A breathtakingly gorgeous woman stands before the crowd. She is draped in a green dress, and the hem of her garment flows downward like a blossoming flower. Her long, black hair fluttered as it looked like she was riding the wind.

She had naturally-dark eyebrows and enchanting jewel-like eyes that others couldn’t look away from.

Her facial features are exquisitely soft and delicate, exuding a gentle yet resilient aura.

She resembled a woodland fairy or a divine goddess who has emerged from the forest. Her aura was attuned to nature as if she has just been blessed by Demon.

Many demons and beasts have arrived and kept a safe distance from the valley. They grew up here and were blessed by Demon. However, she was an outsider yet possessed more natural attunement than they did.

Most demons resembled beasts that have yet to transform, lacking nobility due to their savageness. 

Tendril King was different, devoid of an ounce of bestial temperament and coarseness.

Jun Cuican and Swordgrasp Venerable stared at her with a serious expression. 

Her talent was only slightly below Cuican’s. This was made up by her stronger cultivation and having a capable master - Stone Ox. 

She had access to an immemorial art - Emperors. Some believed that this art exceeded anything dao lords and conquerors could create.

“Senior Aunt, over here!” Ming Shi waved excitedly, always feeling pride when seeing her senior aunt.

Tendril smiled brightly at her, causing some demons to have hearts in their eyes. The petals of the flowers came together to hide, feeling utterly inferior.

She then saw Li Qiye and thought about several things. Nonetheless, it was time to focus.

“Dao Brother, Venerable, you’re one step before me.”

“You’re interested in this god source as well?” It seemed that Cuican respected her more than others since his tone and expression became less arrogant.

“I am a demon with deep ties to the Ten Great Mountains. My goal is to enter the divine nest.” She said.

“If that’s the case, you have my full support.” Cuican was clearly enamored with her, wanting to earn her grace.

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“I appreciate it.” She revealed a smile that people couldn’t get tired of.

She then came closer to Lil’ Freckle and crouched down to her level: “May I ask where you are from? I have a god source as well. If you are willing to trade yours with mine, you may become my disciple or I shall give you several treasures.”

Having said that, she took out a different god source.

“That’s the third one.” Goldcrest murmured. It was about the same size as his and far smaller than Lil’ Freckle’s.

“My aunt has one too.” Ming Shi excitedly said.

Cuican and the venerable were surprised to see this. 

Of course, no one would want to trade a bigger god source for a smaller one. However, becoming Tendril King’s disciple made everything different.

It was inevitable for her to ascend to the upper continents. Becoming a direct disciple meant potentially inheriting her legacy and becoming the leader of Untethered - something unachievable for virtually everyone.

Lil’ Freckle glanced at her god source and Tendril King.

The other two cultivators watched with bated breath. If the little girl were to agree, it would be over then. Trying to take that god source was akin to provoking Untethered - a lineage that was just as strong as Deity and Immortal Platform.

“Do you wish to join me?” Tendril asked.

“Amitabha, Amitabha.” Suddenly, a mighty force of the Buddhist affinity engulfed the valley. It was gentle and made everyone feel comfortable.

A sacred monk arrived on the scene, wearing an old kasaya with numerous patches. Nonetheless, this didn’t matter because the monk had a wonderful glow. The image of a great kingdom appeared behind him.

He didn’t try to act dignified and serious. Nonetheless, who could deny his attainment after seeing the visual phenomena?

Even if his mouth was drenched in meat grease and wine, Buddhism was with him. He had reached a high mastery of this affinity, hence not needing to be pretentious.

“Mahayana Buddha!” These other big shots didn’t dare to offend him.

“This monk is a little interesting.” Li Qiye stroked his chin.

Even the wild demons have heard of this title before and bowed before him.

He was a unique existence in the lower continents, rivaling any conqueror or dao lord. He hailed from Myriad Buddha City of Buddhism, one of the twelve lineages.

Dao lords had dao fruits, dragon lords had sacred fruits, and this Buddha had a Buddhist fruit - a single one.

The strongest cultivators in the history of the lower continents including Eight-stallion and Conceal had nothing but respect for this monk.

Despite normally not interfering with external matters, everyone still respected him.

“This little miss is fatefully connected to Buddhism.” He spoke.

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