God of Fishing

Chapter 96: Classification of Fisheries

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The village leader lived in the center of the Heavenly Water Village, which was the closest place to the statue of Sea God, so it was easier for the villagers to find him.

Carrying a bottle of liquor, Han Fei came for his appointment, only to find the village leader looking worried.

“Grandpa Leader, here I am. What did you want to see me about?” Han Fei questioned.

The village leader forced a smile and said, “Hi, Han Fei! Oh, you brought me a gift. Thank you. Come on in.”

The village leader’s home was plainly decorated and a bit like Han Fei’s own hut. It was said that the village leader’s family died in a fishery and after that, this old man had been living alone.

Han Fei put the liquor bottle on the ground and said, “Grandpa Leader, are you in trouble?”

The village leader was surprised. “How did you know?”

“Well, I can tell from your look. Do you need my help? We, The Fish Dragons, are always ready to help others.”

The village leader was speechless. Ready to help others? The Fish Dragons had almost become a chamber of commerce. Ready to earn money from others was more correct!

“Han Fei, I had thought you would go to the town so that you could avoid not only the Tigers, but also any other troubles. But I didn’t expect that Li Jue would die by your hands. This was really beyond my expectations…”

Han Fei replied simply, “I used a secret weapon Tang Ge gave me.”


The village leader just smiled. How could such a little boy tell a lie without batting an eyelid?

“OK, now let’s test your spiritual heritage! If what you said is true, the last test must have been wrong.”

Han Fei agreed, “OK!”

The village leader took out a stone and solemnly said to Han Fei, “Put your hand on it and inject spiritual energy into it.”

Han Fei did what he said. In fact, he agreed to retest his spiritual heritage because he wanted to figure out what that flashing black light he saw last time was.

As he injected spiritual energy into the stone, a brilliant yellow color burst out in no time.

The village leader took a deep breath. “It was wrong last time. You’ve got a level-three, mid-quality spiritual heritage, almost high-quality.”

Han Fei wasn’t excited at all though. Ignoring the excited babbling of the village leader, he stared closely at the stone. At the last moment, he saw a flash of black light again. It flashed across so quickly it was almost undetectable.

“Sure enough, there must also be black in the spiritual heritage test, but I don’t know what level black represents.”

The village leader said excitedly, “Han Fei, aren’t you excited? Haha, that’s great! I found one more great talent for our village! I think you can be a great fishing master in the future, or even a Dangling Fisher!”

Seeing that Han Fei was so calm, the village leader was surprised. “Aren’t you excited?”

Han Fei scratched his head. “Actually, when I broke through to be a fishing master, I already had a hunch that my spiritual heritage should be higher than my testing result, so I’m not surprised!”

But Han Fei did ask, “Leader, can you keep this secret for me?”

The village leader asked, “Keep it a secret? Why?”

“You know, I am a low-key person. I don’t want so many people to know this. Names are debts. I think it’s more fun to let others think that I only have a level-one, high-quality spiritual heritage.

The village leader: “…”

Names are debts? Although a level-three, mid-quality spiritual heritage was not bad, it wasn’t that good. You should go to the town to have a look!

The village leader explained, “This is wrong. For example, before if you wanted to go to the town, you might have needed my recommendation, but now, you can directly go to the town. But although you have a level-three, mid-quality spiritual heritage, you’re still too ordinary in the town. The Heavenly Talents in the town mostly have level-four spiritual heritages, the most excellent ones have level-four, high-quality ones or even level-five ones.”

“Uh! I haven’t been to the town yet!” Han Fei exclaimed.

The village leader solemnly said, “Sooner or later.”

Han Fei quickly diverted the topic. “Leader, I know that yellow light erupts for spiritual heritages below level four, blue light for level four to six, and purple for level 7 and above. Is there any color superior to purple? What color is it?”

The village leader thought for a moment. “Why do you ask this?”

“I’m curious! I wonder if anyone in the city has a spiritual heritage even superior to purple ones.”

The village leader shook his head. “It is said that there are some, but I haven’t seen any yet. That kind of monster is rarely seen even in a hundred years. Don’t think too much about it.”

