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Yu Mian has been in the hospital for a longer time, Lin Jianshen's injury is gradually improving, and he has to deal with more and more work. Musen Technology is about to go public, which is really not a trivial matter.

Lin Jianshen is a bit of a workaholic, just like his elder brother Yu Xing, if he doesn't look at him, he can watch the computer all day, and he doesn't know how to balance work and rest.

As a last resort, Yu Mian could only personally supervise every day, so she also learned something that surprised her.

That day, Lin Jianshen's father, Lin Jiahua, visited again, and this time he brought his wife. The two of them looked not in good condition, and their old faces were full of fatigue.

Seeing Yu Mian present, Lin Jiahua seemed to have some scruples and wanted her to leave.

Seeing his eyes, Yu Mian thought that they were father and son after all, and she might have to talk privately, so she subconsciously looked at Lin Jianshen: "Then I'll go out first?"

The man was sitting in a wheelchair, he grasped Yu Mian's hand, and looked at the couple coldly.

"No, Mianmian is my fiancée, and she will be my wife in the future. There's nothing I can't hear. Besides, Mianmian is also a victim. She is fully qualified to stay here."

Yu Mian could still understand the first sentence, but she was a little confused by the latter sentence. But soon, she knew why.

It turned out that the car accident they encountered was not the accident she thought it was, but a man-made accident!

Yu Mian has never been clear about this matter. After the car accident, it was the final exam and painting competition, and she was busy going around. No one told her about it, only she asked about the driver who caused the accident, and her brother said he had already dealt with it, so she didn't think much about it.

Now that I think about it, it should be that Lin Jianshen and his brother finished the matter and didn't tell her.

This time Lin Jiahua came here to intercede for his son Lin Yueming, who was also the murderer who bribed the driver to cause the accident.

Yu Xing found him, and the driver also revealed the truth. Lin Jianshen said that he would investigate to the end, because the evidence was solid, Lin Yueming had already been arrested, and he would definitely go to jail in the future.

Yu Mian was dumbfounded, she couldn't believe how thick-skinned Lin Jiahua was, and dared to come to see Lin Jianshen!

Seeing that Lin Jianshen didn't get in, Xu Manyuan cried and played the family card: "Jianshen, Yue Ming is your younger brother, can you let him go? I know we were sorry for you before, and everything was my fault. Yue Ming was just confused for a moment, he has always liked you as an elder brother."

Before Lin Jianshen opened his mouth, Yu Mian beside him was already furious.

She didn't know the truth before, but now that she has figured out what happened, how could she let others bully him who she has protected for so many years?

As a senior fan of Lin Jianshen, Yu Mian's verbal skills were activated at this moment: "Auntie, is your skin thicker than a city wall? Or are you too old to have deaf ears? Alzheimer's due to brain atrophy? Lin Yueming He is the younger brother, so Lin Jianshen is not an elder brother? You asked us to let Lin Yueming go, did Lin Yueming let his brother go? He wants to kill Lin Jianshen, and wants us to forgive him. Three words? Aunt, don’t think that your own brain is not good enough, and everyone in the world has brain problems.”

Lin Jiahua and Xu Manyuan were stunned by the series of words that were thrown out like cannonballs.

Lin Jiahua's face flushed red with anger, he stared and gasped for breath, clutching his chest as if he was about to have a heart attack. Xu Manyuan pretended to forget about crying, her face turned pale with fright, and helped Lin Jiahua to take out the quick-acting Jiuxin Pill for him to eat.

Yu Mian breathed a sigh of relief, her sanity returned a lot, and she was also shocked by this scene.

Isn't she so talkative? How could he become so popular?

She turned her head to look at Lin Jianshen in some panic. Lin Jiahua is his father after all, he wouldn't blame her, would he?

But Lin Jianshen was looking at her with gentle and smiling black eyes, and asked softly, "Are you scared?"

Yu Mian pursed her lips and muttered softly, "They are too bullying, I can't get angry."

He rubbed her soft little hands, and whispered in her ear: "Don't be afraid, I'm very happy."

Yu Mian looked at him carefully, and she was sure that Lin Jianshen really didn't care, and the stone in her heart fell to the ground. Knowing that he doesn't blame her, she can rest assured.

"This woman, I will never allow her to marry into the Lin family!" This was the first sentence Lin Jiahua said after recovering.

Since they arrived, Lin Jianshen has not expressed his opinion until he heard this sentence, his face suddenly darkened, and he said in a cold voice: "Do you think you have the right to dictate my affairs?"

Lin Jianshen doesn't like to argue with others, so it doesn't make much sense to spend a moment of rhetoric. What can really win is to defeat the opponent in actual actions. But at this moment, he couldn't help but open his mouth to argue with the nominal father.

Yu Mian suddenly said, "Who said I'm going to marry into your Lin family?"

Lin Jianshen looked at her sharply, only to see the little girl's eyes sparkling, and she said with a smug expression on her face: "If you want to marry, it's Lin Jianshen who will marry into our Yu family, okay! You are the only one who cares about your Lin family. !"

After finishing speaking, she turned her face away and winked at Lin Jianshen.

Lin Jianshen couldn't help but smile, his eyes were full of his own little girl, and he said very cooperatively: "Yes, I entered Yu's house." As for the marriage, she should marry him.

