God of Fishing

Chapter 2915

Thousands of years later.

It has been a thousand years since the ominous was sealed.

Today, it is called the New Era, also called the Initial Era, because there is nothing ominous in this world, but the vast sea of ​​stars has been destroyed after all, and everything seems to have returned to the beginning, after the beginning of the world, when all races had not yet risen.

The chaotic star sea ushered in a long-lost peace. The population of all ethnic groups has also entered the era of great explosion. Most of the powerhouses above Emperor Zun of Chaos Star Sea went to Hongmeng Star Sea.

There is no way, the vast sea of ​​stars in the chaotic sea of ​​stars, the endless creatures, chances, it will take a long time to fully recover. And Hongmeng Xinghai is still fighting, and that is where the strong continue to grow.

In Hongmeng Xinghai, wars are taking place there, leaving behind many epic stories.

The chaotic star sea is full of vitality, there are too many people, too tired, just like Senior Sister Kagura, who need to rest, relax, and enjoy this rare peace.

The curse of the dragon family has been lifted, and now it has returned to the sea realm. This group of guys began to eat meat every day, eating it to death, until Han Fei personally came forward to stop it, otherwise another mass extinction would have occurred.

The lineage of the strange beast has also been restored. Only now did Han Fei know that the reason why the emperor sparrow grew so fast was because this guy swallowed the dragon body of the ancient dragon, which was an ominous existence that could be fought in the chaotic era in the past.

Xiaoheixiaobai is still devouring a galaxy, but the speed of devouring is getting faster and faster, but even so, they still need about 8,000 years to be promoted to Zhenhai God Realm.

However, Han Fei was not in a hurry, so he swallowed slowly.

this day.

In the sea world, in the Western Wilderness, under the mysterious world tree.

Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan, Ximen Linglan, Zhang Xuanyu, Yin Xiyan, Le Renkuang, Lin Zhi (Le Renkuang's wife), Luo Xiaobai, Han Chanyi, Zhang Panpan, Liumen Haixing... a large group of people are surrounding Standing at a big table, toasting.

I just listened to Le Renkuang said: "I called everyone together today, and I congratulate Xiaobai, the latecomer, who has crossed from the emperor's realm to the Zhenhai god's realm in one fell swoop, and surpassed us. Come, let's raise our glasses together..."

"Congratulations, Xiaobai."

"Congratulations, Auntie Xiaobai."

"Zi Liu ~ ah ~"

There seemed to be a rare smile on Luo Xiaobai's face. She failed to catch up with the ultimate battle against the ominous, but it was not a pity. If Han Fei did not come back, she would have to participate in the battle after all, because the last of the seven gods, World Tree, was in her hands.

She knew what everyone meant, everyone felt that their emotions were fading, so they gathered here deliberately at this moment, just to let themselves feel this friendship and this warmth.


I only heard Zhang Xuanyu say: "Xiaobai! I'm not talking about you, you can actually try to accept others. Right! Give yourself an unruly love."

Le Renkuang: "I think, Xiaobai, just tell me what standards you have?"

Luo Xiaobai glanced at the two of them lightly, and said in a slightly reproachful tone, "Get out."

Xia Xiaochan also said: "I think what they said is right! It's a pity that Xiaobai, you promoted too fast, too aggressively, and you reached Zhenhai God in no time. Even if others are interested, I'm afraid there are not many who dare to pursue you. Or, Xiaobai, why don't you go to the world of mortals to practice?"

Luo Xiaobai glanced at Xia Xiaochan helplessly: "You're meddling too."

Han Fei was thinking about finding something suitable for Luo Xiaobai. Before he could speak, he heard Han Chanyi say: "How can anyone else be worthy of Auntie Xiaobai? My father, or Auntie Xiaobai Let's be a family! My father can coax people, and he must make you happy every day."

"Puff puff ~"

All I saw was Han Fei, Zhang Xuanyu, and Le Renkuang spraying three times. Han Fei looked embarrassed: "Hey, kid, I'm just talking nonsense here."

Han Chanyi: "I'm not talking nonsense! You guys know each other so well, and each of you has a family. Could it be possible to leave Aunt Xiaobai alone to die alone? Er Niang, don't you think so?"

Ximen Linglan looked confused, thinking that the three childhood sweethearts in the family would not be xenophobic?

