The car drove out from the hospital parking lot, Yu Mian looked out the window, and the pure white hospital building slowly went away in the rearview mirror.

There is still sun in the morning, but now the sky is gloomy, the world seems to be covered with a layer of gray tulle, the clouds are low, and the wind blows up the dead leaves on the ground, as if the wind and rain are about to come.

The car didn't drive for a long time, and arrived at Yuanshen's house, which was a hardcover bachelor apartment. Looking at the poster of Chu Yan on the wall and the clothes and shoes scattered on the floor, Yu Mian felt both familiar and unfamiliar. She has lived here for two months, but it is the first time for her to come here, and she can't help but look at all this with novel and familiar eyes.

Yu's father and Yu's mother didn't come here a few times, looking at the furnishings in the house, Mrs. Yu said: "Mianmian, bring the things you want to bring, such as clothes, shoes, etc., you don't need to take them, mom is at home Reset it for you."

Yu Mian faced a closet of clothes and a closet of shoes: "..."

When receiving the memory of the original body, she knew that Yu's family was very well off and could be called a wealthy family, but she had no specific idea of ​​how good it was.

She was just an ordinary citizen, and the most unusual person she ever met in her memory was her former neighbor, Wen Jia. Wen's father was a diplomat, and Wen's mother was a well-known artist. Their family was considered upper middle class. , in Yu Mian's memory, they are always smiling, well-dressed, very well-mannered, and they look different from ordinary people.

After getting along with Yu's parents for a long time, Yu Mian didn't notice any difference, she felt similar to ordinary parents, Yu's mother was kind and friendly, Yu's father was a little stricter, but their love for their daughter was exactly the same.

Although Yu's mother said that the house was ready, Yu Mian still took a small box of clothes with her. If it weren't for the difference between the original body and her aesthetics, she didn't like the style of many clothes, and Yu Mian was so distressed that she wanted to think about everything. take away.

After packing some new underwear, unworn shoes, and school books, a suitcase is almost full, and there are many unnecessary things left, such as cosmetics and skin care products in the original dressing cabinet, and various Yu Mian didn't move Chu Yan's surrounding aids or anything.

When closing the door of the room, Yu Mian sighed softly.

"What's wrong, Mianmian?"

"It's okay, Mom." Yu Mian shook her head, hugged Madam Yu's arm affectionately, smiled with her eyes bent, "Let's go home."

The past is the past, now she is Yu Mianmian, the future has infinite possibilities, she should look forward, shouldn't she?

Thinking of the textbook she saw when she was packing her things just now, Yuanzhen was studying at a famous local art university, where she was studying fine arts.

This kind of first-class art school in China often has children from rich families who have mixed education. Yuan is one of them. Her college entrance examination results were not satisfactory, so she couldn't get into this school. In the end, Yu's father donated money to the school to get her. go in.

As a result, in the past two months, she didn't go to school at all. When she was supposed to stay at school, she squatted at the airport to catch up with her "brother" and missed countless classes. Not to mention that the school had already issued several warnings to her. , there are many courses she is behind.

Coincidentally, Suhua University next door to Art University is Yu Mian's school.

Suhua University is not well-known among the high-level institutions of higher learning in X City. It can only be said that it has no merits and no faults, and it is close to the middle-level level. Su Hua's main popular major is teacher training. Yu Mian originally applied for Su Hua because she considered that the job of being a teacher was stable and she would still have a solid job.

If you want to say how much she likes being a teacher, it's not necessarily the case, it's more about realistic factors.

Nowadays, it is difficult for college students to find a job. She has no family to support her and wants to be financially independent as soon as possible, so she can only choose this kind of stable and independent industry.

What Yu Mian really likes is calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting. She has been interested in ink pens and paintings since she was a child. When she was a child, she took interest classes for a while. Later, her parents passed away, and the interest classes were discontinued. But Yu Mian has never really given up on her hobby for so many years. The course is self-study by reading books.

When she found out that there was a textbook of Chinese painting in the pile of books, Yu Mian's heart skipped a beat, and there was a burst of surprise and excitement.

She couldn't help feeling that this time travel was like a gift from the heavens, all that she had lost was regained by Yu Mianmian.

The warmth of the family, the care of her parents, the worry-free and rich life... After tasting the bitterness of fate, these are like belated sweets, healing all the pain she has suffered.

It took a long time on the way home, Yu Mian sat in the warm car with the air conditioner turned on, and saw a few transparent drops of water flashing on the glass window, only to realize that it was raining.

The car was driving smoothly, from the city center to the suburbs, the tall buildings outside the window were gradually sparse, the car went straight to the famous rich people's district in City X, turned into the gate, passed several buildings hidden in the depths of green trees, and finally stopped at In front of a small white villa.

As soon as the car came to a complete stop and the car hadn't turned off, someone came out of the house, wearing a uniform suit and uniform, holding a **** umbrella, and took them out of the car.

Until entering the door, Yu Mian didn't get a drop of rain on her body. Looking at the luxurious and exquisitely decorated villa in front of her, and the respectful servants beside her, if she wasn't afraid of shame, she would almost have to open her mouth to express her amazement.

But with the memory of the original body, this day brought too many shocks, Yu Mian's ability to accept was greatly enhanced, she controlled her expression well, and walked into the living room of Yu's house calmly.

