In late December, the temperature in X City dropped significantly, and winter arrived on time at a leisurely pace.

One morning, Yu Mian opened her eyes from her sleep, and saw a vast expanse of whiteness between the sky and the earth outside the window, she was taken aback for a moment before realizing that it was snowing.

She immediately jumped up from the bed, put on a heavy cotton coat and ran downstairs.

Yu's father and Yu's mother are having breakfast downstairs, they are used to getting up early, Yu Mian often stays up late to paint, and always stays in bed for a while.

Seeing her daughter come down at this time suddenly, Yu's mother said in surprise: "Mianmian, why did you wake up so early today?"

In the past, Yu Mian would get up on time, but after discovering that her parents doted on her, she began to learn how to stay in bed.

This time I heard my mother ask, Yu Mian's face was a little hot, but she still went to her parents, hugged Yu's mother's arm, and said coquettishly, "Mom, it's snowing! I want to go out to play~"

Yu's father frowned when he heard this: "You want to go out to play in the snow? You are so grown up, why are you still as unsteady as a child?"

As soon as Dad finished speaking, Yu's mother complained: "Why are you scolding the child like this! Mianmian is still young, don't scare her with a straight face all day long." Then she smiled lovingly at her daughter, "You Dad has such a temperament, it is difficult to hear him say a few good words, don't be afraid of Mianmian, go out if you want to play, remember to dress warmly, don't get cold."

After such a long time, how could Yu Mian not know the temperament of Yu's parents? Yu's father is a standard strict father, but he loves her no less than his mother. The parents love her as a daughter from the bottom of their hearts.

Yu Mian sat with her parents, An An ate her share of breakfast, and then wrapped herself tightly under Yu's mother's instructions.

"You must bring gloves, scarves, and earmuffs." Mama Yu checked everything carefully.

Father Yu said very seriously: "You are not allowed to play in the snow with bare hands, do you hear me?"

"I know, I know." Yu Mian leaned in front of the two of them with a smile, and gave the parents a big bear hug.

She is really dressed like a little bear now, and the coat wrapped around her is so fluffy and thick that she looks like a round ball when walking in the snow in the yard.

X city is very cold in winter, the outdoor temperature will be below zero, and it snowed all night last night, the villa's large yard is covered with snow, and the entire upper of the shoe will be sunken when the foot is stepped on.

It's not that he suddenly became childlike, but the moment he saw Xue, he recalled the scene when he was a child. At that time, she was only five or six years old. She saw snowflakes flying and falling from the sky, and ran out to play in the snow. Her parents surrounded her and built a little snowman with her.

The little snowman was placed on her window sill and stayed with Yu Mian throughout the cold winter.

Later, she had an inexplicable affection for snowy days. Whenever she saw the first snow, she would build a snowman for herself and put it on the window edge, so that she no longer seemed to be alone.

Yu Mian turned her head to look at the villa. Behind her, Yu's father and mother were standing at the gate of the villa, looking at her from a distance.

Unable to see their faces clearly, Yu Mian subconsciously showed a bright smile.

Now, she is no longer alone.

Yu Mian bent down clumsily, picked up the clean snow in the snow, and then made a small snowball into a ball. The little snowball rolled on the ground and rolled into a big snowball. She hummed and made a big snowman, running around, her face flushed with heat, and her little face was full of happy smiles.

Lin Jianshen came here at this time. He didn't drive the car in, but just stopped by to have a look, so he parked the car outside the yard.

So Yu Mian didn't notice that someone was watching her not far away for a long time.

Seeing the innocence on her face, he happily piled up a big snowman, used branches as hands for the snowman, hopped and ran into the house to get carrots to make the snowman a long nose, then secretly pulled off the thick gloves, squeezed out A small little snowman.

Her hands were flushed from the cold, and her white fingertips were like green onions. She carefully picked up the small little snowman and prepared to go home.

At this time, Lin Jianshen called her: "Yu Mian."

Yu Mian was shocked!

She turned around sharply and saw an unexpected person.

Almost immediately, Yu Mian stood there dumbfounded, unable to speak, unable to move her eyes, her mind was full of thoughts: How long has he been here? Didn't you see her stupid way of playing with the snow?

The man approached slowly. He was wearing a dark checked scarf, with his hands in his pockets. His slender figure was wrapped in a thick down jacket, and he was still tall and straight. She has a fair and clear face, long eyebrows and deep eyes, a straight nose and thin lips, and deep eyes that reveal indifference.

Yu Mian foolishly watched him walk in front of her, then bent slightly, looking down at her hands.

Subconsciously, Yu Mian also looked down, and the next second, the little snowman she held in her palm was taken away by a wide palm.

At the same time, another big warm and dry hand caught off guard and held her closed hands very naturally. The cold fingertips touched the temperature of his palm, which obviously wasn't too hot, but she felt A strange scorching heat surged up.

He said: "Hands are so cold, remember to wear gloves when playing in the snow."

