1796 Hyping Up A Ship

[In the end, it’s all for benefits! There’s no justice!]

[It’s a pity that we said those words to support Su Lu back then! Nirvana Entertainment is just so-so!]

[I’ve already turned against Ji Rufeng!]

[I’ve also turned against Su Lu!]

The marketing accounts also began to post comments. They analyzed the differences and achievements between Ji Rufeng and Tong Yan, as well as arranged various polls to choose the most popular candidate for this year.

These two people were the biggest hits this year. Ever since the two of them starred in two movies each, they had been compared to each other. Whichever one of them was more stable this year would stabilize their position as the rising star of the year and gain a foothold in the entertainment industry.

Now that they were being compared, they naturally attracted the interest of countless people.

On Ji Rufeng’s side, only his fans were participating in the discussion. They still believed in him, but his popularity among non-fans was terrible.

[Ji Rufeng only has a pretty face. It’s better to be a fan of Tong Yan! Tong Yan has good acting skills and good looks. He’s even better at fighting than Ji Rufeng. Wouldn’t it be better for you to be his fans?]

[Yes, yes, yes. I’m being sincere here. Come on, I’m a fan of a good artiste with a good character and an upright personality. You won’t lose out by becoming a fan of his!]

[Is Ji Rufeng and Tong Yan going to fight? Come, come, come. Let’s see who’ll be the winner this time!]

[Yes, yes, yes!]

Seeing so much negative news, Su Bei immediately posted a statement on Su Lu’s account.

[So far, what we have seen are the results of Ji Rufeng’s investigation by the police. As for the controversy that still exists in the outside world, we’ve all seen it. The investigation on Ji Rufeng hasn’t completely ended. If he really did such a thing, Nirvana Entertainment won’t tolerate or cover up for him!]

Her words were powerful.

[Then why could he get back to work?]

[Is Ji Rufeng affected by it in any way now? No, right? Yet you still said that the investigation hasn’t completely ended. I think Nirvana Entertainment is too biased toward him!]

Su Bei also explained: [All variety shows and commercial shoots have been suspended. As for the TV show, it’s to not affect the progress of the entire production team. In three days, I’ll give everyone an explanation!]

This time, she was serious.

Then, she called Ji Rufeng.

“We’ll give the public an explanation in three days. Are you mentally prepared?”

“Yes,” Ji Rufeng said seriously.

“Rufeng, we can brush this matter off, but you know how much it’ll affect your life if we don’t investigate it thoroughly.” Su Bei lowered her voice.

Ji Rufeng nodded. “I understand. President Su, we’ll do as you say.”

Not long after Ji Rufeng put down the phone, Lu Yaolan came looking for him.

“Ji Rufeng, do you see how the people you trust treat you?” Lu Yaolan said. “Not only did the person you’ve been protecting not speak up for you, but he also put you at the forefront of the storm.”

Ji Rufeng knew what Lu Yaolan was thinking. She was taking this opportunity to rope him in.

She must have seen the huge benefits he could rake in for her.

Whether she chose to suppress him or rope him in, both were done for her own benefit.

Ji Rufeng laughed at himself. “President Lu, I’ve long been at the forefront of the storm.”

“But I can help you settle it.” Lu Yaolan had interacted with Yu Lan and realized that Yu Lan had not been doing well all these years.

She believed that as long as Nirvana Entertainment gave her a chance, she would naturally change her mind.

After Lu Yaolan was tricked by Su Bei, she learned her lesson and changed her mind. She tried her best to seize the hot topics in the entertainment industry.

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Ji Rufeng laughed. “Oh, that’s really a good idea.”

But what followed was that he might be scolded even worse. He would never be able to clear his name in the future.

To think that Lu Yaolan would use sexual assault to hype up a ship.

“You agree?” Lu Yaolan was delighted.

Ji Rufeng stopped smiling and said calmly, “I definitely won’t agree! I’m not afraid of being investigated for something I didn’t do! I’m not afraid of being accused! You want me to work with Yu Lan? Dream on!”

“Alright, in that case, just wait for Su Lu to send you to hell!” Lu Yaolan said.

If Ji Rufeng fell, who in the entire Nirvana Entertainment would dare to be loyal to Su Lu?

Although her heart ached at the loss of Ji Rufeng, Lu Yaolan felt that it was a good deal if she could completely defeat Su Lu.

Ji Rufeng clenched his fists tightly. He still didn’t know what President Su would do.

He did not know how his future would be.

Now, the entire crew was looking at him with a sense of alienation.

As the person involved, he knew the impact of this matter the best.

He was still holding his breath, refusing to be beaten down. It was just that he still believed in Su Bei and was willing to continue to wait.

He would wait three days!

When Su Bei arrived at the office, she was still waiting for Lu Hang’s investigation results.

Lu Yaolan knocked and walked in.

“President Lu.” Su Bei invited her to sit down.

“Let’s go to the meeting.”

Lu Yaolan even personally came to invite her to a meeting.

Su Bei knew what it was about.

The meeting room was packed.

No one said anything, and the atmosphere was very heavy.

As soon as Su Bei walked in, she felt the atmosphere.

“Su Lu, do you think Nirvana Entertainment is going too smoothly?” Lu Yaolan said directly with dissatisfaction.

“What do you mean, President Lu? I don’t understand.”

Lu Yaolan slammed the document on the table. “You said that you could solve Ji Rufeng’s matter. This was also your original intention of returning to Nirvana Entertainment and the reason why we agreed to let you come back. But now, look at how bad his reputation is! Look at how unpopular Nirvana Entertainment is!”

Everyone did have some complaints about this matter.

If they lost Ji Rufeng and the company’s profits decreased, everyone’s year-end bonus would probably be non-existent.

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Their joy at President Su’s return had decreased a lot.

Su Bei glanced at everyone and asked, “So, what do you think we should do?”

“The police have confirmed that Ji Rufeng is innocent. We can just suppress the comments, no?” a manager said. He was signed by Lu Yaolan, so he naturally spoke up for her.

“What about after that?”

“After that? Ji Rufeng will continue filming and commercials just like before. He’ll continue to earn money. There won’t be a difference.”

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