It was almost noon, and she was going to have lunch soon after she came back. Yu Mian was taken care of by her parents again at the dinner table, a lot of meals were specially prepared for her, and the dishes cooked by famous chefs were so delicious that she almost couldn't walk.

Yu's father and Yu's mother were full of relief, and praised her for having really figured it out and grown up.

Yu Mian understands their feelings. After all, Yu Mianmian only ate one apple and one cucumber per meal, and she turned a blind eye to the delicious food cooked by the chef at home.

Yu Mian has also seen it. In fact, the original body is not fat at all, she just has a little baby fat on her cheeks, and her face is more round. During this period of time, the original body lost weight crazily, and the baby fat on both sides of his face finally disappeared, and he looked not as cute and cute as before.

Anyway, Yu Mian can’t be hungry for idols. If you really like someone, you will only get motivation from him, so as to make yourself better, instead of torturing yourself in this way, doing those unreasonable things. actual dream.

After she finished a delicious meal slowly and returned to her room contentedly, she had the time to touch her phone and give her idol a late check-in.

Yu Mian opened Weibo, changed her account, and there was a red dot on the message, she clicked on it, and saw the news from her friend on Weibo.

Lu: Why didn't you check in today? are you sick?

This netizen nicknamed Lu has known Yu Mian for several years. They became friends because they are both fans of Lin Jianshen. They chat occasionally, but both of them have relatively weak personalities, and they don’t usually communicate much. Light as water can sum up the friendship between the two.

Yu Mian replied to him: Something happened a little bit, and I'm fine now, thank you for your concern.

The other party didn't reply, he seemed to be very busy all the time, Yu Mian usually took a while to reply when he sent messages to him.

Yu Mian left it alone after posting, and went to edit the new Weibo, which is today's check-in content.

Kapok: Started a new journey, the future is still unknown, bless me, and bless you @林见深

After the routine check-in, she quit Weibo and started to explore this phone. After clicking on Yu Mianmian's WeChat, as soon as she entered, if she hadn't turned on the mute, Yu Mian suspected that she would be stunned.

A series of red dots popped up, Yu Mian looked at them dumbfounded, and looked through the message list, most of them were WeChat groups, you could tell by the names, most of them were Chu Yan's fans.

Not many people sent messages to Yu Mian alone, except for some cronies and fans of Chu Yan who met on the Internet, there was only one roommate, Xia Yushu, who asked her on WeChat when she would come to school, and the counselor had something to do with her.

When Yu Mian saw this sentence, her eyebrows twitched. She was afraid of the teacher since she was a child, and when she saw the teacher looking for these words, she was terrified and subconsciously guilty. When she was young before, the teacher usually asked her why no one from her parents came to her. Later, when she went to college, every time the counselor approached her, she must be urging her to pay the tuition fee.

Thinking of Yuan Bo's situation in school, Yu Mian sighed and buried her head in the soft quilt feebly.

Rubbing the soft quilt, and looking around, Mrs. Yu has redecorated her room. The originally dark room has now become a genuine princess room, with gentle warm colors and a pink bed. , light brown curtains, colorful dolls scattered everywhere...

The original Yu Mian definitely didn't like this, and after seeing it at home, he might have a big fight with Mrs. Yu.

On the contrary, Yu Mian thinks it's okay, she likes brighter colors, it makes people feel cheerful when looking at them.

Taking a look at the room, she quietly bent her eyes and smiled contentedly. Now that I have obtained so much, the upcoming difficulties are not so difficult after thinking about it.

Lowering her head and clicking on the dialog box, she replied, "I've been sick recently, and I'll be back in a few days."

Without waiting for the other party's reply, she exited WeChat neatly and switched to her own account. Yu Mian didn't have many friends on WeChat, so when she entered, it was blank. She just took a look at it for the last time. Seeing this expected situation, she felt very calm.

Then she went to QQ. Originally, she usually didn't use QQ, but Yu Mian started surfing the Internet many years ago. At that time, there was no WeChat, and QQ was everywhere.

The Lin Jianshen fan group she joined is on QQ, and she is still the group leader. She usually dives habitually, but she will also check the group's movements from time to time, and control the speech in the group. , she just suppresses it, and occasionally organizes ranking activities to make statistics for idols.

The group was as harmonious as ever, news of the group of thousands of people spread quickly, she didn't appear much in the first place, and she didn't bubble up for half a day, and no one paid attention.

Naturally, the fan group cannot be lost. Fortunately, no one knows that the original player plays QQ, and the QQ account does not need to be bound with an ID card. Yu Mian can use it directly. She has always protected her own information very well, and no one else can guess The owner of the account has changed.

If she is discovered later, it won't matter, at most it will make people feel emotional. Yu Mianmian turned out to be Lin Jianshen's super fan. She has been fanning him since she was ten years old, and she has hidden it deep enough.

Thinking of this, Yu Mian was overjoyed immediately, she switched back to the table, her eyes met Chu Yan's face, her smile stopped instantly, she pursed her lips and puffed her cheeks.

Quickly returning to Weibo, she turned to Lin Jianshen's homepage, found a job promotion post he posted, saved the photo without hesitation, and then replaced the desktop wallpaper.

correct! There are also lock screen wallpapers, WeChat, QQ backgrounds! Ahhh how can he be so handsome!

All the pictures of Jiugongge were stored in her gallery without missing a single one.

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