It's been a long time!

"Yeah. That's right. I feel like I'm getting a lot older."

It hasn't been a year.

Rin and I used GW holidays to come to the amusement park where we had our first date.

Unlike back then, I was able to enjoy the place itself.

Is the rhinoceros the same? There is no strange hardness and the tension is higher than usual.

At that time, I was too drunk or unfamiliar to look around.

That's why this time, it also serves as a revenge for that time.

However, when Rin finds something new, she goes to see it... that was worrying.

As expected,

Next time, let's go that way!

"Hey, it's dangerous to run..."


Rin was about to bump into another customer, and I pulled her out of hand.

When I hold down my falling body, I hear a voice saying, "I'm sorry."

"I know you want to make a fuss, but I need to be careful because there are a lot of people."

"That's right..."

“Fine. It's my job to be careful.”

"Thank you... thank you"

Rin stared at my hand as she thanked me.

And suddenly, my face began to blush.

If it's the toilet, it's that way ~

I'm pointing to the bathroom.

I have no choice as to the current state of my period.

"Oh, no! You mean on purpose!?"



Rin swelled her cheeks in a grumpy mood.

Then he grabs my clothes and pulls them.

"I understand Rin's request..."

"It's embarrassing to be ashamed of yourself..."

I scratched my cheek and held out my hand, trying not to look at her.

”... Rin is going somewhere right away, so put your hands up so you don't get lost”

"Fufu, of course!"

When he replies cheerfully, he holds his hand with great joy.

Looking at her happily, I felt my expression loose.

Shouwa-kun, why don't you ride the one in front of you?

Rin pointed at "Scream Dead", which is said to be the most scary of the amusement park attractions.

It's a huge condominium type structure that feels like a mix of haunted houses and jet coaster attractions.

I've never been on it, but it's just a legend from Kenichi.

Kenichi says, 'I'd rather die than ride'.

"I'm so scared..."

"Rin, that sounds pretty scary..." Are you scared? "

No problem.

"That's fine, but..."

"The most frightening thing in the world is people."

I'm having trouble reacting!

Well, you're kidding, and you're laughing with your tongue out.

But if Rin says it, it's not funny...

"It looks like you're going through a lot of trouble..."

Is Shouwa-kun okay to be scared like this?

It's a craft.

Hmm. It's a statement without dreams.

"No, no, no. But Rin is fine for the same reason, right?"

"That's true... but I wanted to adore Shouwa-kun, who is scared."

"What the hell is that?"

I shrugged my shoulders at the sight of the regretful rhinoceros.

Basically, you don't have to be scared because you only believe what you see with your eyes.

”You're coming here anyway, aren't you? 'It's just a game to guess and hit.

Besides, it's pathetic to say that men freak out, and it's so cool that Rin can't see it.

Ah, but Sarin...

"What is it??"

"Girls are quite scared, and men seem to be more happy about that." Somehow, you can stir up a desire for protection. "

"... ah... that's..."

"What's the matter, Rin...?"

”I-I 'm so scared all of a sudden... Fluetekimacitar”

Rin shakes her body like a waze.

I'm clinging to my arm and staring upwards.

"... Showa-kun. Now I... can't walk."

"No, it's too late."

"Ahh, cui, suddenly I feel dizzy. I'm scared, I'm scared, I can't stand it...

There is no sense of urgency because each word that comes out is a bar reading.


"... yes"

Let's try to act a little harder.

"... yes" 

Unfortunately, Rin's acting was gaba gaba.

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