeds grow under the base of the wall, withered yellow and slender, nestling under the stone wall flexibly.

Black tiles cover the eaves, and the tiles have been weathered for a long time, with an ancient and simple atmosphere. There are several windows at intervals on the wall. The wooden reddish-brown window lattices and carved window leaves are lonely in this unknown alley, full of sadness and loneliness.

The tone of this painting is very gloomy, with cool tones of black, gray and dark blue throughout. Looking at it at a glance, it makes people subconsciously feel depressed and depressed.

However, its finishing touch is the center of the painting, a corner of the room exposed by a window.

There is a table in the window, the table is very clean, only a pot of flowers is placed.

It was a small daisy plant, which was placed in a small white round porcelain pot, with tender green leaves scattered along the edge of the pot, and in the center of the leaves was clustered a bunch of tender yellow chrysanthemums in full bloom, and the small flowers were crowded together, So bright and so cute.

The gloom and gloom in the whole painting were eliminated by such a pot of extremely gorgeous little daisies.

Even under the dark background, this pot of flowers, which were originally ordinary and without any sense of existence, revealed incomparably beautiful and warm. No matter who sees it, they will be attracted by it and cannot take their eyes off at all.

It is like a ray of sunlight falling in the endless darkness, subtle but not to be ignored, making people want to follow and chase unconsciously.

This finishing touch instantly changed the artistic conception of the whole painting, as if to tell people that no matter how oppressive and difficult life is, there are hidden bits of beauty that are easily overlooked, waiting for us to discover.

After looking at this painting for a long time, Shenshang once again sighed in his heart, some people really just eat this bowl of rice.

He watched Yu Mian grow up helplessly, and understood her talent and aura better than anyone else.

In the art industry, the most indispensable thing is aura. It is not like other industries, which can always be rewarded with hard work and diligence. If you study art, especially fine arts, without your own personal characteristics, you can only be regarded as a painter, not a truly respected painter.

It was precisely because he saw her potential that he cared so much about her and demanded too much.

With a piece of rough jade in hand, who wouldn't want to see it become a beautiful jade sooner?

"Light and shadow is almost done, let's learn color next." The merchant turned his eyes away from the drawing board and said to his students, "You have your own uniqueness in the use of color, but this is not enough. Not enough, you have to know how to get the desired and ideal color, which is not easy.”

Yu Mian listened to the class very seriously, nodded and said, "Good teacher, I will study hard."

She loves painting, and she will sink into it wholeheartedly every time she paints. Every time she finishes a painting, her heart seems to have been washed, all negative emotions will dissipate, leaving only warm and beautiful emotions, the whole People also become gentle and gentle.

It seems that bad emotions are excreted with the process of painting, like a natural filter. Painting is both a hobby and an enjoyment for her.

Sometimes when Yu Mian is emotional or depressed and cannot calm down, she will choose to paint. While painting, I reflect on myself and clean up my mood. After so many years, it is precisely because of such a channel of catharsis that she is not affected by the external environment and grows into a girl with no haze in her heart.

Going back to school to continue your studies, time slips by like flowing water calmly, it seems to be the same as before, but subtle changes are taking place inside.

Just like a tree that is gradually becoming bare by the roadside, its leaves fall off inadvertently, leaving only thin and thin branches. These small movements are not eye-catching, once you notice it, you will be surprised at the speed and quietness of its withering.

Yu Mian and Lu started to communicate again, and the connection between the two became more inexplicably, chatting online from time to time.

There is also the idol and fiancé Lin Jianshen, who for some reason would occasionally send her messages, but the frequency was not high. At first, Yu Mian felt like he was facing a big enemy, and he always thought carefully when replying, for fear that he might say something wrong, and then Afraid of disturbing him and causing annoyance, the tone was not polite.

Anyway, judging from the chat records of the two, it is completely impossible to tell that they are an unmarried couple.

After a few times, Yu Mian gradually calmed down.

Because Lin Jianshen chatted with her on a daily basis, such as sending a sentence to remember to keep warm when the temperature drops today, or don’t forget to bring an umbrella when it rains tomorrow, and to share some interesting things with her during filming.

Just like a friend who cares about himself, these ordinary greetings are really hard for people to raise their vigilance.

Unable to see him in person, only looking at the phone, Yu Mian couldn't last too long no matter how nervous she was, she got used to it over time, and the relationship between the two became surprisingly harmonious at some point.

He even agreed to give him a small cake every week, and Yu Mian would ask him about his taste in advance, and Lin Jianshen cooperated with "ordering". Knowing that she is busy with her studies, he will ask someone to pick it up when she is done, instead of sending it to her personally.

Yu Mian sometimes wonders, why does Lin Jianshen do this?

She thought a lot, but still didn't dare to think if he liked her a little bit. I can only guess, maybe he has changed his view of her, and now he regards her as a junior who needs to be taken care of? Or is it just his duty?

