Chapter 223: The Reason for the Battle

Directly below the cliff were densely packed with numberless clansmen, and each of these people had a murderous aura on them, but although they seemed to give people a feeling of being out of their strength.

But it’s normal to think about it, after all, the resources they rely on to survive were suddenly taken away by Bingling, a large part.

In this group of ice crystal zerg, there is a scorpion that looks exceptionally large, and the existence of this scorpion makes all the people of the entire ice crystal zerg move closer to him, and they all gather around the ice crystal zerg.

On the other side, the empress stood in front of the crowd, his gaze fell on many people present, and now what he had to do was naturally to fight these people, and his purpose in fighting against these people was to defeat the Ice Crystal Zerg.

Under such circumstances, the expression on Lin Quan’s face was naturally relieved, he originally thought that what he had just done might cause the Ice and Snow Clan a lot of trouble now, but now it seems that if nothing else, the Empress of the Ice and Snow Clan should not be very afraid of the leader of the other party.

Under such circumstances, the two sides began to collide for a while, and the empress of the Ice and Snow Clan took off into the air at this time and levitated into the air.

On the other side, the most powerful scorpion among the ice crystal zerg, he also had a strong aura on his body at this time, spreading towards the sky.

I saw her swinging behind her. The powerful and thick stinger actually sprinkled the venom in his body into the air so abruptly,

But such a scene did not surprise the empress, on the contrary, the empress’s face became more calm at this time, and she saw that the venom in the sky was getting closer and closer to it, and at the same time, the empress unhurriedly stretched out a palm and waved it in the air.

Immediately after, I saw that between the waves of his palm, there was a cold ice storm, spreading towards the distance, this storm naturally made the distant sky, which would scatter in this instant, become hard.

These venoms condensed in the sky were finally frozen in front of the empress, and they were frozen into ice lumps in mid-air, slowly falling towards the ground.

At the same time, the expression on the empress’s face was still very serious, and she turned her head to look at the people of the Ice and Snow Clan around her body.

Immediately after, only a loud shout was heard from his mouth: “All my people go up with me to deal with these venoms falling from the sky, and not let him harm our fellow citizens.” ”

With the empress’s words, a sound of harmony immediately came from all around, and everyone around looked towards the sky, followed by some relatively strong people in the crowd, who had also flown at this time.

It can be clearly seen that each of them is condensing strong power, and the purpose of their current condensation of strength is naturally to resist the stinger in the sky that has frozen into ice.

Immediately after those who flew up, each of them swung their fists, doing their best to punch out the ice lumps that fell towards them.

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