But she still said: "This kind of thing is about what you like, and when you have someone you like, you will naturally understand. However, it's been a long time, and it's really lonely."

Xia Xiaochan shrugged: "Anyway, I don't mind."

Luo Xiaobai glanced at Han Fei calmly, and then looked at Han Chanyi: "In a few years, I want to go to Hongmeng Xinghai, so you can go with me, Yiyi!"

"Huh? Why?"

Luo Xiaobai smiled softly: "I heard that you have no intention of cultivating for thousands of years, and you take the six starfishes to travel around the mountains and rivers all day long. It is called "experience in the world of mortals". Come to think of it, it is time to exercise your muscles and bones."

Liumen Haixing, who was lying in the corner and enjoying the delicious grilled shrimp, heard the words, and the six big eyeballs rolled up: "We don't, Yiyi and I really experienced in the world of mortals, it's so miserable , Sometimes I can’t get enough to eat.”

Han Chanyi: "Mmmmmmmmmmmm!"

Han Fei said leisurely: "Well! It's time to go to the trial. If nothing else, there is hidden a peerless treasure comparable to the demon refining pot in the Star Sea of ​​Hongmeng. It is called the Jieshen Mirror. If you can get this Thing, tsk tsk..."

For thousands of years, Han Fei had gone to find Jieshen mirror. Unfortunately, when he went to the original opening of the star sea, he suddenly discovered that the enchantment had disappeared, and there was not even a fragment of the Jieshen mirror, and it disappeared without a trace.

But I firmly believe that Jieshen mirror is in Hongmeng Xinghai.

Even though they were full of wine and food, there was a frenzied discussion around Le Ren, because Lin Zhi was also pregnant, everyone was thinking about the naming.

There is indeed a problem with Luo Xiaobai's path of practice, that is, they are here, and his mood fluctuates a little. At this moment, he has climbed the World Tree and sat on the top of the World Tree, not knowing what he is thinking.

Xia Xiaochan pinched Han Fei: "Go and see, I'm really worried about Xiaobai's state. If it really doesn't work, I think Yiyi's suggestion is actually quite good."

Han Fei rolled his eyes: "Look, if you can do it, you can't finish it. Xiaobai's character, it's like this since he was a child, we don't know yet? Forget it, I have done some research these years, I think it should be It's still possible to arouse her emotions."

world tree top.

Han Fei sat beside Luo Xiaobai and said calmly, "What are you thinking about?"

Luo Xiaobai shook his head slightly: "It's nothing, I just feel that I resemble this tree."

Han Fei frowned: "I advise you not to think about these silly things, do you still want to become a tree?"

Luo Xiaobai couldn't help turning his head to look at Han Fei: "How do you know?"

Han Fei: "He is of the Yaozhi line, and his emotions are rich. Forget it, let's not talk about it. Over the years, I have created a scripture for you. If you read it every day, it may make you feel good about life. Change the future."

Luo Xiaobai stroked the hair around his ear, slightly pressed down the hem of the white skirt blown by the wind, and said calmly, "Actually, I think it's pretty good now."

Han Fei said unhappily: "What a fart. Let me tell you, if I guess correctly, Li Daoyi has also gone through the process you are going through now. As a result, he planted a tree, raised a little unicorn and A bird. Later, he should have met Chen Lingsu... How about it, let me tell you their story?"


After a while, the song ended.

Han Fei didn't know if Luo Xiaobai listened to anything or not. After all, Luo Xiaobai stayed on the World Tree alone.


Ten thousand years later.

Han Fei has never stopped practicing, of course not referring to his body, but Han Song's clone, Zhang Daqian's clone, and Nezha's clone.

After synchronizing with the main body information, the growth of the three avatars is extremely rapid. This is also an inevitable thing. Han Fei has too much comprehension on his own body. Once these comprehensions fall on the body of the three clones, it will inevitably lead to a rapid increase in their practice speed.

For example, the chaotic star sea was purified by Han Fei, and in the vast star sea, there were actually a large number of energy crystals left behind. And this is extremely rapid for the growth and improvement of Han Song's avatar.

Ten thousand years ago, Han Song's avatar had set foot in the realm of Zhenhai gods and spirits. Now, the loose life forms of Han Song's avatar are like a virus, spreading to the boundless vast sea of ​​stars. .

Now, Han Fei just gathered these small parts of the loose body into one, allowing Han Song's avatar to easily break through to the realm of dominance.

