Soon after, the Eternal Wind sailed into the waters of the Chambord Islands.

When the fleet entered the Chambord Islands, the crew members of the affiliated regiment sighed when they looked at the unheard of and beautiful scene around them.

“So beautiful~”

“Hey, hey, look, those flying bubbles actually came out of the ground!”

In contrast, the crew of the Eternal Wind is much calmer.

Although they felt that the environment here was strange and the scenery was beautiful, they just silently admired it and did not say much.

Kearns, on the other hand, was completely uninterested in the surrounding landscape.

All he cares about is what numbers are on the trees.

The Chambord Islands are an archipelago of 79 giant trees, each with its own number.

And the order of arrangement is irregular.

At this time, around the Kearns vessel, the line of sight can see the number of 21, 23, 27, 78, 73 and other large trees!

Although he has not been to sea for decades, he has not been to Chambord for decades.

But for some of the above regional planning, Kearns still vaguely remembers some.

In the town of Dashu 920, numbered 1 to 29, there are human trafficking shops, human auctions, illegal areas, etc.

In the big tree towns numbered 30 to 39, there are soap bubble parks those.

No. 40 to No. 49 has sightseeing areas and souvenir shops.

In the towns of Dashu No. 50 to 59, there are mainly shipyards and coating craftsmen.

This is where you need to get to the New World.

The route ahead has been blocked by the Red Earth Continent, and if you want to go to the New World, you must dive 10,000 meters under the sea and pass through the small hole under the Red Earth Continent.

And this requires coating the vessel.

As for the coating craftsman, you have to find a coating technology master, otherwise if the coating of the ship is damaged when the bottom of the sea is 10,000 meters, the whole ship will have to be buried in the sea.

Then there is the town of Big Tree numbered 60 to 69, which is mainly a naval station, and has already been used as a government entrance.

Finally, there is the big tree town numbered 70 to 79, which is mainly a place to rest, and there is a hotel street.

Kearns looked up into the depths of the island, and a figure couldn’t help but appear in his mind.

“Coat craftsman….. How many years have passed (cfed) going, I don’t know……. He’s not alive. ”

A little lost in thought muttered.

But soon, Kearns came to his senses and commanded the crew behind him.

“Find a place to moor and land on the island.”

“Understood!” In the rear, a crew member immediately responded to the call and went down to operate.

At the same time, in the big tree town not far from the ships of Kearns and others.

A large group of more than 50 people was marching through the streets at this moment.

Everywhere he went, the surrounding pedestrians all gave way to avoid the road.

In front of this group of fifty people.

At the head is a woman with a beautiful appearance, elegant manners and a curvaceous figure.

And she is also the new crew recruited by Kearns, the pure white devil, Yalbed!

She was wearing a white dress, her beautiful face, only showing a faint smile, just like a goddess, which was adorable.

In contrast to the dress, her black hair was shiny and reached to her waist.

At the same time, a pair of black angel wings can also be seen between her waist.

On her slender hands, she wore gloves that shone silk, and in her hands she held strange weapons like short staffs.

About forty-five centimeters from the front of the cane, there was a black ball floating lightly in the air without any support.

“It’s so beautiful…” At this time, the crowds around the street subconsciously stopped their steps and looked at Yalbed, who was walking in the middle of the street.

“This….. What is it? Angels? ”

“I….. I’ve never seen such a beautiful person. ”

“It’s so beautiful…..”(Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

“So pretty…..”

Heartfelt praise came from both sides of the street.

At this time, even the woman was also deeply trapped in the overwhelmed appearance of Yalbed.

It’s just that there are endless praise for the surroundings.

Yalbed himself was not pleased.

Instead, she only felt the noise of the crowd around her.

They were not ignored simply because the captain had arrived.

She had the top priority of greeting the captain, and she didn’t have time to deal with these noisy guys.

After Yalbed crossed the streets of the town, there were many people who followed Yalbed’s team.

In order to just take a few more looks, this beautiful woman’s appearance.

And in the dim alleys where no one noticed.

A gang of five people watched Ya’er Beide and the others leave, and couldn’t help but speak.

“That woman is still really beautiful!”

“She’s an angel, right?”

“Angels? It’s an apt name, this can sell for a lot of money, right? ”

“Isn’t it? Draco is not bad for money! Angels are worth a lot more than mermaids. ”

“Hehe, I’m a little reluctant to sell her to Draco.”

“Come on, it’s an angel, and it’s more important that there is no money.”

“That woman has a lot of subordinates, just a few of us can’t handle it, let’s go!” Go and report the news to the boss. ”

“Go, let them know whose chassis is here!”

“How swaggering past us, still an angel, if we don’t catch her, we are not a kidnapping group.”

While talking, the burning man turned and left the alley.

The other side.

21st Tree Island off the coast.

Kearns’ Eternal Wind Breaker slowly anchored next to the tree island.

Bonnie and the other three affiliated pirate groups also docked not far from the Eternal Broken Wind.

Before they got off the boat, Kearns and the others saw a large group of people walking towards this side a little farther away.

“What’s going on? These people seem to be coming towards us! One of the crew members frowned, puzzled.

In the next second, Pawa strode to the side of the ship, turning his head a little excitedly to look at the talking crew member.

“Oooo Going to fight?! Mankind!! ”

Saying that, Pawa beckoned, and red blood gushed out from her wrist, condensing into a blood sledgehammer in her palm.

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