There are too many news in the group, and the people watching are dazzled, so Yu Mian withdraws to poke Fanhua.

Kapok: Fanhua, what happened?

Fanhua sent me back in seconds: Deeply in love! ! I already guessed it! Last time his Weibo was weird! Ahhhhh I'm broken in love, woo woo woo! !

Kapok: Where did you read that he was in love?

Blossoms for me: Look on Weibo, there is a lot of noise on the Internet, everyone is guessing who won Shenshen, and all the women in the support team are going crazy.

Kapok: ...I'll go and have a look.

Flowers send me: suffer! I forgot that you are also a girlfriend fan, you have to calm down, don't get excited when you see it!

Kapok: ...No, don't worry.

After hearing Fanhua's words, Yu Mian breathed a sigh of relief.

She thought she had been exposed, but now it seems that it should be just some rumors.

Yu Mian opened Weibo, and sure enough, there was #林见深恋情# on the front page of the hot searches, and when she clicked on it, she could see the top Weibo with hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands of comments.

Orange ovo: I went to play at a friend's house today and saw a young couple in the community. I didn't pay much attention at first, but the man is really super handsome! ! Because he looks so pleasing to the eye, I took a few photos from a distance. The more I looked at it, the more I realized that this man looks like Lin Jianshen! ? Do you feel like it? [image][image][image]

The photos are not very clear, because the distance is too far, so the characters are very small. However, these days, the pixels of mobile phones are not bad, and people's faces can still be distinguished when zoomed in.

The blogger posted a total of three photos, one is a man and a woman walking out the door holding hands, one is a man staring down at the girl, and the other is a man smiling and rubbing the girl's head.

In the three photos, because of the angle, the girl turned her back to the camera and couldn't see her face, but the man's face was clearly photographed. Basically, anyone who was a little familiar with Lin Jianshen could recognize his face. His face was almost the same as Lin Jianshen's. feel the same.

The comment area exploded directly.

Beiming Youyu: Ahhh, sister, this is Lin Jianshen! !

One thought of persistence: I really look like Lin Jianshen after looking at it, **** it! It's just him! Sister, you won't really meet a real person, will you? !

Wei Wei kisses deeply: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fall in love! ! I do not believe! ! Who is this woman ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! !

No. 98 Wangzai Milk: After comparison, it should be Lin Jianshen himself, and the love is real. Seeing him holding the girl's hand in his pocket, and smiling and touching his head, it looks like he is deeply in love, and he looks cold Feeling melted.

The pictures were identified by netizens as having no traces of ps, and the person inside was also confirmed to be Lin Jianshen. With such solid evidence, news of the actor's love affair quickly became the top trending searches.

Mori fans gathered quickly, crying ghosts and howling wolves, and mourning was everywhere.

This time they were not as calm as they faced Lu Yinyin some time ago. Most of the rumors about Lin Jianshen's scandals in the past were unconfirmed, and some intimate photos were all taken on borrowed seats, which showed Lin Jianshen's alienation.

But these few photos not only showed no signs of fraud at all, Lin Jianshen not only held the girl's hand, but also patted her head to kill her, and smiled so softly! !

You must know that Lin Jianshen is most famous for his coldness. In the photo, he smiled without showing any coldness at all. Countless fans cried and wanted to become that girl, but were killed by deep pats on the head.

The resentment of girlfriend fans soared through the sky, and the keyword "touching the head to kill" also climbed up the hot search, and the whole Internet was discussing this matter.

Anyone who has seen these photos can realize that Lin Jianshen is really in love, and his attitude is very serious.

Daisy Daisy: I'm so sour, so sour, so sour, my whole body has turned into lemon essence, I really want to fall in love with Shen Shen, too, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Master Mingtai: Who is this woman? Has anyone found out? Being able to fall in love with Shen Shen, did she save the galaxy in her previous life?

