The two heard this.

Turned around sharply.

Then they saw a tall figure standing behind them. Fan Chenfei turned back sharply.

Then he saw Su Mingyu standing not far away.

Behind him, two people each held a handkerchief. Fan Chenfei before was unaware of the two people behind him. If it weren’t for Su Mingyu.

I’m afraid that today…

Su Mingyu had saved them for the second time. Even the drunken Zhang June.

In his heart, a deep gratitude surged with Su Mingyu. Look at this man with a bit of evil on his face.

A hint of liking welled up in my heart.

But he turned his head to look at Fan Chenfei.

The mood began to get complicated again. Those two men.

They looked at each other.

After that, he rushed towards Su Mingyu. Right at this moment.

Fan Chenfei suddenly realized.

It seems that the strong man that Su Mingyu has been carrying with him is not there. Facing these two men.

Fan Chenfei couldn’t help but worry in her heart. Mingyu will be fine!

The two men slammed their fists at the same time into Su Mingyu’s face. The corner of Su Mingyu’s mouth hooked a teasing smile, and his fists came out in unison. Hit two people hard in the lower abdomen.

The two men flew out upside down at the same time, slicing a graceful arc in the air and falling heavily on the ground. He passed out at that time.

Seeing Su Mingyu solve these two people so crisply and neatly. Fan Chenfei and Zhang Qiongen, the two daughters widened their eyes at the same time.

Usually looking at Su Mingyu so thin.

But now, the move is crisp and neat.

“Physical strength is so good, then on Chuang, will it also…”

Zhang Qiongen thought unconsciously. She blushed slightly.


Two men in black suits suddenly appeared in the shadows.


Su Mingyu pointed to the two guys who fell to the ground, his face was slightly cold, and he said coldly: “Ask who sent them.”

The man in the suit nodded.

Then he took the two guys and walked outside. Su Mingyu walked in front of Fan Chenfei.

Glancing at Fan Chenfei. Glancing at Zhang Jonen again.

Zhang Junen, this woman, is very grinning, and does not look like a rich lady at all. So most of these two people came for Fan Chenfei.

Of course, the reason why Su Mingyu made such a judgment was not simply because of the personalities of the two people, but because when Seoul Radio terminated the contract last time, Fan Chenfei vaguely revealed that he could help himself.

This is enough to prove that Fan Chenfei’s background is not simple.

“Chen Fei, these two people may be coming for you, remember to be careful when you go out recently.”

At this time, Fan Chenfei seemed to realize something, biting her thin lips.

After that, he nodded slightly.

“I understand! Thank you for today’s incident, you saved the two of us again.”

Looking at Zhang Junen, who obviously pretended to be drunk and didn’t want to say thank you.

A meaningful smile appeared at the corner of Su Mingyu’s mouth.

“Gee! I still can’t forget Jon yesterday, thanks with practical actions.”

Zhang Qiongen: Bear with it, this life will soon pass!

But the old lady can’t bear it!

Just when Zhang Qiongen wanted to scold Su Mingyu fiercely.

I saw Fan Chenfei lightly nodded her toes, and then sent a touch of fragrant lips. At this time, Su Mingyu’s eyes widened fiercely, and he looked incredulous. Fan Chenfei’s pretty face seemed to suddenly fly up with two red clouds.

After that, he helped Zhang Qiongen to leave as if fleeing.

Su Mingyu looked at Fan Chenfei’s back, and his expression was a little stunned.

But then he smiled and shook his head.

…… Wu Chunhua’s home.

Wu Chunhua glanced at the time from time to time, and her expression was in a trance. Every time there is a noise outside the door.

Wu Chunhua will be particularly excited. But after a long time, there was no knock on the door. That excitement was instantly lost. It’s like riding a roller coaster. She bit her thin lip lightly.

“Why hasn’t Coach Su come yet?”

Wu Chunhua muttered in a low voice. Knock knock…

A knock sounded from outside the door. Wu Chunhua opened the door.

Then he saw Su Mingyu, holding a bunch of flowers. Standing in the doorway.

Su Mingyu saw what Wu Chunhua was wearing…….


He gasped sharply. Nun dress.

White stockings. Round-toe shoes.

After seeing that mature charm, people couldn’t help but tremble in their hearts. The delicate face shimmered slightly with a faint blush.

Biting his thin lip lightly.

It also adds a bit of the welcome charm of Yu opera.

Su Mingyu handed the flowers in his hand to Wu Chunhua. After Wu Chunhua took the flowers.

I only felt that my feet were empty, and then I was hugged by Su Mingyu. She gently pushed Su Mingyu’s chest.

“Put… Let me go! ”

Wu Chunhua said coquettishly.

Su Mingyu had a somewhat meaningful smile on his face.

“Sister Chunhua, I was kind enough to help you train, today is physical training!”


Gwangjin District. Li Jiaen’s expression was complicated.

“Jiaen, the two of you have been engaged for so long, you Kai came to see me a few days ago, saying that he wanted to marry you, in my opinion, find a time to give your marriage as soon as possible.”

Li Jiaen’s father said in a deep voice.

Li Jiaen’s mother also echoed from the sidelines.

“That’s right, Xiao Kai has a good personality, he respects me and your father, and he is a very good candidate for marriage, you must not miss it.”

Not sure why.

At this time, Li Jiaen’s mind suddenly appeared a man with a bit of an evil smile on his face. She just sighed softly.

“Mom and Dad, my career has been on the rise recently, and it is not suitable to think about marriage for the time being, so let’s wait.”

When Li Minghao heard this, he slapped the table heavily.

“Jiaen, do you say you like someone else?”

Li Minghao said angrily.

When Li Jiaen heard this, the expression on his face froze, and he watched blankly as Li Minghao forcibly squeezed out a faint smile at the corner of his mouth

“Dad, I don’t know what you mean by that?”

Li Minghao’s eyes widened fiercely. The clenched arm trembled slightly.

“You don’t know what’s going on? Then you come and see this! ”

Li Minghao said and slapped the mobile phone in front of Li Jiaen.

Look at the photos on your phone.

Li Jiaenqiao’s face suddenly turned pale.

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