After New Year's Eve, life gradually returned to normal. On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Yu Mian and Lin Jianshen went to the cinema to watch the premiere of "Dragon Court".

This film took nearly half a year to shoot, and it took half a year to cast the cast before that. Every actor tried his best to fit his personality, and the content of the film basically restored the original work, so the effect is not generally good.

At least as far as Yu Mian's feelings are concerned, she completely forgot that Lin Jianshen was sitting beside her while watching the movie, and immersed herself in the movie with all her heart, her mood fluctuated with the plot of the movie until the movie ended. Only then slowly came back to God.

Although the movie is over, the aftertaste is still there. Yu Mian turned her head to look at her boyfriend who had been neglected for a long time, and sighed with starry eyes: "Long Ting is really handsome!"

Long Ting is also the leading actor in the play, played by Lin Jianshen.

Long before, Lin Jianshen had read the script and knew the development of the plot well, so he was not as involved as others when watching the movie.

For a whole movie, one and a half hours, he fed Yu Mian half a bag of popcorn and a cup of milk tea, but he didn't get any attention from the other party, and even his girlfriend called other men handsome in front of him. Even though he played that person, it doesn't soothe the wounded heart of the neglected man.

Lin Jianshen looked calm, and asked lightly, "How handsome?"

Yu Mian: "Super handsome! Especially when he leads the army to conquer the world and dominate the countries, he is so handsome that he has no friends!"


Only then did Yu Mian realize later that her boyfriend seemed a little unhappy?

The lights were turned on in the theater, and the two of them walked out together with the others. Yu Mian hung on Lin Jianshen's arm, wrapped his arms around his arm, leaned over to him and asked him with a smile, "Are you jealous?"

The man glanced at her and denied, "No."

Yu Mian tiptoed slightly, and quickly kissed his side face. Well, kissed on the mask.

Then whispered in his ear: "I have always liked you."

Lin Jianshen didn't look back, but took her hand and stuffed it into his pocket, intertwining her fingers tightly.

On the Internet, the first batch of people who watched the movie have already discussed it. Most of the reviews are very good, and some professional film critics also gave this movie high marks.

Lin Jianshen didn't care much about this, but Yu Mian was very nervous. After being his fan for so many years, she subconsciously still worried about Lin Jianshen's career. She was relieved only after seeing the rave reviews.

After the Lantern Festival, schools all over the country began to start classes one after another, and Lin Jianshen also started to get busy. He has almost faded out of the entertainment circle now, most of the time he is dealing with company affairs, but he still picks out one or two films to participate in every year.

He doesn't have much love for acting, but his emotions are too indifferent and cold. Only by sinking into the role he plays can he experience all kinds of joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys in the world. Acting is a channel for him to understand life .

Now that he is with Yu Mian, Lin Jianshen gradually has a lot of different feelings. For example, you will be happy when you see her, you will miss her when you don’t see her, you will feel sour and dull if you are ignored, and you will feel satisfied only when you get close to her.

All these differences were brought about by that little girl, and she was a senior fan of him. Originally, he planned to retreat from the company after going public, but as long as he thought of this, Lin Jianshen couldn't think of quitting the entertainment industry, otherwise How disappointed should the little girl be?

Shengming University started school, and after more than half a month of classes, Yu Mian only found out that her painting was selected as the second place in the painting competition when she received a phone call after a class.

She hasn't paid attention to the painting competition for a long time. During the winter vacation, she was basically immersed in sweet love. If she hadn't received a call from the Art Association, she might have forgotten about it.

But she didn't care, and the news spread quickly in the school. After all, Shengming University is a well-known art school in China, and it still pays great attention to the painting competition.

After learning that the work that won the second place was Yu Mian's, Yu Mian's reputation rose again in the school.

In fact, when Lin Jianshen's girlfriend was exposed, most people in the school recognized that mysterious girlfriend from the video as Yu Mian from their school. Yu Mian is very famous even in Shengming, a school with a lot of rich kids.

One is her prominent family background, the other is her outstanding appearance, coupled with her extraordinary talent in the field of painting, and now she has a perfect fiancé who can give her life for her, it is really enviable .

There is almost no girl in the school who does not envy her. The movie Longting was released this year. Judging by its excellent quality, it is no surprise that it won several awards. Lin Jianshen is considered a **** in China.

It's not that there is no one on the Internet who opposes the relationship between the two, especially those girlfriend fans among Lin Jianshen's fans. Girlfriend fans are all substituted into the identity of the idol's girlfriend. Once the idol has a relationship, it will cause a large number of followers and boycotts.

Lin Jianshen has good acting skills and high status, looks good and keeps himself clean, and is even more dedicated and affectionate in his relationship. The better he performs, the stronger the fans' backlash when he leaves the order.

Since this period of time, there have always been radical fans. Yu Mian's kapok account has been closed for private messages, and she doesn't usually go to it, because besides most of the blessings, there are also some people who come to scold her and curse her.

Until later, Lin Jianshen's fans discovered that Lin Jianshen was not a fan at all.

