After the holiday, Yu Mian became extremely free, and the time she stayed in the hospital also increased accordingly.

There were many visits, so she could find that Lin Jianshen was very busy even though he was in the hospital.

He founded a company, which Yu Mian had heard from her mother a long time ago, but she didn't know the details. But after staying by his side for a long time, Yu Mian gradually learned something about him.

Lin Jianshen's company is engaged in research and development of information technology, called Musen Technology, which has been established for four or five years and is well-known in the industry. Lin Jianshen has always been hiding behind the scenes, never showing himself in front of others. However, when most people think of Musen Technology, they will also think of Lin Jianshen at the same time.

Because Lin Jianshen has been the spokesperson of Musen Technology for several years, he seldom accepts advertising endorsements, but after becoming Musen's exclusive spokesperson, the company immediately attracted everyone's attention.

At first people wondered if Lin Jianshen had a good relationship with Mu Sen's boss, that's why he accepted the endorsement, but no one guessed that he was Mu Sen's boss.

Later, Musen Technology developed several new technologies and grew into an emerging leading enterprise in the field of information technology. People turned to say that Lin Jianshen had a good vision, and must have foreseen Musen's future glory in advance.

After all, Lin Jianshen is recognized as having an outstanding vision. The TV series and movies he participated in, even if no one liked them at first, will always be very popular in the end.

Some people commented that he has the acumen and forward-looking of a businessman, and if he goes into business, his achievements will definitely not be low.

It's a pity that he has only filmed movies for so many years, and it seems that he has no other hobbies besides acting.

It turned out that Yu Mian also thought that he had a deep love for acting, regarded money and power like dung, and was a person who was indifferent to fame and wealth and had lofty aspirations. It wasn't until now that Lin Jianshen outside the lens was actually not as detached as she imagined.

In the lens, he seems to be standing in the distance covered with snow-capped snow-capped mountains, calm and alienated, as if he is isolated from the world and unstained by dust. In reality, Lin Jianshen can smile softly, care about things, and act coquettishly clingy to her.

This man is not an indifferent god. He also has emotions and desires, but most people can't see them.

Yu Mian likes this feeling very much, it makes her feel that she is really owning him.

Although Lin Jianshen refused many people's visits, he couldn't refuse the company's affairs. Even if he was lying on the bed and couldn't move, he still had to sit up, put a notebook in front of him to handle company affairs, and hold meetings with the employees.

When doing these things, he did not shy away from Yu Mian. Even Yu Mian's suggestion that she didn't want to disturb him and came to see him when he was not busy was rejected by Lin Jianshen without even thinking about it.

"But, I still have to paint. The painting competition is about to start. I need to prepare my work."

Lin Jianshen simply suggested: "Then come here and paint, I won't bother you."

Yu Mian: "..." Obviously she didn't want to disturb him! How come he doesn't bother her anymore?

In fact, the environment of this private hospital is very good, especially the VIP ward where he lives. There is a living room, a small bedroom for escorts, and a separate bathroom. The decoration is not like a ward but like a hotel.

After a piano was placed in the living room at some point, Yu Mian's easel and various painting tools were added.

Yu Mian sat by the window facing the drawing board, holding a paintbrush in her hand, and turned her head to look at the man half leaning on the bed who was seriously looking at the computer. She really couldn't figure out how all this happened.

She suddenly realized that this man was simply terrifying. If he wants to do something, she has no room to resist. Because he will perfectly solve the problem before she reacts, and then get the result he wants.

Just like before, he took away the contract from Yu Mian, dispelled her worries, and made the relationship between the two of them change naturally.

And after the car accident, when he learned of Yu Mian's knots, he unabashedly exposed his heart, and once again narrowed the distance between them and eliminated the estrangement.

He didn't seem to do these things deliberately, but it was just right every time, as if he let nature take its course.

The more Yu Mian thought about it, the more she felt that she had been tricked.

"What's wrong?" Maybe she had been watching for too long, Lin Jianshen noticed it, and he turned to look at Yu Mian, "Is Mian Mian tired? Do you want to take a rest?"

Yu Mian was overwhelmed by the energy supplied by her own brain, she snorted a little, looked at him meaningfully, and turned her face away from him.

She has seen through all his little tricks, and it is impossible for her to be fooled again.

Yu Mian lowered her head and continued to paint. Whenever she was immersed in the painting, she would ignore everything around her. After finishing the last stroke, Yu Mian finally raised her head from the drawing board, looked at her work, and showed a satisfied smile.

"Did you finish the painting?" A man's deep voice came from next to her ear, Yu Mian turned her head, and saw Lin Jianshen resting her chin on one hand, resting her elbow on the bed table, looking at her with black eyes .

The laptop screen in front of him was already black, and he didn't know how long he had been looking at it.

Yu Mian's heart tightened, as long as she looked at him, her heart would beat faster habitually.

