Fast Transmigration: Monster Host Online Short Guard

Fast Transmigration: Monster Host Online Short Guard


828 Chapters Completed Status
Last Update 4 days ago


[Multiple planes of women disguised as men, male strong, female strong, 1v1, Shuangjie]

Extra! Extra! Yuan Mochen, the boss who lived in the fast-traveling bureau for a long time, cut off the connection between Universe One and the fast-traveling bureau, closed the gate of time and space, and entered the derivative world! ! !

In this regard, the Lord God said that it is enough to go to recover Universe One personally.

At first, Lolo, who thought she was kidnapped, “I want to go back”

Mo Chen said it doesn’t matter

Lolo during the mission “Host, please do not violate the law of time and space”

Mo Chen “Be careful next time”

Lolo “…” And next time? !

Lolo at the end of the mission “Host, you sit, I will run errands for you”

Mo Chen “Your legs are too short”

Lolo “…”

Returning to the Upper Realm, Luo Luo who knew the identity of Mo Chen, “Boss, I’ll light a cigarette for you”

Mo Chen “does not smoke”


Mo Chen was indifferent and cold until he met that person

Monster: “Xiao Chen’er, are you in love?”

Mo Chen curled his lips, “The whole fairy world is my enemy”

Monster “I am the enemy of the whole fairy world”

Mo Chen “Then, we are a perfect match”

This book is also called “Quick time travel: The evildoer is in power: the gods and gods, fighting the world”

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