The reason why he chose to do this is because of need. Although Han Song's avatar is absorbing the power of the entire Chaos Star Sea to grow, his growth is equivalent to helping the Chaos Star Sea to rebuild the ecology of billions of galaxies.

The spread of Han Song's identity at the Zhenhai god level was too slow, so he raised Han Song's avatar to the master level.

Excluding Han Song's avatar, Zhang Daqian's avatar has also broken through to the realm of Zhenhai gods and spirits. The way of nirvana in the giant beast divine way, the higher the level, the harsher the conditions.

In the Chaos Star Sea, Zhang Daqian's avatar could not find any enemies, so he went to the Hongmeng Star Sea. But even in Hongmeng Xinghai, it was difficult for him to find enemies, so his strength growth stagnated to a certain extent. Even with Han Fei's infinite comprehension, his strength was finally stuck at the peak level of Zhenhai God, barely able to fight the master, But he couldn't cross that threshold.

As for Nezha's avatar, because he took the spirit of grass and trees one after another, he gradually improved his cultivation potential. Now, it has entered the level of killing gods.

It is worth mentioning that whether it is Han Song's clone, Zhang Daqian's clone, or Nezha's clone, the comprehension of Invincible Road has been directly improved. As for Han Fei himself, he has been doing three things for ten thousand years.

One is to try to comprehend the true meaning of the realm of no way, and the second is to try to erase those two ominous severed arms.

Unfortunately, he failed to complete any of these two things.

The third thing he has done is to accompany his wife and children, travel in mountains and rivers, and walk in the sea on foot.

At this very moment, there is chaos in the sea.

Han Fei took Ximen Linglan, Han Chanyi, and Xia Xiaochan back to the place where the story began, Yin Yang Tian.

The former Yin and Yang sky is still there, but it is not in the small world anymore. When Han Fei left, he was not strong enough after all, and some people were still left out. After more than 20,000 years of development, many people have appeared here. But most of them are ordinary people. For the history of the human race in the past, they can only find it from the murals and books left by the Thirty-Six Xuantian.

Yin and Yang days, Bihai Town, Tianshui Village.

Han Fei thought that after 20,000 years, the place has long been abandoned, the buildings have collapsed, and the old site is no longer there.

But he never expected that when he came here, even the small courtyard where he lived in the past was still there.

However, the building has signs of renovation. Although the appearance of the building is ordinary, the building materials are extraordinary. Moreover, most of Tianshui Village has indeed been deserted. Apparently someone came over and remodeled the place.

Han Fei already knew who this person was.

I just heard Han Fei say: "Yiyi, this is where I lived back then. At that time, I was only a few years old. I lived in this palm-sized place. I remember that at that time, my strength was only a second-level fisherman, and you Uncle Tang Ge, I live here, and even a bowl of swallowing fish soup was saved by your uncle."

Han Chanyi said impatiently: "Got it! You've told me 800 times. A while ago, I even gave uncle and Aunt Muling's youngest son Tang Mufei a bowl of real dragon soup."

Xia Xiaochan: "Yiyi, didn't I tell you not to bully the dragon?"

Han Chanyi snorted and said: "I didn't do it on purpose, I took the sea star to play, and they were thinking about the meat of the sea star, so why don't I make a move?"

Xia Xiaochan: "Then you should act softly, after all, you are a member of Master Qinglong's clan."

"I know, I know~"

Han Chanyi pushed the door open curiously, and then said with a strange expression: "Father, since it is the ancestral land, shouldn't we leave some inheritance here?"

Han Fei's perception was swept away, and he thought that it was no wonder that Han Chanyi spoke strangely. It turned out that there were traces of occasional living in the house.

Han Fei said in embarrassment: "You can figure it out! The sun and the moon rotate, mountains and rivers change, and the past is finally gone. Maybe there is only memory, and there are some things that are persistent."

But Xia Xiaochan said: "Okay, no one said anything about you, go meet your old friend!"

"Ahem! Go around!"

Ximen Linglan: "Let's go to the teacher's place to say hello. We're already here, so we should go."

Han Chanyi hurriedly said: "Okay! I haven't seen Master Shenzi yet."

After a while.

Tianshui Village, in the plantation.

There are some earthen graves here, which still exist, but the words on the tombstones are somewhat blurred. Not far from the tombstone, there is a hut, and a figure is standing in front of the hut.

