Dressed As the Actor’s Fiancée

Chapter 1: Wait for you

"You, you are a deer!!"

Yu Mian almost shouted these words, the original shyness and ambiguity disappeared, and there was only disbelief in her heart.

She couldn't believe that the deer she had known netizens for so many years and guessed to be a staid middle-aged man was actually Lin Jianshen!

Yu Mian froze, unable to think at all, just stared at him blankly, all kinds of chaotic thoughts drifted through her mind.

Why did he use a trumpet to add her? Is she the only one added? Did he notice all the shameful confessions she made?

Thinking of this, Yu Mian almost exploded on the spot.

Her left hand was still held by Lin Jianshen, and she wanted to pull it out subconsciously, but the other party sensed her intention and tightened her grip all of a sudden, Yu Mian didn't dare to use too much force, for fear that Lin Jianshen would feel uncomfortable.

The man stared at her, not letting her escape.

With dark eyes, he held her hand tightly and asked, "Did you see it?"

I feel that I have been stripped of a fig leaf, and have been secretly poked and followed by idols for many years. All the love words are clearly seen by others. The sudden burst of strong sense of shame made Yu Mian almost socially dead. She looked at him foolishly, and replied staggeringly: "What, what?"

He looked at her deeply, as if he wanted to see her heart, and said slowly, "Look, these years, not only you have been looking at me, but I have been looking at you too."

Yu Mian hasn't recovered yet, and her reaction is still half a beat behind.

Lin Jianshen smiled softly. He quietly watched the girl in front of him who seemed a little stunned because of being too shocked. Finally, he let go of his hand, resisting the dizziness in his head, and tried his best to reach out and rub it on her head. turn her head off.

"So, we're even, okay?"

Yu Mian looked up at him with a blank expression, and repeated after a while, "Is it even?"

Lin Jianshen closed his eyes slightly, his snow-white face became even paler, and when he smiled, he carried a weak and sickly air, like a prince in poor health in ancient times, the sense of alienation around him was softened by this breath .

He slowed down and said: "Yes, it's even. I shouldn't have told you that I have always liked kapok. What she means to me is the same as what I mean to you, so this road has never been You are walking towards me alone. The sponsorship back then was also unintentional. I never thought of getting your return, and I didn’t want to be someone’s salvation. I’m just an ordinary man, and I would like my girlfriend to call me boyfriend , to be able to act like a baby and get close to me."

Yu Mian gradually came to her senses, she looked into his eyes, trying to find something joking, but when he spoke so seriously, his eyes were firm and gentle, as if all the words came from the heart.

She couldn't let go in front of him, she knew it in her heart, and I'm afraid he had already found out. That's why he cut his heart out and told her about the existence of the trumpet, just to dispel her fear and uneasiness.

Yu Mian felt as if a ball of cotton was stuck in her throat, and she was about to burst into tears.

Lin Jianshen still looked at her tenderly, his eyes covered with ice and snow all year round, as soft as the warm spring breeze.

"From now on, treat me as your boyfriend and fiance, okay?" He stubbornly waited for her answer.

Yu Mian's heart was sore and soft, her eye circles were slightly hot, she suddenly leaned over, approached him, and lightly touched his straight nose tip with her lips.

"Okay, dear boyfriend." She looked at him with red eyes, and burst out laughing when she noticed that the man blinked in a panic, obviously very surprised.

Lin Jianshen was indeed startled by her sudden movement for a moment. The girl's lips were so soft that when he touched the tip of his nose, he could even feel the warmth from her, as well as the sweetness of her body. Smells like candy.

Her long hair fell to the sides, blocking their faces in a small space. He noticed that her eyes were as clear and bright as washed with water, as clear as a piece of transparent glass, clearly reflecting his shadow.

It was so beautiful, so beautiful that his heart trembled, and he could not restrain his crazy heartbeat.

This kiss seemed to break the barrier between the two of them, Yu Mian's cheeks were flushed, but she seemed to let go of something, and she would never deliberately avoid Lin Jianshen's sight again.

If you want to ask why he figured it out so quickly, it should be because of what he said, the position of kapok in his heart is not much different from that of him in her heart.

In the past, she always felt that the two were unequal, not only because of the unequal status, but also because of the relationship.

Now I know that in fact, they have always been equal.

It was as if he said that not only was she walking towards him, but he was also approaching her.

Yu Mian was still very curious about Lin Jianshen's thoughts, she felt that she didn't do anything, she just did what a fan should do, but she didn't understand why he was regarded as a special existence by him?

"Because it's firm." Lin Jianshen was still playing with her hand. He seemed to be addicted to playing, kneading and pinching, "I have a lot of fans over the years, but you are the only one who has been with her from beginning to end." Accompany me, it seems that as long as I am still alive, you will never leave. I have seen many people who leave me when I am down and down. By my side, without hesitation."

