When Chiba saw Jiraiya’s appearance, he understood that Sarutobi had not stopped working hard all these years.

Experienced so many ups and downs.

Under the wise leadership of Sarutobi Hinata, the entire Konoha village is at an all-time low.

In this case, the legendary Three Shinobi became the real pillars.

However, Orochimaru has defected and even joined the Xiao Organization.

Although Tsunade did not defect, he also traveled around the world and completely broke away from Konoha Village.

It’s hard to even find.

It is only Jiraiya who has feelings for Konoha Village.

Although he has been wandering outside in search of the so-called Child of Prophecy, he has also been carrying out various secret missions for Konoha Village and providing a lot of important information.

For example, the existence of the organization is the information provided by Jilai.

Although Shimura Danzo has always believed that Sarutobi is in the light, he is secretly supporting Konoha Village.

But in fact, I am afraid that this person who supports Konoha Village in the shadows should be said to be Jiraiya.

Chiba still admires Jiraiya, a ninja.

However, this does not affect the fact that he is an enemy.

Qian Yu smiled and said, “It seems that the ape flying sun slashed you back, it seems that he wants to revive Konoha Village.” ”

Jiraiya shrugged.

“I’m not going to stay in Konoha Village forever.”

“People like me can’t stay, they can only wander around the world as their home.”

“However, you are also right, even if I deny it, I am still a member of Konoha Village after all.”

Through this sentence, Zilai also expressed his firm position.

Chiba nodded.

“It’s true that it’s hard to get out of the environment where you grew up.”

Even if this environment is full of decay and darkness. ”

Jiraiya laughed: “Lord Mizukage, it seems that you are hinting at something…”

“But I don’t seem to understand.”

“As for such a thing as darkness, there is no such thing, and I am afraid that it will never be eliminated.”

“I have always been looking for a way to peace, but I am afraid that my mind will never find it.”

“Lord Mizukage’s name is shocking the ninja world, and he is radiant, and he may be able to find that answer.”

Qian Yu said, “There are many answers, but everyone comes up with different answers.” ”

“In my opinion, it’s just four words from small to big.”

Zi Lai also frowned: “Oh? Lord Mizukage means…”

Qian Yu said, “I think you have probably heard about my experience as well. ”

“It’s actually very simple, first let yourself live, and then live a little better.”

“Then, while gaining strength, let your family, relatives, friends, and family live, and then live a little better.”

“Then, when you gain strength, you can also gain more power, so that your village, and even your country, can live, and then live a little better.”

Zi Lai also suddenly said: “Indeed, Lord Shui Ying rose step by step, and this is how he came.” ”

“Then, the last step is to have the strength and power to control the entire ninja world at the same time, so that the entire ninja world can live a little better?”

Qian Yu said, “That’s what I intended.” ”

Zi Lai also smiled and said: “Well said, well done, worthy of Lord Shui Ying.” ”

“It’s really intuitive and it’s really practical.”

“Actually, I guess that the first Hokage-sama had the same idea as Mizukage-sama at that time.”

“He first let his family live, and then after establishing Konoha Village, he can bring more families together into a village, and then ensure that everyone in the village survives.”

“One step further, it is to integrate all the villages and bring peace to the entire ninja world.”

“However, whether it is Lord Hokage or Lord Mizukage, they should understand that this last step is the most difficult.”

Qian Yu nodded: “Of course, because there is war there is peace, there is family, there will be strife, and there will be unity; There will be war and stability in the ninja village; When the entire ninja world becomes one, it is bound to begin to split, unless…”

Of course, he is also a smart person.

“Unless there is a bigger enemy that can make the ninja world a unified collective.”

Qian Yu smiled and said, “Not bad.” ”

Jiraiya said, “This seems to be Uchiha’s idea again, but he wants to make himself this enemy, or ruler, and suppress the entire ninja world with absolute power.” ”

Qian Yu shook his head: “Of course, this is a method, but I don’t just mean it. ”


Jiraiya frowned, “Does Lord Mizukage mean that there really is a real, concrete, public enemy outside the entire ninja realm?” ”

“This is a little too ethereal…”

Qian Yu smiled: “Since you know my story, you should understand that I can always have more information, and what others don’t know, I can always know and know everything.” ”

“Perhaps, this is one of them.”

