He is From Great Sea of Stars

He is From Great Sea of Stars


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[The male protagonist quickly wears a romantic text]
A tyrannical star travels through thousands of worlds to save the female supporting stars who have a miserable ending~
Bawangxing is the chief administrator of the Great Star Sea.
But one day, he found that the stars in his domain had become slack since he went down to earth to experience life.
The light dimmed.
Only later did I find out that it was because I was bruised on the way to experience life.
The ending was tragic and the blow was heavy.
In order to revive the prestige of the Great Star Sea, Bawang Xing decided to save his own stars in person!

Current thinking:
In the 1970s, the playful little bully x the little orphan girl
Youth campus wolf dog x arrogant Xiaojiaohua
The young marshal in the Republic of China x soft and cute female poet
The second generation ancestor of the entertainment industry x Xiaohuadan
Another world girl controls the poor boy x color-blind little sister
Apocalyptic Sick Charm Mobile Warehouse x Super-powerful, Charming Beauty
Substitute Bai Yueguang x bad boy
Demon Lord x Fairy Goddess Doctor
Fresh meat idol small milk dog x sexy and glamorous actress
The irritable and upright little prince x step by step for the daughter of a family
A poor boy in a mountain village middle school x a thorny rose who stepped into a wealthy family
Proud petite sweetheart x cool, handsome and tyrannical
Internet celebrity sister x e-sports brother

Content label: Romance of the Times Sweet Text
Search keyword: Protagonist: Huo Xingchao ┃ Supporting role: Little Xingxing ┃ Others: Daxingchenhai


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