Even If Everyone Hates You

Even If Everyone Hates You

모두가 그대를 증오할지라도

4 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 15 hours ago


The Devil of the North, the cruel cold-blooded dog of the Crown Prince, Grand Duke Seyad Prosius, who had no choice but to kill monsters that threatened the kingdom.

Seyad, who is merciless with his hands but is more capable than anyone else, hurts countless people in a sudden rampage during the battle against monsters. Thus, he dies at the hands of Prince Lesas, The Crown Prince’s rival and the strongest guide.

‘There will never be another person as terrible as

At the end of his death, Seyad looks back on his life. Even the prince, who was kind to everyone, hated him, and the crown prince, who was his guide, regretted it in the end and abandoned him.

Seyad opened his eyes to the past five years ago.

While doubting the unbelievable reality, Seyad wants to live a different life than before to prevent a rampage. Seyad finds Lesas before he awakens his power, and approaches him again.

‘Why are you doing this to me. Isn’t it your job to hate and ignore me?’

One by one, I realize things that I couldn’t understand in my previous life.

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