The white mist spit out from the mouth, overflowing into the air, Yu Mian shivered violently, and suddenly woke up.

She quickly pulled out her hands, but only took one back, and he grabbed the other.

Very tight, very hard.

Yu Mian didn't dare to move anymore, she turned into a boiled shrimp, her whole body was burning hot, and the top of her head was almost smoking.

Her eyelashes were trembling, her hands and feet were stiff and she didn't know where to put them, and her eyes were looking around unconsciously, but she didn't look at the people around her.

"I'm wearing gloves. It's the little snowman in the back. It's too small to do well with gloves on."

Even at this time, when her head was almost burnt to a paste, Yu Mian still remembered to answer his words.

Then, she felt her hand being held tightly and stuffed into a warm place. She clenched her fist nervously, and his palm easily wrapped her small fist, and a steady stream of heat was transmitted from all directions.

From the corner of his eye, Lin Jianshen seemed to be looking at her, "After that, if you want to be a little snowman, I can help you."

Yu Mian stopped talking, and she pursed her lips tightly, afraid that she would not choose what to say.

Lin Jianshen just led her back to the villa and entered the warm living room before he let her go as if nothing had happened.

Yu's father and Yu's mother were watching TV in the living room, and they were not surprised to see the two coming in together. Yu's mother greeted Lin Jianshen with a smile on her face, asked him to serve him honey grapefruit tea, and asked him why he came.

On the other hand, Yu's father kept a stern face, and he didn't have much good looks. In the past, seeing Lin Jianshen hating each other with his daughter, he still admired him wholeheartedly, but now seeing that he and his daughter have developed with great difficulty, he feels very uncomfortable in his heart.

While Lin Jianshen was talking to his parents, Yu Mian quietly took the little snowman from his palm and ran up the stairs.

Playing with the snow wet the shoes and trousers, Yu Mian had just changed into clean clothes in the room, the blush on her face hadn't faded when there was a light knock on the room door.

Normally, no one at home would knock on her door at this time, so one could imagine who was outside the door.

Fortunately, the communication during this period was not ineffective. Yu Mian took several deep breaths, and finally kept her heartbeat at a moderate level, the heat on her face also decreased, and her mentality became a little calmer.

She opened the door and looked up. The man at the door was looking down, and their eyes collided quietly.

Yu Mian only felt that she fell into the bottomless deep sea in an instant, surrounded by gentle water waves, and a soft, warm breath embraced her. The sea water is everywhere, but it will not drown her, but surround her infinitely and tolerantly. looking at her.

For a long time, it seemed like just a moment.

The girl inside the door blinked. She had black and soft hair, and her pointed ears protruding from the hair were dyed a delicate pale pink unconsciously.

"You...why are you here?" Sitting on the sofa, Yu Mian's gaze was erratic.

Lin Jianshen's voice was very gentle, and it sounded above her head: "I'm here to do something in X City, and I'll drop by to see you."

Yu Mian clasped her hands, unconsciously picking her nails.

She raised her eyes anxiously, and looked at him tentatively: "Come, come and see me?"

Lin Jian smiled deeply, he seldom smiled like this, at least in the camera, the number of times he smiled so sincerely was very few.

The smile soaked his eyes, making the vast and deep sea rippling with soft waves.

"If you don't look at you, who else can you look at?" He asked back, paused, and seemed to be puzzled, "Why are you so nervous every time in front of me? Are you afraid of me?"

Seeing his smile, Yu Mian was stunned again.

It took a while to react to his question, and quickly shook his head and said, "No, I'm not afraid of you!"

Lin Jianshen leaned back slightly, crossed his slender legs, rested his arms on the armrest of the sofa, and crossed his fingers loosely. This is a very relaxed gesture, and it also expresses this person's habit of controlling the overall situation.

He smiled and asked: "But you act like you are afraid that I will eat you. Don't be afraid, I don't eat people."

Yu Mian's neck was red, what should she say, she was just shy?

Fortunately, Lin Jianshen soon stopped pursuing this issue. He looked at the window not far away, and through the transparent glass, he could see the little snowman on the window sill.

Last time he came, he didn't pay much attention to the decoration of this room, but this time he sat here and looked around.

The warm and soft breath rushed over his face, the same feeling she gave him.

Looking away from a watercolor painting hanging on the wall, Lin Jianshen looked back at the girl in front of him. The little joke just now seemed to make her relax a bit, she no longer looked like a frightened little rabbit trying to escape.

"This time, I want to ask you to get something."

The man suddenly became serious, and his tone became solemn. Yu Mian sat up straight and said without thinking, "What do you want? As long as I have it, I can give it to you."

This is a habit of fans for many years, and it is also the true thought in her heart. She is willing to give him anything as long as she has it.

Lin Jianshen's eyes moved slightly, and the eyes that stared at her deepened, and then said word by word: "Before, I signed the contract for you, I want it, will you give it?"

The author has something to say: Yu Mian: No! That's my future heirloom!

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