Yu Mian didn't think for too long, she would just let go of things she couldn't figure out, but she wouldn't dig into the corners.

The two words of being at ease with the situation and letting nature take its course couldn't be more suitable for her.

Anyway, it's not a bad thing, is it?

The relationship with her family is getting stronger day by day, and life in school is slowly getting on the right track. Yu Mian has changed from a scumbag who skipped classes and couldn't keep up with the courses at the beginning, to a top student who is often praised by teachers in class. .

The students in the class also gradually realized that Yu Mian might be a big boss.

Some people also speculated that the absenteeism she didn't care about before was because she was so talented that she was so confident? After all, geniuses always have willful capital.

These rumors spread in the campus, and under the shroud of a brilliant and dazzling family background, Yu Mian added a halo of genius to Yu Mian.

Yu Mian is naturally unaware of this, but she can sense the changes in the attitudes of the people around her. In the past, she was avoided, but then some people started to approach her, and now basically everyone she meets will greet her with a smile.

Walking on the road, there were almost no people who dared to block the way to ask for contact information. After the news of her fiancé spread, it had to be said that this solved a big problem for Yu Mian.

She has a soft temper and doesn't know how to refuse, but usually when she encounters this kind of thing, she has to refuse. Every time she refuses someone, she feels exhausted like fighting a battle.

Fortunately, it is much cleaner now, and even Wenquyi, who had been encountering by chance before, has subsided, and no longer create "encounters". Sometimes by chance, he would stare at her with inexplicable gloomy eyes, like a vicious wolf. Originally, Yu Mian wanted to be friends with this bamboo horse, but she was frightened and dismissed the idea.

When the bell rang for the end of get out of class, Yu Mian packed up tools and textbooks, carried her bag, and walked out of the classroom with light steps.

"Yu Mian, shall we go shopping together this afternoon?"

"No, thank you, my brother came to pick me up."

Facing the classmate's invitation, the girl had a gentle smile on her face, but she still shook her head resolutely, expressing her refusal.

Others are not surprised to see this.

The current Yu Mian speaks softly, often with a smile on her face, she looks easy to talk, but in fact she is not very close to anyone. Although he looks soft and good-tempered, he has his own defense line inside.

It has been almost a month since she came back to class, but she has not made any new friends. Apart from coming to class every day, she leaves at the end of get out of class and never participates in activities or stays at school.

Some people can also see that maybe she was deceived by a friend before, so she is too defensive and dare not trust anyone anymore, right?

Tang Yao's scandal has been exposed, anyone who has been to the campus forum has seen it. She pretended to be friends with Yu Mian, but secretly used her, bought luxury accessories with Yu Mian's money, urged Yu Mian to chase stars, lose weight and go on a hunger strike, and even used Yu Mian as a springboard to meet high society people.

She was obviously an ordinary girl from a small family, but she was packaged as a white, rich and beautiful highland flower, with a swollen face to pretend to be fat.

Yu Mian recognized her true colors and wanted to break up with her, but she even slandered Yu Mian as a "white-eyed wolf".

Losing Yu Mian's golden thigh, Tang Yao lost her source of income. In order to maintain her "personality" in school, she agreed to be taken care of by a rich man and became his mistress.

It's a pity that there is no impenetrable wall in the world. The daughter of a rich man is also studying in Shengming. When she finds out about her father's affair and finds out Tang Yao's identity, she first posts rumors on the school forum to warn her. Li blocked Tang Yao to trouble her.

Tang Yao's image plummeted, and the character of Miss Qianjin that she worked so hard to build completely collapsed. Yu Mian, who was once used by her and was splashed with sewage, suddenly became a poor victim, causing everyone to pity her.

The public even found a perfect reason for her previous absenteeism, thinking that she made the mistake because she was bewitched by Tang Yao. Didn't see that after breaking off friendship with Tang Yao, did Yu Mian become the good student that everyone boasted about?

The facts are in front of our eyes, and everyone believes in what they see.

At this time, the pitiful little Yu Mian was walking around the campus with her head down, chatting happily with her mobile phone.

Shen Shen: I accidentally found a set of natural elf figures. I don't like it very much. Do you like it? Give it to you, okay?

deep: [image]

Yu Mian: Ah! so cute! I absolutely love this series! !

Yu Mian: This is so hard to buy! The genuine version is almost out of print, where did you find it!

Shen Shen: I found it in an old store when I was on location, as long as you like it [Momotou.jpg]

After finally recovering from the excitement, Yu Mian looked at her own screams and his little expressions all over the screen, covered her reddish face and thought, he really treats himself like a child, right?

On the other end, the man who used his identity as a deer to almost understand the preferences of his young fiancee, pressed the corner of his upturned mouth, and the smile in his deep black eyes was about to overflow.

There seems to be nothing wrong with wearing a vest.

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