God of Fishing

Chapter 60: Dragon Feather Lobster

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He Mingtang grew excited and sweated hard.

Wang Jie said, “Don’t be excited. Xiaoyu has persisted for such a long time. Her spiritual beast will certainly be better than theirs.”

He Mingtang nodded. “Yes, I have no doubt about that.”


The village leader shouted, “A strange fish! A strange fish!”

All the audience rose. They exclaimed at the fish which was red, black, and white. “I’ve never seen such a fish! But it’s so beautiful!”

He Mingtang wept, “A strange fish… Hahaha… The He family has a strange spiritual beast now…”

The village leader was rather thrilled, too. It had been decades since an unknown spiritual beast appeared in the village.

If Han Fei’s eyes were open, he would’ve mocked those people for not knowing clownfish.

Many people looked at the sky, as if they wondered if Fang Ze could recognize the fish.

As they expected, Fang Ze stood in midair and said while looking at the clownfish next to He Xiaoyu, “This is a cardinal fish, also known as anemone fish. It’s highly aggressive and feeds on sea anemone. It’s rare, but it only has limited future abilities. If it can evolve into an obsidian fish, this child will be qualified to go to the city.”

Everybody whispered among themselves.

Many people were startled. The fish fed on sea anemone? It could even be a qualification to go to the city?

Many teachers surrounded He Mingtang.

“Mr. He, congratulations! You have a marvelous daughter!”

He Mingtang said, “Thank you! You’re flattering me.”

“Mr. He, I have a relative who’s in the town. Can you consider him?”

He Mingtang said, “Haha. My daughter is still too young…”

While they congratulated He Xiaoyu, the students who got their spiritual beasts earlier than He Xiaoyu looked at her enviously.

He Xiaoyu slowly opened her eyes. She saw a little fish which was half red and half black with a white mark on the head. Immediately, she smiled in great delight.

“Wow! You’re so cute! Are you my spiritual beast? Swim for me…”

The clownfish seemed able to understand what she said. It swam quickly around He Xiaoyu. She couldn’t be more excited.

The village leader said, “Cough, cough. Those who have acquired a spiritual beast, get out now!”

At this moment, He Xiaoyu finally remembered that many people were watching. She immediately triggered a thought as her father taught her, and the clownfish disappeared into her forehead.

He Xiaoyu looked at the bottom of the pool and noticed that Han Fei and Tang Ge were there. They would certainly have better spiritual beasts since they persisted longer. She decided to ask about her fish first.

The first hour neared the end, and Han Fei, Tang Ge, and Wang Baiyu were left alone in the pool.

Wang Baiyu couldn’t hold it anymore. Accompanied by weird noises, a green tortoise with a highly-rising back showed up.


“This is… an armored tortoise?”

Some of the audience was stunned. All the tortoises were quite good. The meat tortoise was invincible in the level-one fishery, and the armored tortoise had nearly the best defense.

Their defense was not the best because legend had it that an extremely rare tortoise named rock-holding tortoise was in the level-one fishery. It was said that the rock-holding tortoise had a battle technique on the rock on their back. However, nobody had really seen a rock-holding tortoise. So, the armored tortoise was often accepted to be the best.

The patriarch of the Wang family was also watching. He nodded after he saw the armored tortoise. “Good boy, if you practice hard in the future, another great Armorist will appear in the Wang family.”

Wang Baiyu was slightly disappointed to see the armored tortoise, but he still patted its shell. He looked around subconsciously, only to discover that Han Fei and Tang Ge were not up yet.

An hour had already passed, and the greenness in the poll was slightly dissolved. The village leader announced, “The top hundred will go to the pool.”


They jumped into the water in a hurry as if it were a public bathhouse, fearing that the Spirit Awakening Water would be absorbed by other people if they were slow.

However, the audience did not pay attention to them. They were discussing Tang Ge and Han Fei.

Someone felt weird. “This Han Fei seems capable. How could he have stayed so long in the pool?”

Someone was puzzled. “Is he a genius who is as good as Tang Ge?”

Someone shook his head. “That’s impossible. I’m told that Han Fei’s Spiritual Heritage was only Level One, High Quality during the test. He must be staying there because of luck.”

Suddenly, the center of the pool boiled, and a fire rose to the sky.

Fang Ze, who had been taking a nap with his eyes closed, appeared behind the statue of the Sea God after a blink and watched earnestly.


A slender creature about half a meter long soared into the sky. It was burning with crimson flames, with a red line from its head to its tail. There were red-and-white bone wings on its back and a pair of pincers on its head.

Everybody was astounded. What was that?

He Xiaoyu opened her mouth, and so did the students who were ready to join the pool. The creature was too strange!

The village leader had no idea what it was at all. He simply exclaimed in excitement.

“Tang Ge! Tang Ge! Tang Ge!”

Everyone was thrilled. They had never seen flames that could burn in the water.

After Tang Ge woke up, he looked at Han Fei subconsciously, only to discover that Han Fei had not woken up yet and nobody else was around. He smiled and swam to the surface.

After he got out of water, the first thing Tang Ge saw was what appeared to be a strange, burning lobster.

Seeing that Tang Ge had woken up, Fang Ze announced in ecstasy, “If my guess is correct, this is the legendary Dragon Feather Lobster. It’s said that their pincers are as hard as godly iron. I’ve never seen it in person before.”

Fang Ze felt that his trip was totally worth it. He was certain that Tang Ge would rise in the city soon. As Tang Ge’s introducer, his position would rise higher and higher.

Tang Ge mumbled, “Dragon Feather Lobster? Since you are completely on fire, why don’t I call you Xiao Huo1?”

The Dragon Feather Lobster dashed to Tang Ge’s head and clutched the air with its pincers.

Tang Ge got out of the pool while everybody cheered for him enviously.

Fang Ze said, “Fantastic! You have probably gotten a legendary lobster spiritual beast.”

While Tang Ge was excited, he still looked at the pool.

Fang Ze said, “Since your brother has persisted so long, his result can’t be bad. You only need to wait.”

Everybody was looking forward to Han Fei’s result. A moment later, hundreds of students who came later awakened their spiritual beasts, but the results were not entirely satisfactory.

The headmaster announced the results now and then.

“Chen Fen has a blade fish as his spiritual beast.”

“Qian Yu has a green turtle as his spiritual beast.”

“Sun Luoluo has a blade fish as her spiritual beast.”

Han Fei was bored. He saw that the creatures had been replaced many times on the other side of the film. At first, there were plenty of them, but the creatures grew fewer and tougher as time went on. He even watched a fish bite a green crab into pieces only to be pierced through by an eel later.

Is it because my Spiritual Heritage is too low?

Han Fei sensed the water currents next to him. He could tell that He Xiaoyu and Tang Ge were already finished. Didn’t they say that the longer one stayed in the water, the more potential he would have?

Calabash, let’s upgrade my Spiritual Heritage, shall we?


The Demon Purification Pot ignored him and simply spun on.

Suddenly, Han Fei vaguely saw a pure little fish whose exact color he could not tell on the other side of the film.

Huh? Why are you so small? The lobsters, crabs and tortoises can swallow you easily, can’t they?

The moment the little fish appeared, the calabash spun crazily. The transparent film seemed to be falling apart as the little fish stuck its head against it.

In the pool, a swirl suddenly appeared around Han Fei.

Someone exclaimed, “It’s coming!’


Ch $60 Footnote $1

Literally means “little fire”

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