Hugo drinking tea: I'm so envious, really, the tears of envy flooded me, seeing the gentle expression of touching her head deeply, he must really like her, right? Thinking about it like this is really uncomfortable, and I feel like I've lost my love.

While reading the comments, Yu Mian raised her hand to cover half of her face to cool down her hot cheeks.

As the saying goes, what is on the sidelines is clear. Looking at the photos, she realized that his expression was like this at that time.

Gentle as water, tolerant and pampered.

Everyone could see that he really liked her.

The sense of unreality in Yu Mian's heart gradually disappeared in other people's words.

So... she is real, in love with him, right?

Everyone is saying, this can't be fake, she imagined it herself, right?

The corners of the mouth hidden under the palm gradually rose, the girl's face was covered with a pink sunset glow, and the big and bright eyes seemed to be full of stars.

Continue to scroll down, since the idol "true love" appeared, the fans are naturally cautious, Yu Mian's face is not visible in the photo, but Lin Jianshen's girlfriends will not let her go just like that.

With microscope eyes, the star-chasing girl didn't take long to figure out where the photo was taken.

Yunhu Villa Community in X City, a well-known wealthy area, is populated by rich people or high-ranking officials and nobles, and there are also some celebrities who pursue privacy. From this point, it can be confirmed that "True Love" has a good family background, either from a rich family, or from other female stars in the circle.

That's right, the girl in the photo is now referred to as "True Love" on the Internet.

Almost most people tend to think that the woman is a certain actress in the circle.

This is a very common thing, and the people in the same circle are the ones most people can contact with. Lin Jianshen was in the entertainment circle, and had a rather cold personality. If he knew someone outside, it was unlikely that he would know them. Moreover, the two of them should have been talking for quite a while, so why didn't they show any clues?

The biggest possibility is that because of the drama, sparks sparked with the female star who cooperated, and both parties are good at hiding, so they withheld the news.

This statement was accepted by everyone, and everyone began to cast a wide net, pulling out the female stars in the circle one by one for comparison, and guessing who the "true love" is.

There was a lot of fuss about this on the Internet. The female stars who had worked with Lin Jianshen were picked up all over the place. Mori fans were stunned by the idol love affair. Everyone felt suspicious. It was like a man who found out that his husband was cheating and searched for evidence everywhere. Catch Xiaosan's wife.

Yu Mian watched these people speculate everywhere, compared each actress with Lin Jianshen, the smile on her face disappeared unconsciously, and her small mouth pursed unconsciously.

Now she especially wants to tell them that the girl whose head was patted and killed by your idol is me! It's me who is in love with Lin Jianshen, not anyone else!

Although she knew it was best for her not to do anything at this time, it was better to wait for Lin Jianshen's public relations team to deal with it, after all, she was not an insider.

Reasonable and intelligent control, but not emotional, Yu Mian turned off Weibo depressed, simply out of sight.

A WeChat notification popped up, and Mu Lan sent her a message.

Mu Lan: You saw the hot search, don't talk nonsense, don't make trouble for Lin Jianshen.

Yu Mian: ==Is it possible that I don’t know?

Mu Lan: Okay, anyway, you also know about the fans, just wait for them to calm down and realize the reality

Yumian: (___)ノ|

Mu Lan: Damn! It suddenly occurred to me that Lin Jianshen was **** a fan!

Yu Mian...Yu Mian's face burned instantly, and she was so frightened that her hands shook and she threw the phone out.

After lunch, the merchant came to Yu's house in the afternoon and continued to treat Yu Mian.

"The painting competition is less than a month away. Do you have any inspiration for the entries?"

Yu Mian held the paintbrush, heard the teacher's question, thought about it, and shook her head.

"not yet."

Shenshang looked at the works she drew. The rich gray tone and a dark mist enveloped a small wooden house. firefly.

"Unhappy?" The merchant asked.

