Entertainment girl Qianqiao: To be honest, after watching this video, my first reaction was that it was fake, I thought it was a gimmick deliberately filmed. At a time when everyone pays attention to self-interest, I really don't know anyone who can...so stupidly dedicate their life for another person. If Yu Mian is young, immature and easy to dedicate himself to love, then Lin Jianshen is already twenty-seven years old. I can't think of any other reason for a grown man like him to do this, other than believing that they are true love. Come.

Kiki Qianqian: I even thought about the name of their CP, how about the name "Deep Sleeping Couple"? Is there Jimei knocking together?

Gluttonous ghost Diudiu: Have you noticed that in the video, Lin Jianshen should have been hit on the head and fell into a light coma, with his eyes closed all the time. When Yu Mian was talking to him, his hands were moving! Paying close attention to Yu Mian's expression, she looked down at her hand at 5 minutes and 38 seconds. At that time, Lin Jianshen's fingers slid slightly on the back of her hand a few times. He didn't stop until the two were rescued. Respond to her! Tears were about to fall when I found out. In order to appease her emotions, he insisted on responding to her. When I really thought about it, I felt so moved, as if I had witnessed an unforgettable love.

Fanfan girl paper: I've got it, I've got it! My God, I was really crushed to death. I watched a video and burst into tears. I was completely crying sweetly. Please add me to the support group of Shenmian couple!

The wave caused by Lin Jianshen's car accident on the Internet not only did not subside with the official announcement, but broke out into another wave of heat. Countless people were moved by the love between the two in that video, and no one judged Lin Jianshen's love anymore. The vast number of Mori fans even collectively turned into sleeping girls, vowing to protect the idol's love.

At this time, someone suddenly said that the heroine Yu Mian in the video is actually Lin Jianshen's senior fan Kapok!

This news spread quickly, and the person who broke the news came from a group of fans managed by Kapok, and also showed a group photo from the last face-to-face meeting, which can confirm that the news is true.

The people who eat melons have eaten countless big melons this day, and they are not satisfied. Everyone flocked to Kapok's account one after another, flipped through those confession Weibo, and saw her protecting Lin Jianshen for several years.

Kapok's deeds have been revealed by more and more insiders. She was Lin Jianshen's first fan, a veteran fan who overcame all obstacles for him. She once organized a fan support group at the beginning of his fame and led a group of fans to protect him. An idol, many Mori fans of the older generation still remember her to this day.

Mumu Duai Ai Shenshen: Mu Mian is quite famous among our old fans. She is a very powerful person. When Shenshen was not famous and first entered the circle, she must have been a fan of him. She has not changed for so many years. I remember that the first deep fan group was created by Kapok, and now the people who stay in the group are all old fans for many years.

Good night, good night: What impressed me most about Kapok was the time when she led Lin Jianshen's fans to boycott black fans for him. At that time, I was another celebrity fan, and the two of them fought for some reason. Kapok The fans I brought were very organized and disciplined, and they beat the opponent to death very calmly. I always remember her, and I think this woman is not simple hahaha.

At a loss: Sister Mian has paid a lot for Shenshen, and some old fans are all in their eyes. Shenshen has been hidden for several years, and most of the fans have run away. The video was used for publicity, but after she became deeply popular with more fans, she slowly calmed down. I was quite puzzled at the time, and felt that she was too sincere in chasing stars. Now seeing two people come together, I feel a sense of relief, as if seeing a perfect love story staged in front of my eyes, it is still real kind of.

Teenager's Fantasy Adventure: Looking at it all the way, I just want to say what kind of fairy love this is. Tears of envy flowed from the corner of my mouth, and I became sour into a lemon essence.

A Little Rabbit: A senior big fan who has guarded his idol for many years x a top-notch and cool actor in the entertainment industry, the idol he has looked up to for many years has become his lover, what kind of peerless love is this, I am dead, I am dead, I am dead ah! Mom, from now on, the hero and heroine of the entertainment novels I read have faces!

An Ran from Wuling: I am so envious that the wall is separated, I just want them to get better soon, hurry up and give me some candy! My child is suffering so much from life, now I want to eat more candy, woo woo woo!

The public opinion on the Internet finally spread to reality. When the little nurse in the hospital came to change Yu Mian's dressing, she couldn't help but look at her curiously. When Yu Mian just woke up, she thought she was disfigured. That's why I was looked at like this.

Sitting in a wheelchair, lying on the edge of Lin Jianshen's bed, she purposely told him her guess.

Lin Jianshen also woke up. He was half lying on the head of the bed, his face and lips were still pale, his legs were covered with plaster, and he couldn't move. Because of a slight concussion, he couldn't look at his phone either, and shaking his head a little made him dizzy and nauseated.

Listening to Yu Mian's description, a smile appeared on his lips, staring at her with dark eyes, and said slowly: "It should be that our news has been spread on the Internet, so they will look at you, don't worry, you As beautiful as ever."

Yu Mian blushed, not because he praised her for being beautiful, but because Lin Jianshen's eyes were too deep, when looking at her, it seemed as if he wanted to **** her in.

She felt that there was something different between the two of them. She was not sure if he heard what she said in the car before, but now it seems that Lin Jianshen should have heard clearly.