I saw that Han Fei bowed deeply three times in front of these graves, and then said indifferently: "Long time no see. I didn't expect that the little girl who pursued the realm of a big fisherman all her life is now ready to cross the emperor's calamity." .”

He Xiaoyu looked at Han Fei with a complicated expression: "I made breakfast, do you want some?"


Immediately, as if thinking of something, He Xiaoyu smiled slightly: "You used to invite me, and I will invite you once in a while. Occasionally live in your house, just miss the old people occasionally."

"I know."

On the ordinary wooden table, Han Fei was drinking porridge with shrimp and crab roe, and He Xiaoyu asked softly, "Are you going on a long journey?"

Han Fei put down the bowl: "Why do you say that?"

He Xiaoyu took a sip of the porridge, her mouth bulging, and she smiled slightly after she swallowed it down: "I heard that you have been traveling around the world these years, but this seems to be the first time you have revisited your old place. in this way?"

He Xiaoyu didn't know where Han Fei was going, and where else was worth going for him now, but she knew that Han Fei was leaving, and we will see each other again today.

Han Fei smiled faintly: "Well. This time I'm going to the end of the Xinghai, the other side of the avenue, there may be something waiting for me."

He Xiaoyu continued to drink porridge until the porridge bowl was empty, then smiled at Han Fei and said, "Run if you can't beat it! You taught me this before."

Han Fei smiled and said, "It's still the most reasonable thing now."

A moment later, after He Xiaoyu cleaned up the bowl, Han Fei stood in the plantation, holding a strawberry in his hand, and biting half of it.

He Xiaoyu stood behind him without speaking.

I only heard Han Fei say: "By the way, I'm coming back this time, and I have the intention of reshaping the riotous sea. Here, it's time to rejuvenate."


As soon as Han Fei's words fell, the sea was in turmoil, and the boundless fog of the past dissipated. And somewhere in a mysterious and unknown place, the origin of the world, surged at a speed visible to the naked eye, surged, and surged like a river.

For a time, the spiritual energy in this world skyrocketed several times, countless spiritual plants and spiritual veins grew rapidly like mushrooms after a spring rain, and the laws of heaven also gained some new blessings of will.

After a full stick of incense, all these changes subsided slowly.

Looking back at all this last night, Han Fei just said calmly, "He Xiaoyu... I'm leaving, goodbye."

After Han Fei left for a long time, He Xiaoyu smiled slightly: "Goodbye."


On the other side, there is a new land of 100,000 mountains. Han Chanyi had just met the son of God, and then she pouted and said, "Oh, he's such a big hand, this is a whole new world!"

Xia Xiaochan: "After all, it is the ancestral land of the human race, and it should be rejuvenated."

On the other side, Ximen Linglan and Narcissus were reminiscing about the old days, and they only heard Narcissus say: "I know, his return this time should not just revisit the old place, girl Linglan, I think you should have a child as soon as possible, so as not to regret it in the future .”

Ximen Linglan blushed slightly: "Understood, teacher."

Han Fei's family stayed in Shiwanda Mountain for a few months.

Just as they were about to leave, Han Fei and Ximen Linglan sensed a fluctuation from the long river of time at the same time.

Ximen Linglan frowned slightly: "There are traces of battle in the long river of time."

And Han Fei was also puzzled: "And the combat intensity is not weak, it has reached the Zhenhai God level. Let's go and have a look."



In the long river of time, two dragon carp, one big and one small, are fighting with others.

For a time, in the long river of time, the world fluctuated continuously, and the laws continued to escape outside the long river of time.

However, in the midst of the glow, two dragon carps were madly attacking a man one after another. And that person, wearing a golden robe, had a helpless expression on his face, and he didn't intend to fight back at all, but just let the two of them do it.

After a while, the man in the golden robe spoke slowly: "Shi'er, stop making trouble and come home with me."

Dalongli snorted coldly: "Impossible, don't think I don't know your sinister intentions, you just want to catch Yin'er back to take over your squad and deal with your ominous cause. You have fought for several epochs, now I want my daughter to help you fight, it's impossible."

The man in the golden robe said helplessly: "The auspiciousness has been slaughtered, this time I really just want to bring you back."

"Whom did you deceive?"

"Mother...he, he...who is he?"

Xiao Longli was also a little dazed at the moment, stopped making a move, and stared blankly at the man in the golden robe opposite him.