Yu Mian interrupted slightly: "Actually, it's because I want to repay the favor..."

Lin Jian glanced at her with a deep smile, and the girl who let go became more courageous, and dared to say such heartbreaking words.

He sighed slightly, and said in a deep voice, "So I'm very glad that I was the one who sponsored you back then."

Yu Mian listened, and couldn't help but lament the fate between them, even if they die, they can return to him, the two of them must be like the online saying, they are a match made in heaven, right?

This day, Yu Mian's mood was so good that it was bubbling, and she left Lin Jianshen's ward with a red face. When she returned to her ward, she saw her elder brother with a cold face.

"Hello, brother!" She greeted cheerfully, and later realized that her brother's eyes were particularly sharp.

Yu Xing's sharp eyes moved from her face to her body, and then to the left leg wrapped in plaster. Thinking of his sister rushing to protect Lin Jianshen without hesitation in the video, his eyes became colder.

The elder brother gave the order coldly: "I will discharge you from the hospital in a few days. I asked the doctor that your injury is not serious and you can go home to recuperate."

Yu Mian turned pale with shock, and said without thinking, "No! Brother, Lin Jianshen is not well yet, I have to stay in the hospital to take care of him!"

Yu Xing snorted coldly: "He has doctors, nurses and nurses to take care of him, so he doesn't need you, a patient, to help him blindly."

Yu Mian had no idea why her brother did this all of a sudden, Lin Jianshen was injured so badly in order to protect her, how could she leave him alone in the hospital? ! And as a girlfriend, companionship is also a kind of psychological comfort and care!

Little did he know, the more anxious she was, the more determined Yu Xing was to take her home.

In the hospital, Yu Mian would go to find Lin Jianshen as long as she was awake. The stickiness of the young couple made Yu Xing feel that her sister was about to be taken away by wolves. Every time Yu Mian went to Lin Jianshen, His sense of crisis is even deeper.

Obviously, he didn't care about this younger sister at all before, but when he suddenly awakened his brother's soul, Yu Xing began to go to the other extreme, striding wildly on the road of sister control.

Yu Mian and Lin Jianshen's relationship is getting better and better. In the entire Yu family, only Yu's mother loves it, and Yu Xing and Yu's father are getting darker and darker.

After staying in the hospital for five days, Yu Mian was packed and taken away by Yu Xing. No matter how coquettish and crying, it was useless. In the end, it was Yu's mother who helped to speak, and was allowed to visit Lin Jianshen every day.

"Brother is a big devil, a mighty overlord!" Yu Mian sat in the studio, her cheeks bulging with anger.

Canshang tapped her forehead with a paintbrush: "I heard it."

Yu Mian looked at him pitifully, and continued to sit and draw. The painting competition is about to start, and she still doesn't have a satisfactory painting, and the school final exam is also in progress, so even if she wants to stay in the hospital, she can't help it.

This is also the reason why she was obedient and brought back. You can talk about love, but you can't leave your studies for the sake of love.

Yu Mian is a good student. She spent half a semester working hard to change the teachers' opinion of her, but she didn't want to be absent from the final exam. At that time, it would be unscientific not to fail a subject, and I am afraid that I will repeat the grade directly.

"You said you got inspiration, what are you going to draw?"

Yu Mian is sketching the lines, she wants to draw a watercolor meticulous painting in traditional Chinese painting.

"When I finish the drawing, the teacher can see it." Yu Mian shook her head, expressing that she wanted to keep it a secret.

Shenshang glanced at her amusedly, the little girl came back from a car accident and became much more lively than before. Before, he was afraid that she would have a psychological shadow, so he took the time to visit her, it seemed that he was really worrying too much.

Chanshang has also watched the car accident video on the Internet, and he feels that Lin Jianshen is very lucky to be loved by such a clean and pure girl. When he first came to Yu's house to teach Yu Mian, he could see that the child had a pair of spotless eyes, which were too clean and penetrating, which made him fall in love with him uncontrollably.

That's why he became her teacher, taught her and helped her.

He already knew that she had a marriage contract, so he didn't have any evil thoughts, it was just a kind of love for beautiful things. He likes her pure soul, loves her beautiful painting-like eyes, and has even copied it many times, but he still can't get a clear picture of it.

Thinking about such a pair of clear and vivid eyes, you can't draw much charm just by painting.

Seeing that Yu Mian was in good condition, the merchant left after not staying for long. Yu Mian Anan had been painting for a while, and when it was break time, she immediately took out her phone and sent a message to a new boyfriend.

"I finally rested! What are you doing?" She still had some paint on her fingertips, and sent a voice with her fingertips up.

After three seconds, the phone rang, and the other side answered in seconds.

It was also a voice message, Yu Mian clicked on it, and the man smiled and whispered, his voice slightly hoarse, straight to his heart: "I'm waiting for you to find me."

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