They used to get along, although they were very close, but there was always a subtle barrier. This kind of estrangement is not clear, maybe it is because Yu Mian dare not let go of herself, so Lin Jianshen also keeps a distance, and the two get along with each other in a gentle manner, without much enthusiasm.

It's different now, Lin Jianshen just looked at her, and Yu Mian felt a sense of nothing to hide, as if she was being targeted by something.

The man on the hospital bed had snow-white skin, and his eyebrows and eyes looked extremely black. His clear face was like a painting painted with ink splashes. He spoke very slowly, and asked in a soft voice: "Mianmian, stretch out your hand, okay?"

The tone was still a little pleading, such a man softened his voice, who could refuse him?

Anyway, Yu Mian couldn't, because the redness on his face spread to the base of his ears.

She slid the wheelchair closer to him, handed her hand to his, and it was immediately clenched.

Yu Mian is still subconsciously nervous, he has always been sacred in her heart, even if he belongs to her now, she dare not give birth to much coveting heart.

There is no way, he has been placed on the altar for too long, and now he is a little bit stuck.

Lin Jianshen was well aware of this, but at first he was still a little confused. Aren't ordinary fans ecstatic when they hear that their idol is going to fall in love with him? How come Yumian is different?

He began to think that she was shy by nature, so he thought about taking it slowly, not in a hurry. But in the car accident, he learned her secret. It turned out that he was not only an idol to her, but the little girl treated him as a savior because of the support back then. The position was too high, and she was always afraid and inferior in her heart. , thinking he was not good enough for him.

Seeing Yu Mian falling into habitual silence, Lin Jianshen suddenly said, "I'm a little bored, I want to check Weibo."

In terms of his health, Yu Mian was unexpectedly bold and mercilessly refused: "No, you can't look at your phone right now, you will feel dizzy."

Lin Jianshen was not surprised either, he smiled again, his long eyelashes spread out like a small fan, and said slowly, "Then Mianmian can read for me?"

When he called her to Mianmian, his voice was a bit nasal, his voice was slightly deep and hoarse, as if he had rolled it between his lips and tongue a few times before uttering it reluctantly, his tone was very lingering.

Yu Mian also wants to stay with him for a while longer, the two of them are not in the same ward, after all there is a difference between a man and a woman who is not married, sometimes it is taboo to apply medicine to a wound. Yu Xing arranged single wards, and Yu Mian's room was next door, but she stayed with Lin Jianshen most of the time after she woke up.

As soon as she took out her mobile phone, Lin Jianshen gently scratched her palm: "Use my mobile phone?"

The palm of her hand seemed to be lightly brushed by a feather, and a slight itchiness penetrated into her heart, and Yu Mian's neck also turned red. She pursed her lips and stretched out with one hand to take Lin Jianshen's mobile phone that was placed on the bedside cabinet.

"That, password?"


Yu Mian looked at him in surprise, so simple?

With deep black eyes, Lin Jian only looked at her with a smile, without saying a word.

Yu Mian entered the password to unlock it, Lin Jianshen's phone was unexpectedly clean, there were basically no software, and the theme was also the simple black theme that came with the system, exuding a cold style.

"You want to read Weibo?" Yu Mian asked again.

Before Lin Jianshen woke up, Yu Mian had read Weibo a long time ago, and she already knew about the excitement on the Internet. Seeing so many people say they are envious of their love, Yu Mian was surprised and a little bit ashamed at the same time.

If she really wanted to read those netizens' comments to him, she would definitely be ashamed and angry!

"Well, you click in." His slender fingertips rubbed gently between her fingers, smiling meaningfully.

After the car accident, Lin Jianshen seemed to like such small actions. Every time Yu Mian came to visit him, he would hold her hand and gently grind, slowly rub, and gently scratch her, teasing her every time. Blushed ears times.

When Yu Mian went out, people often misunderstood what they were doing inside, so as long as Yu Mian came to Lin Jianshen's ward, the others would not stay here, and they all consciously left them with the relationship of a young couple. Space, and also showed a look that I know I know everything.

Who would have thought that he just held her hand!

Yu Mian slandered in her heart, on the surface she didn't dare to say a word, and didn't dare to move her hands. It was placed in his palm like a toy, and she just silently clicked on Weibo with her eyes down.

Before she clicked on it, she thought she would see 99+ news, and would receive countless private messages and Art, but after clicking in, the page was clean, not as lively as when she first went online, and nothing happened to him here.

? ? ? what happened? ? ?

Yu Mian couldn't help showing a surprised expression, and looked up at Lin Jianshen: "Is this your trumpet?"

Lin Jianshen fumbled with her hands, rubbing her soft palms and fingertips, and said slowly, "Mianmian can see for herself."

The corners of his mouth raised a small arc, his black eyes were filled with smiles, and his expression was calm and leisurely.

Yu Mian looked at him suspiciously, always feeling that he looked like he was watching a show.

It is very common for celebrities to have their own private trumpet. Could it be that there are some dark secrets in his trumpet?

She lowered her head again, clicked on her personal homepage, and a very familiar nickname and profile picture came into view.

Yu Mian's eyes widened in disbelief, she raised her head abruptly, and looked at the man with a calm face.

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