The man in the golden robe restrained his serious expression very rarely, and said calmly, "My child, I am your father."

Xiaolongli was stunned for a moment: "Mother, me, I still have a father?"

Da Longli said: "Don't listen to his nonsense, you don't have a father. This man is a liar."

"Shi'er, as I said, the ominousness is gone, so I don't need to lie to you. Besides, the child can't always know who his father is, right?"

Dalong Li snorted coldly: "I won't believe you, the ominous will be destroyed as soon as it is said. How many epochs have passed, and which one of you has succeeded? Don't think that I don't know your plan, you just want to read it Go to the Era of Chaos and find a way to kill the ominous. That place is not easy to go, and if it does not carry huge karma, it is a dead word."

The man in the golden robe sighed helplessly: "Well, if you don't believe me, you should believe him, right? Han Fei, why don't you come out and explain to me?"

"Han Fei?"

Dalong Li was taken aback.

Xiaolongli's eyes lit up when he heard Han Fei's name: "Brother Han Fei? Where is it?"


The next moment, the figures of Han Fei and Ximen Linglan appeared in this long river of time.

Han Fei greeted with a smile: "Nian'er, Senior Time."

"Ah~ brother Han Fei, mother, it's brother Han Fei..."

With Niang'er screaming, the small body sped up and sprinted towards Han Fei.

Shi Guanglong Li also heaved a long sigh of relief, but when she looked at Han Fei, she couldn't understand Han Fei at all.

Why is Han Fei here? Why is Han Fei eligible to be called by the Lord of Time by his first name?

"Brother Han Fei, Nian'er misses you so much! I also miss Sister Yin'er so much."

Han Fei smiled and said, "Yin'er and I miss you too!"

Nian'er had turned into a little girl, holding Han Fei's arm. Han Fei rubbed Nian'er's head, and then said, "Senior Time, how have you been doing all these years?"

Time Dragon Carp: "It's okay, we have stayed in various eras. We have also come back, but you have traveled east, so we didn't look for it again. But you, what is your relationship with him?"

Han Fei looked at the Lord of Time with a complicated expression: "I have nothing to do with him. I also want to ask, Time, how do you know I'm here?"

When Time Dragon Carp heard the words, Tong Kong couldn't help shrinking slightly? Han Fei called time directly? How dare he?

The Lord of Time looked at Han Fei: "I'm holding your itinerary, especially at this time to lure you here. This is my wife, Shi Ling, and this is my daughter. I would like you to explain to me that the ominous Destroyed, the Chaos Star Sea is safe."

The corners of Han Fei's mouth were also twitching, good guy, who the hell could have guessed this? The Lord of Time turned out to be Xiaoguang's father.

Han Fei: "You are the majestic master of time, even your own wife and children can't be trusted?"

Lord of Time: "It's a long story. In the final analysis, I arranged for Ximen Linglan to be rescued back then. You still don't want to pay back this favor?"

Han Fei frowned, and looked at Ximen Linglan, but saw Ximen Linglan's face was confused, obviously she didn't know about it herself. However, after Ximen Linglan comprehended the way of hope, he was indeed rescued by a strong man from the Temple of Time who passed by. I'm afraid it really wasn't a coincidence. It can only be said that he was always in the schemes of others.

Han Fei was a little speechless, but still said to Shi Guanglong: "Senior, the ominous emperor bird has been annihilated."

Time Dragon Carp is a little bit unconvinced: "Who destroyed it? Who has this ability? Reaper or Void?"

Han Feixin said that he used the demon refining pot to look at the time dragon carp before! But at that time, the Time Dragon Carp was only at the Open Heaven Realm. Looking at it now, what I saw back then was probably just a clone of Shi Guanglong Li.

Han Fei couldn't help smiling: "I'll kill it."

Time Dragon Carp: "???"

"Are you kidding, you killed it? You..."

Shi Guanglong carp looked at Han Fei up and down, but he couldn't understand Han Fei anymore, which meant that Han Fei was at least a strong man above Zhenhai God, that is, in the master realm.

However, it has only been 20,000 years. From the child who enforced the law back then, even to the God of Zhenhai, it is an incredible thing, let alone the master.

At this time, Shiguang Longli noticed Ximen Linglan beside Han Fei, and said a little depressed: "This is, the little girl from back then?"