Jiraiya was silent for a moment.

“Indeed, although I don’t know the source of your intelligence, it is indeed very impressive.”

“It’s not that I’m boasting, I’m already good at detecting, exploring, and collecting intelligence, but compared to Lord Shuiying, it doesn’t seem to be worth mentioning.”

“Speaking of the Unknown Prophet, I also know a great man who also has such abilities.”

Qian Yu said, “It’s the big toad immortal of Miaomu Mountain!” ”

“Yes, the Great Toad Immortal has also made a prophecy to me, and I have been running to find the legendary child of prophecy.”

Qian Yu shook his head: “I don’t think the prophecy of the Great Toad Immortal is absolutely correct. ”

“If you don’t believe me, try asking him about me.”

“Of course, if I have the opportunity, I would like to meet him with you.”

Zi Lai also laughed: “The big toad immortal does have such an ability, of course, I can also understand, don’t say that this kind of thing is not credible, even if it is credible, the prophecy may not have changed.” ”

“I’m not old and stubborn, I still know how to be flexible.”

“As for Lord Mizukage wanting to go to Myoki Mountain, of course he is very welcome.”

The two talked here for a long time.

Naruto Uzumaki couldn’t understand what they were saying at all, and couldn’t help but be impatient.

“Hey, lecherous immortal, when will you help me practice?”

“Didn’t you say that you will defeat Sasuke Uchiha in a year?!”

Zi Lai also smiled: “Okay, Lord Mizukage, then I’ll go first.” ”

“See you in the Valley of the End in a year.”

Qian Yu nodded: “Good.” ”

Looking at the back of Jiraiya and Naruto Uzumaki leaving.

Terumi sighed: “For Konoha Village, it is really a blessing to have such a ninja here. ”

Qian Yu smiled and said, “Indeed, but for other villages, it may not be a blessing.” ”

“One of the legendary three ninjas, Jiraiya, will inevitably become our great enemy in the future.”

Terumi said, “Indeed. ”

“In a year, are you really going to take Sasuke to fulfill that bet?”

“Of course, it’s an interesting experiment.”


“Good, you’ll know then.”


Ten days later.

Since this time, the elites of the younger generation of the entire ninja world, including the Five Kages of the major powers, have been in Konoha Village.

It’s an unprecedented event.

And here, many ninjas from different ninja villages also know each other and even become friends, of course, even more enemies.

Underneath this piece of happiness, there is also an undercurrent.

Somewhere in Konoha, a hidden corner.

The medicine master looked at the woman in front of him and said respectfully: “The intelligence has been collected. (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

“Lord Orochimaru.”

The person in front of him who looked like he was just an ordinary female ninja in Kusanagi Village.

It turned out to be the legendary Three Shinobi, the other big snake pill!

He sneaked into Konoha Village in disguise, apparently with some intentions.

Orochimaru smiled, “Is it? ”

“Medicine Master, you are worthy of being a spy since childhood, it seems that this job is very suitable for you.”

The medicine master pushed his glasses: “It’s just that practice makes perfect.” ”

“Orochimaru-sama, are you going to attack Konoha Village and the Third Generation Hokage this time?”

Orochimaru shook his head.

“The five shadows of the five major countries are all here, even if I want to make a move, where is it so easy.”

“As for Sarutobi-sensei… Hey, I’ll be looking for him sooner or later, but there’s no need to rush for a while. ”

The medicine master said, “Then, the information you asked me to collect about the ninja under the major ninja villages is…”

Orochimaru said, “Of course, it is for rebirth. ”

“You mean, that forbidden technique…”

“Yes, I see that three years are coming again, and this time, I need to find the best and most perfect body as a container for my rebirth!”

“There is no doubt that the best container in the entire ninja world is in this middle ninja exam.”

“It’s not so much the selection of the Chūnin exam, but the test to help me choose the container…”

The medicine master smiled: “So that’s the case, then the final champion of the Zhongnin Exam is the favorite container of Lord Orochimaru?” ”

“Probably, but it may not be the champion.”