He used to be indifferent as if he didn't catch the dust, but he finally fell in love, became so popular, and often posted on Weibo. The fans thought that he had changed, but it was only later that they realized that this person still ignored the fans, and every Weibo post was secretly poking at his girlfriend.

Their protests have no effect on him, and even those who speak ill of Yu Mian will be sent a lawyer's letter by Lin Jianshen's team, accusing the other party of cyber violence.

So now, no one dares to come out to oppose the scene.

The same is true in school, many girls are fans of Lin Jianshen, but they can only secretly envy and hate, but on the surface they have to smile and express their blessings, hoping to get close to each other.

Not long after receiving that call, the award ceremony will be held. The award ceremony for the painting competition will be held in the auditorium of Shengming University. On the day of the award ceremony, Lin Jianshen is busy with work. This is the first time for Yu Mian to participate in such an event. Both nervous and excited.

It has been almost half a month since she won the award, and she still hasn't recovered from it, and she still has a sense of surprise being hit on her head.

The whole family of the Yu family was present, Yu father and Yu mother sat in the auditorium below with smiles on their faces, and brother Yu Xing accompanied his sister beside him. As a reviewer, Mr. Chanshang is sitting on the stage, and will present awards to the winners later.

Yu Mian was the second to take the stage, and she couldn't help but look at the door before going on stage, but the person she was looking forward to never showed up.

The news of her winning the award was also spread on the Internet. There were many reporters with cameras at the bottom of the auditorium. Yu Mian took a deep breath, walked away holding her brother's arm, and walked up the red carpet.

Brother Yu Xing said behind her, "Don't be afraid, my parents and I will watch you from below."

Yu Mian's heart is warm, her family is here, what else is she afraid of?

Under the illumination of the lights, there were dark figures under the stage, Yu Mian was facing down, and the experts were commenting on her works.

On the curtain, her paintings were displayed in front of people. The little girl in the painting looked out of the window innocently, her big clear black eyes reflecting the skylight, a scene of innocence.

"The girl in the window uses bright and soft colors, and the brush strokes are exquisite and delicate. The most eye-catching thing is its emotional appeal. I believe that everyone who sees this painting can feel the strong emotion in it. The most unique thing about this painting. May I ask Ms. Yu, what prompted you to create this painting?"

"It should be the longing for the light, right?" Yu Mian squeezed the microphone, thought for a moment, and then said slowly, "The child in this painting is actually the epitome of myself. I used to have a very lonely experience. , At that time, I also thought about giving up this world, but then I saw my light and chased that light. I finally got those things that were missing. I also want to tell everyone, even if you are in the dark right now, don’t give up Life, one day, you can embrace the light that belongs to you."

Applause broke out in the audience, and the judges discussed the work again. Although Yu Mian's painting was rich in emotion, it still lacked a little in basic skills, so it only won the second place.

Yu Mian listened quietly at the side, and not long after the jury finished speaking, someone came up to present the award.

"Here, we have invited a special guest to be Miss Yu Mian's award presenter. I believe everyone has already guessed who is here, right?"

Hearing the host's sudden words, Yu Mian opened her eyes in disbelief, and turned her head to look back.

I just told her in the morning that there is a man who can't come for work today. He is wearing a neat suit, holding a tray in both hands, and walking slowly from the stage with his long legs.

He walked in front of her, with a faint smile on his clear eyebrows, a pair of black eyes staring deeply at her, his thin lips slightly raised.

"Congratulations." He opened his lips and said.

Yu Mian stared at him blankly, without moving for a long time.

The host smiled and asked, "Is Miss Yu surprised? Do you still recognize the person in front of you?"

There was also good-natured laughter in the audience. The relationship between the two is now known to the whole people.

Yu Mian blinked, there seemed to be a warm current in her chest, making her eye circles unstoppably hot. Fortunately, she still remembered that this was a public place, so she tried her best to hold back her tears, and raised her hand to accept the trophy in Lin Jianshen's hand.

Lin Jianshen reminded in a low voice: "Baby, do you want to hug me?"

His eyes were soft, and he stared at her with long eyelashes hanging down. His dark eyes seemed to be a boundless universe, containing thousands of bright galaxies.

The **** the stage had red eyes. She stood on tiptoe, holding the microphone in one hand and the crystal trophy in the other. She raised her slender and soft arms to wrap around his neck, and dropped a feather-like kiss on the man's ear.

"You know, you are my light." She whispered.

The man lowered his eyebrows and smiled slightly, and put his arms around the waist of the man in his arms.

He whispered hoarsely: "You too."

The author has something to say: This is the first time I tried emotional flow. After writing this book, I realized many of my own problems and flaws. I didn’t write this story well, so I was a little frustrated. I hope I can improve in the future.

The decision is over here, and I won’t write about it, I think it’s all about those, the sweet daily life after Yu Mian’s graduation and the two got married.

What's more, the author has never been in a relationship, so it's hard to imagine the sweet relationship between lovers. I'm sorry, but a lot of things are forced out. It's really too difficult...

In the future, I probably won’t write about this kind of pure and sweet emotional flow, unless I can handle it again (cover my face and cry)

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