Ximen Linglan had never met Shiguang Longli, but Shiguang Longli had seen her before, and Shiguang Longli could see Ximen Linglan's realm at a glance, it was equal to her own, even... even surpassed.

"Ximen Linglan met senior."

Just listening to Guangguang Longli's complex expression: "What happened in the past two thousand years?"

Han Fei shrugged slightly: "Senior, you can go to the sea to see it by yourself. Today's chaotic star sea is different. As for the entanglement between you and the Lord of Time, I don't participate or want to ask. However, I can guarantee that he will not Force Nian'er to do anything out of the ordinary, after all, Nian'er is my younger sister. As long as senior doesn't want to, the Temple of Time can't stop me."

While speaking, Han Fei looked at the Lord of Time, with a warning in mind. But the Lord of Time pretended not to see it.

Time Dragon Carp was skeptical, although Han Fei's words seemed a little outrageous. But even Ximen Linglan is already this strong, so it can be seen that too many things have really happened in the past 20,000 years.

Just listening to Guangguang Longli is still a little vigilant: "In that case, I will take Nian'er to the sea first. Han Fei, can you help me stop him?"

Han Fei smiled slightly: "Yes."

Seeing that her mother was leaving again, Nian'er hurriedly said, "Brother Han Fei, where can I find you?"

Han Fei laughed and said, "Shenzhou, the sea realm, is the city of freedom."

When Time Dragon Li left with Nian'er, the Lord of Time said calmly: "She is the spirit of Time, unique."

Han Fei stopped: "I'm not interested in listening to stories, is there anything else?"

The Lord of Time was speechless. With Han Fei's narrow-mindedness, he didn't know how to achieve immortality.

He only heard him say: "Are you going to the road of no return?"

Han Fei nodded: "Someone has to explore the unknown. Generations of strong people have embarked on that road, and I am no exception. Maybe you are no exception."

The Lord of Time nodded slightly: "Good luck."

Han Fei knew that the chaotic star sea was far from being absolutely safe. If they still had a body as ominously said, it must be extremely difficult.

He couldn't rest on his laurels. At this point, anyone could stop, but Han Fei couldn't. He was the hope of too many people.

When the Lord of Time left, Ximen Linglan held Han Fei's hand and said, "You know, I will definitely go."

"I know."


sea ​​boundary.

Han Fei and the others only stayed in Shiwanda Mountain for one year before returning to the sea realm.

When he returned this time, Han Fei took his family through a thousand-year retreat.

At dusk a thousand years later, the City of Liberty was still full of noise. Suddenly, from the location of the Thug Academy, a shocking ray of light soared into the sky.

However, above the sky, there are a total of twenty-four pages of books that are shining with golden light, stretching across the sky. Dao runes surround the pages of the book, the sound of Dao bursts, and the light of law spreads in the sea, radiating the five major divine states.

Countless people looked up, and all the powers in the sea world looked at this place.

Just listen, there is a divine voice in the sea world: "My name is Han Fei, the contemporary emperor of the sea, occupying a little time for all the people in the sea world... In the first era of 12001, I spared no effort to consume the treasure of good fortune, and forged the twenty-four pages of the "Book of the Emperor of Human Beings." "In the world, it records in detail what I have learned, realized, felt, and gained in my life... Those who collect all twenty-four pages of Renhuang's book will receive unexpected surprises. Now, I have a collection of books in the world, and I hope those who are destined will get it. Of……"


As soon as Han Fei's words fell, the twenty-four pages of Ren Huang's letter were scattered in all directions.

When Han Fei said this, it can be said that the whole world was shocked, and countless people were shocked.

"Oh my god! This book contains what Human Sovereign has learned all his life. Doesn't this mean that if anyone can get this book, there is a chance to achieve what Human Sovereign is today?"

"Refining the treasure of good fortune into a book, even if you don't learn the skills above, just the page itself is a peerless treasure."

"The Human Sovereign made this book, could it be that he wanted to screen out his disciples?"

"Master Ren Xing chooses disciples, why bother?"

"I don't know who will be so lucky?"

And some superpowers have already begun to act.

Prince Shendu: "The intelligence agency of the Shendu Dynasty is running at full capacity. I don't care what method you use. Once the Human Emperor's Book appears in the world, I must know it as soon as possible."