She nodded, pursed her lips and said, "The painting is finished."

Lin Jianshen looked calm and asked, "Can I take a look?"

"Well, wait a minute."

This request is very reasonable, Yu Mian didn't think too much, took the painting off the drawing board and came to his bedside.

When the painting was brought over, Lin Jianshen really looked at it carefully for a while. Yu Mian's painting is meticulous figure painting, with delicate Chinese style brushstrokes, depicting a little girl lying on the window sill, the little girl is holding a small immature face in both hands, and looking at a big tree not far away with clear eyes. On the tree, there is a chubby little sparrow resting on the tree.

The little girl's expression is full of innocence and innocence, her big dark eyes are bright and energetic, reflecting the sky light clearly, making people feel her purity and flawlessness at a glance.

The room behind her was dark and silent, like the mouth of a ferocious beast. There are blue sky and white clouds outside the window, lovely birds and green trees, colorful and colorful, in stark contrast with the dark and dilapidated small window.

Lin Jianshen's eyes drooped slightly, he looked at the little girl thoughtfully, and asked Yu Mian: "She looks a bit like you, is it you from before?"

Yu Mian was taken aback, he actually saw it?

Noticing the surprise on her expression, Lin Jianshen burst out laughing. He put the painting on the table, raised his hand to grab the armrest of her wheelchair, and pulled her closer to him.

He leaned down slightly, looked into her eyes seriously, and asked, "Mianmian actually thinks that I won't recognize my girlfriend?"

"No, no, what I drew is the old me, which is a little different from the present, and you haven't seen it before..."

Lin Jianshen seemed to be at odds with this question: "Even if I haven't seen it, I can still guess that Mianmian doesn't believe me?"

Yu Mian felt that the two were too close. She was sitting in a wheelchair, and she was a little shorter than Lin Jianshen. Lin Jianshen pulled her wheelchair to prevent her from running, and the distance between their faces was less than ten centimeters. The tip of his tall nose was almost bumping into each other.

She was blushing, and she no longer had the audacity to snort coldly at him before, so she stammered and whispered: "No, I believe you..."

Lin Jian lowered his eyes deeply, and said in a lonely tone, "My boyfriend is a little sad."

Yu Mian was at a loss for what to do, her heart was messed up by this man, and she couldn't remember all the tricks she used to slander him.

The man said faintly: "Mianmian wants to make it up to me."

Yu Mian was helpless: "I, I don't doubt you... What do you want... Ugh!"

In front of her was a pair of deep black eyes that were very close together, and Yu Mian seemed to see a narrow smile flashing through them in a trance. It was too close, the tip of his nose was slightly cool, and it was close to hers, and there was a soft touch from his lips, like a gentle flower blooming in her lips.

The flowers bloomed slowly, and the root system gradually spread to the depths. Every extension brought a slight numbness, as if a weak current passed through, making her go limp and lose all her strength.

The breath is plundered, the lips and tongues are tightly bound and entangled, and the flowers greedily want to absorb all the air and water. Yu Mian was short of breath, and the end of her eyes was flushed, she forgot to close her eyes, physiological tears appeared in her clear eyes, and her eyes became more and more crystal clear.

Lin Jianshen's heart trembled, he saw his own reflection reflected in her eyes.

That's it, she should have been looking at him.

But when she was painting, she couldn't see him at all. He stared at her for a long time, but she didn't notice it.

So he no longer restrained himself, made an impulsive move, and was finally satisfied.

When Yu Mian raised her hand weakly and began to push him, Lin Jianshen finally let her go. Yu Mian gasped for a few times, her whole body was red from head to toe, and even a thin layer of pimple appeared on her back. sweat.

The girl's eyes were watery, and her gaze was so soft that it was unbelievable. Her red lips were slightly parted and panting, as delicate as rose petals dotted with dewdrops in the morning.

The man stared at her with dark eyes and was silent for a moment, then smiled lightly and said, "Mianmian's lipstick it peach flavor?"

Yu Mian's response was—subconsciously turning the wheelchair, she was several steps away from him at once.

Anyway, it was a distance that Lin Jianshen couldn't reach.

Just now, she couldn't breathe, but he didn't intend to stop at all. Yu Mian felt that her lips were numb, and the tip of her tongue felt broken. At that time, she wanted to back away, but he pressed her wheelchair, Make her unable to move.

Such intimacy between lovers is inevitable, she is not hypocritical, but this first attempt is too deep, Yu Mian is both shy and a little afraid of the hidden fierceness he showed.

"I, I'll come see you tomorrow!"

Touching Lin Jian's eyes with a deep smile, Yu Mian quickly looked away and chose to run away.

She didn't even have time to take the painting away, and ran away like a wolf chasing after her.

In the ward, Lin Jianshen pinched the drawing paper and looked at the little girl in the painting.

When she was young, she lived in darkness, longing for the light outside. And he, why not?

Fortunately, they all got the light.

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