“As for what, let’s wait and see, I’m very interested in the results of this exam!”

Yakushi nodded, and then sneaked into Konoha Village again.

Orochimaru licked his tongue and walked towards the spectator of the final battle.



Ten days later, the final battle of the Naka Ninja Exam in the All Ninja Realm began!

This time, of course, was the final and biggest climax of the entire Chūnin exam.

Naturally, it attracted countless spectators.

Among them, including the five shadows of the five major countries, and the elite ninjas who led the team, other ninjas who came to admire, ninjas of small countries, and even ordinary civilians.

Those who participated in the competition before but lost have also become the final ending that the audience is looking forward to.

As a water shadow, Qianyu naturally sat in the most central area to watch the battle.

With the order of the ape flying sun.

The final showdown officially begins.

All the top ten ninjas in the new generation of the entire ninja world walked out one by one.

Kaguya-kun Mari, Mizuno Moon Haku, Oni Lantern Mizutsuki, Uchiha Sasuke!

Hinata Ninji, Oil Girl Shino, Sai.

I love Rowe.

Black earth.


The order of the battle draw is still random.

The two finalists selected in the first match were…

Water without moon white, black earth!!!

It is the only two female ninjas among the top ten!

For a time, the entire spectator was noisy, and the cheers were endless.

Everyone wants to see who is better than these two strongest female ninjas of the new generation.

Chiba also smiled, very interested in this battle.

One is the future fourth-generation eye shadow of Iwahide Village, no, Tuying Kurotsuchi.

One is Shui Wuyuebai, who has the Ice Escape Blood Succession Limit and has a ability far beyond that of his peers.

One black and one white, it can be said that it is a real showdown between the strong.

However, Chiba is still very confident in Shiro.

In the information book set in the original work, Shiro’s numerical score is the highest among all her peers in this period, and the only one who is equal to her is Hinata Ninji.

Other things I love Luo, Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto are much worse.

Of course, the rating does not completely determine the victory or defeat of the actual battle.

But it can also say a lot.

First of all, Shiro’s comprehensive quality is very high, only Hinata Ninji can compare.

Secondly, Qian Yu can be said to have watched Bai grow up, she has awakened the Ice Escape Blood Succession Limit Realm a few years ago, and she is a true genius in the entire Snow Clan.

In addition to his own practice, he also went to the ninja school to learn more theoretical knowledge, coupled with Chiba’s inevitable eccentric guidance, now the strength of Shiro 4.3 will only be more terrifying than in the original work!!!

This moment.

Shui Wuyue Bai and Kurotsuchi came to the center of the decisive battle arena and stood facing each other.

“Please advise.”

Bai said politely, and Kurotsuchi smiled heartily: “Good!” ”

“You’re a member of the Snow Clan of the same clan as Lord Shuikage, right?”

“But I won’t show mercy!”

Shui Wuyuebai also smiled: “Me too.” ”

In an instant, I don’t know that Huo Xuanma gave an order, and the battle officially began.

Shui Wuyuebai immediately sealed his hands.

The speed of printing is extremely fast!

Moreover, it turned out to be a one-handed seal!!!

This scene alone shocked the black earth on the opposite side, the unknown fire genma who was the examiner, and everyone in the entire spectator!

You must know that in the original work, Shihaku also demonstrated this ability against Sasuke Uchiha.

Of course, even Kiki Kakashi was taken aback.

He even claimed that he had never seen this ability, and lamented that Shiro was a young genius ninja who surpassed himself!!!

Even the shadows of other great powers and the elite ninjas couldn’t help but be shocked to see it.

Kurotsuchi was taken aback and immediately wanted to fight back.

But her printing speed is not as fast as white.


“Shui Shui Duan! The Art of Mist Concealment!!! ”

Suddenly, the entire battlefield was immediately shrouded in a thick mist, completely covering Shui Wuyuebai himself and the black earth.

Kurotsuchi frowned, and he could no longer see where the enemy was.

Right in this instant.

“Shui Shui Duan! The Technique of Mist Instantaneousness!!! ”

Shiro was already in the thick fog, and launched his unique Mist Instantaneous Technique, attacking towards the black earth!!!。

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