Of the Phoenix God Clan, Feng Xingliu was enjoying the maid's massage while hanging a big pipe in his mouth. He raised his head and sighed: "Brother! Shouldn't we internalize such a good thing first?"

As soon as Feng Xingliu finished speaking, he suddenly discovered that there was an extra piece of gold and jade in his fruit plate.

Immediately, Feng Xingliu got up suddenly, shouted the maid away, and then picked up the golden plaque with trembling hands, swallowing involuntarily.

Feng Xingliu quickly glanced around, then put away the golden plaque calmly, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: "Sure enough, he is a good brother."


Duanyin Mountain.

"Wait for the lights to come on..."

Over the past 20,000 years, the rise of Jiuyinling has been out of control. He is already proficient in melody, and with the help of Good Fortune Ethereal Drum, he has made rapid progress.

Now, Jiuyinling's strength has far surpassed the peak of the Great Emperor, but she still has no intention of breaking through, she has to wait, waiting for the abnormal prosperity to break through.

But even so, in the current Jueyin Mountain, they are almost invincible. Because, apart from the owner of Jueyin Mountain, there is no one who can surpass Jiuyinling.

Suddenly, a golden jade tablet suddenly appeared on the mountain where Jiuyinling practiced.

The moment the jade card appeared, Good Fortune Void Spirit Drum immediately appeared, and said in surprise: "I can't feel the arrival of this jade card at all. Such a vicious guy, he actually refined the Yinshen Seal, it's simply Crazy. However, knowing to give you a copy is a bit of a conscience."

Jiuyinling said calmly: "Let me see."


Hidden deep in a certain secret place in the sea realm, a giant tortoise is transforming into a human form. His appearance is a bit neutral.

Beside him, a demon tree followed around.


A golden jade tablet inexplicably appeared here and surfaced here.

"Oh, brat, I thought you forgot about me. It was you who gave me the Emperor's Book, so it's not like I walked through the back door."


On the boundless barren sea, the Southern Emperor's Crossing Ship is crossing.

Nan Diyi was looking up at the starry sky on the top of his own boat, but saw a golden sign appearing in front of him.

"This is... the Emperor's Book?"

Immediately afterwards, she heard Han Fei's voice: "Han Fei has never owed favors, a page of the Emperor's Letter, the debt is over."

The corner of Nan Di's mouth twitched slightly, and finally sighed slightly: "I'm afraid of being beaten to death!"

He said so, but Nan Di immediately put away the Human Emperor's book, and then "swiped" his whole body and disappeared on the Crossing.


Of course, Han Fei didn't give all of Renhuang's books to acquaintances, but only a few copies to acquaintances.

At this moment, the Human Emperor's book had been exhausted, and Han Fei's voice sounded again.

"Besides, I have one more thing. Thousands of races in the sea have suffered from ominous aggression. From the ancient chaotic era to the doomsday era, there have been countless casualties, and countless races have disappeared in the long river of history. Now, although ominous The emperor suppressed, but the root of ominousness has not been eliminated, and the creatures of all races must not slack off... I, Han Fei, have fought all my life, and now is no exception. I will embark on a journey with no return date. This road is very long and far away , is full of unknowns... Therefore, starting today, I will step down as the Human Sovereign... Although I am gone, the new Human Sovereign will eventually reappear. The human race... is immortal..."

"Human Emperor~"

For a moment, countless people in Liberty City looked up at the sky.

Countless people burst into tears.

Someone shouted: "My lord, don't leave us behind!"

"To shut up!"

An old man shouted sharply: "The current emperor is not only the emperor of our human race, but to put it bluntly, he is also the emperor of all races. We can't be so selfish. Human races, and even ten thousand races, shouldn't Continue to be a drag on the Emperor."

Someone sighed: "Human Sovereign is too bitter and too tired. I have fought all my life, and I don't know when I will return."

Someone swore: "The Human Sovereign is still fighting and has never stopped. How dare I slack off, and dare not say that I can catch up with the Human Sovereign in this life. I only hope that when the Human Sovereign needs me, I will still be there and still be able to fight."

Someone shouted: "The mortal race belongs to... kneel..."

On that day, in the City of Liberty, in the long street of billions of people, no one made any noise, and the human race knelt all over, respectfully sending the Emperor out of office.

Later generations called this day in history as the Emperor's Day.

(This can be regarded as an ending, but this ending is obviously not what everyone expected.

So, it’s not over yet, the following is on the road to no return...)

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