Han Fei frowned slightly. Really? Is black superior to purple?

At this time, the village leader said, “Han Fei, are you really not going to the town? If you want to go now, I can still work out a way to send you there!”

Han Fei shook his head. “No, I’m not ready yet.”

What he said was true. The village was very close to the sea, and every time he went to sea, he always gained something by accident. He didn’t want to leave here so quickly. Besides, it was simply an insult to him that he would have to be an auditor for three years before he was admitted to the town’s school. Only when he was confident that no one in the town could beat him would he go to the town.

The village leader pondered for a while. “Since you don’t want to go, then I won’t force you. But since you don’t go to the town, as a fishing master, you can’t just fool around with The Fish Dragons and the plantation, put aside your proper business.”

Han Fei: “???”

“Han Fei, do you know why the fishing masters in our village are so few. Why is it so rare to see fishing masters in the streets and even the port?”

Han Fei asked, “Isn’t it because there are only few fishing masters?”

“Few? Haha, there are nearly 500 graduates from the four schools of our village who can become fishing masters every year. In fact, the number of fishing masters in our village increases by about 100 every year. Where have these people gone? Have you even thought about this?”

Han Fei was surprised. So many?

“Did they go to a level-one fishery?”

The village leader nodded. “Do you know what a level-one fishery is?”

Han Fei scratched his head. “Isn’t it a good place for fishing masters to fish? Ordinary fishermen can’t handle the demonic fishes there and great fishing masters don’t wish to go there. So only fishing masters will go there.”

The village leader shook his head. “Wrong.”


“Before explaining this matter, I think it necessary to tell you about the classification of fisheries.”

Han Fei was instantly interested. He knew nothing about level one, two, or three fisheries. Although there were many chances in ordinary fisheries, there wouldn’t be as many as in higher-leveled fisheries.

“The Heavenly Water Village is under the Blue Sea Town. It is said that during ancient times, a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon fell in the town, so the town was named Blue Sea. Including the Heavenly Water Village, the Bihai Town governs 8 floating islands that are respectively named Water, Wood, Rain, Wind, Moon, Sun, Fire, and Heart. Among them, the Heavenly Heart Village is the closest to the Blue Sea Town and is the strongest, followed by the Heavenly Moon Village and Heavenly Sun Village, and then Heavenly Wind Village and Heavenly Fire Village… The Heavenly Water Village, Heavenly Wood Village, and Heavenly Rain Village are the weakest… The eight villages share one level-one fishery extending for three thousand miles.”

Han Fei exclaimed, “Even our village’s ordinary fisheries extend one thousand miles and they’re also exclusive to our village. Why does the shared level-one fishery only extend for three thousand miles?”


The village leader sighed. “Do you know what kind of fishery is the most prevalent in the hundreds of thousands of miles of sea areas around us?”

Han Fei shook his head.

“Ordinary ones. Not all sea areas are dangerous. Legend has it that a peerless hero found ordinary fisheries suitable for living, so he wielded his power to drag floating islands over and placed them around these fisheries, so there are the Heavenly Water Village, Blue Sea Town, and even Thousand Star City.”

Han Fei secretly took a breath, feeling a little incredulous. What the hell? Someone dragged the floating islands over and placed them here? Only God could do that!

The village leader continued. “In fact, an ordinary fishery doesn’t extend for a thousand miles. This is just an estimate. Some people have measured it and found it was actually 800 miles or so. 800 miles away, there will be demonic fishes that only appear in level-one fisheries, although they’re extremely rare. And ordinary and level-one fisheries are not geographically contiguous. There is a middle area between the two, which is called the mixed zone. It’s like a buffer zone, in which there are both fishes of ordinary fisheries and level-one fisheries.”

“Then if the fishing masters of our Heavenly Water Village want to go to the level-one fishery, they will have to fly thousands of miles or even two thousand miles?”

The village leader nodded. “Yes, the eight villages surrounding the level-one fishery. Some people speculated that this was actually a trial field created by the creator of the floating islands.”

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