Under Yu Mian's strict defense, Lin Jiahua and Xu Manyuan retreated steadily. In order not to be really angry, the two left quickly.

After they left, Yu Mian felt a bit uneasy about his conscience. She has always been the kind of very obedient and quiet girl who would give up her seat to the elderly on the bus, and would lead the elderly people she didn't know to cross the traffic lights on the main road. But just now, even though he didn't speak harsh words to those two old people, it was really impolite.

"Aren't I just now weird and impolite?"

Lin Jianshen looked at her and said, "You don't need to think about being polite to people who are impolite. If you don't like it, just say it directly. Don't force yourself."

Yu Mian was still struggling, worried that he was deliberately comforting her: "Really?"

Lin Jianshen turned the wheelchair, took her hand gently, and pulled her closer to him. He slowly wrapped his arms around her shoulders, held her in his arms, and let her lie on his chest.

Yu Mian could hear his heartbeat, the temperature coming from his body, and the faint fragrance. This made her face burn uncontrollably, and the uneasiness in her heart gradually dissipated.

"A long time ago, when I hadn't seen you, I guessed what you looked like." Lin Jianshen suddenly said this. His voice is soft, soft and hoarse, with a magnetic and **** voice.

The chest against the side face was vibrating slightly, and the part that touched him seemed to have been electrocuted, and it was limp and unable to exert force. Yu Mian's tone subconsciously became soft and soft, as if she was acting like a baby: "What's it like?"

"At that time, it wasn't long before I became popular. Many people were jealous of me. There were a lot of black people on the Internet, and there were some unfounded black materials everywhere." Lin Jianshen paused, then continued with a chuckle, "You organize my fans. The support group led the fans to fight with those sunspots, and I saw it too. At that time, Dai Zhong said, seeing Mu Mian arguing with people, in reality he must be a tigress."

Yu Mian straightened up sharply, her eyes widened, her palm-sized face turned red.

Lin Jianshen looked at her and smiled, raised his hand to rub her cheek, and said jokingly, "Now you know I'm sorry?"

Yu Mian puffed up her face, annoyed: "I'm arguing, who is it for?"

Lin Jianshen said: "I know, so I couldn't believe it when I found out that you are kapok. The kapok on the Internet is actually a little white rabbit that blushes when you touch it. I'm afraid of admitting the wrong person."

Yu Mian turned around and didn't look at him: "Hmph! I'm not a little white rabbit."

Lin Jianshen said again: "Today, you let me see the appearance of kapok again."

He held her shoulders, turned her around, and faced him. He looked at her deeply, not allowing her to escape in the slightest.

Yu Mian looked at him, the man's black eyes were too deep, and his eyes were too complicated, she still couldn't understand his emotions, but felt that the whole person was about to be sucked in by his eyes, and the soul and heart in her body were trembling.

Then, he said slowly: "Thank you for protecting me for so many years."

Yu Mian's eyes turned red immediately, and her heart was sore.

He saw her protection all in his eyes. She thought she had nothing to worry about, but in fact, the person she looked up to was also watching her from afar.

"Okay, okay, don't cry." The soft and cool lips gently fell on her eyes and face, kissing away those tears one by one.

Yu Mian sniffed, choked up and said, "I, I didn't want to cry, the tears were about to fall..."

The man smiled lowly, his tall nose was pressed against hers, his narrow eyes contained a soft smile, and he said with a "hmm", "I know."

Yu Mian didn't know much about Lin Yueming's ending, Lin Jianshen and Yu Xing didn't tell her, and it was her brother who had to deal with things, since she wasn't needed anyway.

About half a month after Lin Jiahua's visit, Lin Jianshen heard that Lin Yueming was convicted of buying, murdering, killing, and he didn't know what the Lin family did. Lin Yueming was only sentenced to three years in prison.

Yu Mian couldn't breathe, but Lin Jianshen said that with the background and ability of the Lin family, he was able to escape completely. Under the double pressure of him and the Yu family, being able to sentence him for three years is already a good result.

The heir of the Lin family was imprisoned, and Lin Jianshen's company Musen Technology was listed on the market. Lin Jianshen still did not show up, but left the matter to the agent he chose, but he was the boss of Musen Technology. , what should be known is still known.

It was only then that Lin Jiahua realized that his eldest son, whom he had always abandoned, and who he thought Lin Jianshen, who was not doing his job properly and had no ambition to improve himself, was the truly capable person.

It's a pity that he realized it too late, the gap between Lin Jianshen and him was like a natural moat, and there was no way to eliminate it.

After that, he also came to see Lin Jianshen, but he was turned away, not even allowed to enter the ward.

People in the upper class don't know the inside story, but they also know Lin Jiahua's attitude towards Lin Jianshen for so many years. Lin Jiahua doesn't like the eldest son, and his preference for the younger son is obvious to all.

Lin Jianshen left home at a very young age, and when he grew up, he stepped into the entertainment circle that people in the circle looked down on. All these years, everyone was watching jokes, but suddenly there was a shocking reversal. Amazing, Lin Jianshen is patient enough, knows how to hibernate, he is not a simple person.

Yu Mian, who didn't pay attention to these things, was unaware of the ups and downs behind the scenes. As the end of the year approaches, Lin Jianshen's injury is almost healed, and she is doing rehabilitation training recently, and her paintings have successfully entered the second round of evaluation.

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