General, Madam Called You To Farm

General, Madam Called You To Farm


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She just took a nap in the lounge, and when she opened her eyes, she was dressed as a fat country girl who was illiterate in ancient times.

Not to mention delicious and lazy, he is still domineering in the village.

No one wanted to marry her in the eight townships of ten miles, so she finally bought a golden tortoise-in-law.

In a rage, the old bully went down the road and kidnapped a husband for her.

It’s just… Dad, isn’t there something wrong with what you kidnapped?

After marriage, Fatty Su is very busy.

Busy transforming bully dad and bully brother.

Busy rescuing the beautiful god general husband.

Busy raising three little bullies, Xiaodouding.

Accidentally, she was busy becoming Dayan’s most powerful 1st rank mistress!


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