To a certain extent, the paintings will have the mood of a painter, and Shenshang also found that when Yu Mian is in a calm mood, the things he draws exude a gentle and soothing atmosphere. If she is emotional, it will be reflected in the painting.

From this point of view, she should not be in a good mood.

Yu Mian: "No."

After painting this picture, she put all the depression in her heart into the pen, and now she feels much better.

What's more, asking her to say that she is just jealous would make her seem naive and narrow-minded.

Shangshang seemed to have seen through her thoughts, and didn't delve into it, just said: "If you are unhappy, don't keep it in your heart, just say it when you feel uncomfortable."

After eating and taking a shower at night, curled up under the blanket, Yu Mian held the phone in both hands, unconsciously refreshing Weibo.

On this day, Lin Jianshen didn't send her a message, nor made any response on Weibo, as if he just disappeared.

The public opinion is getting more and more intense. At present, it is suspected that Lin Jianshen has the most votes for "True Love". The crocodile's daughter, Shen Mengjia, is rumored to have admired Lin for a long time, and has shown her love by sending expensive gifts many times.

Yu Mian stared at the scene where everyone was discussing enthusiastically on the screen, and was dazed.

The palm of his hand trembled suddenly, a phone call came, and a big "A" pierced his eyes.

Yu Mian's heart skipped a beat, she almost slipped her hand and hung up the phone, and took two deep breaths before connecting.

The man's hoarse voice sounded, piercing into his ears, scratching his heart sore and itchy: "Haven't you slept yet?"

Yu Mian pursed her lips and responded softly, "Mmm..."

There was silence over there, and then asked: "Do you like that painting?"

Yu Mian lowered her eyes, she felt that she was making trouble for no reason, it was obviously just those people on the Internet guessing wildly, it had nothing to do with him, but she just couldn't cheer up.

She didn't even know that she could be so possessive of him. Seeing him being placed next to other women and getting involved with them, even if it was unwarranted, she would not care.

"I like it, I watched it all morning."

She returned slowly, and heard him say as if explaining: "I've been busy all day today, and I didn't look at my phone. I didn't mean to ignore you."

Yu Mian blinked and blinked, her eyes were quietly bent, and the depression in her heart was swept away.

"It's okay, I don't care." She said so, but her tone rose, from the low at the beginning to soft.

Lin Jian smiled deeply, he seemed a little tired, his voice was slightly hoarse, which was particularly touching.

Yu Mian's face couldn't help the fever again, she felt a little hot, raised her hand to fan the wind, and said in a soft voice: "Well, why don't you check Weibo, something unexpected happened today."

"Huh?" The man made a questioning voice from his nasal cavity, and then heard a rustling sound.

He was calling her, so he turned on the computer on the side.

Yu Mian felt a little uneasy when he heard the clicking sound of the keyboard, and couldn't help guessing his reaction.

"I saw it." After a while, he spoke again, still in a calm and indifferent tone, as if everything was under control, but the words he said were quite different, and he sighed: "Fortunately, I didn't get a picture of you."

Yu Mian was taken aback, she didn't expect...he would say that.

That short sentence seemed to contain great gratitude, how could she not hear that he wanted to protect her.

Her eyes became hot, she could no longer care about those rumors on the Internet, and said with a trembling voice: "I...I don't mind this..."

Lin Jianshen said calmly, "I know, but I don't mind." He didn't want her to understand how scary those illegitimate fans were.

Yu Mian was afraid that if she continued, she would cry out for nothing. Thinking of the other party's hoarse voice, she said: "You have been busy for a long time, it's late, you should go to rest."

Hanging up the phone in a hurry, she held the darkened cell phone to her chest, her heart beating so loudly that it seemed to be beating in her ears.

It took several minutes for Yu Mian to calm down. She turned on the phone, but the screen was still on the Weibo page.

Just at this moment, the notification sounded for special attention, and the new news was automatically refreshed.

Lin Jianshen v: Don't guess, she will be jealous.

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