Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1797 - 1797 That's Showbiz

1797 That’s Showbiz

Su Bei said indifferently, “Then at the slightest sign of trouble, he’ll be dragged to the forefront of the storm by his opponent where he’ll be drowned in criticism, right?”

“That’s showbiz,” the person said righteously.

“What if he really did such a thing? How can Yu Lan’s interests be guaranteed? Is such an act worth appeasement? Are you giving up the truth for a short-term benefit? If you were Yu Lan or her family, what would you think?”

Many people were convinced by Lu Yaolan previously, and they only cared about benefits. Only those who were loyal to Su Lu were inclined to continue the investigation.

Now, her words rendered the people on Lu Yaolan’s side speechless.

Lu Yaolan said, “We’re a money-making company, not a public welfare organization. Why should we care so much about the rights and interests of others?”

“So corporations and companies don’t have to bear social responsibility? Other than making money, they don’t need to care about morality and good customs? The outside world already has a certain perception of the people in the entertainment industry. Do we have to be looked down on like this? Shouldn’t we continue to investigate Ji Rufeng’s matter? If someone is deliberately slandering him, we won’t be bothered to clear his name? But if he really did something, are we going to cover up for him?”

Su Bei’s words hit everyone’s hearts.

“We have parents, we’ll have our own children in the future. I believe everyone has the same mentality and can’t bear to see their children get hurt. What if either Ji Rufeng or Yu Lan were our family?” Su Bei said. “Should we watch them drown in the criticisms of the outside world or give them a legitimate chance to fight back?”

Lu Yaolan said angrily, “You’re fooling around! You’re disregarding the company’s interests!”

“Three days. I only want three days! I’ll come to a conclusion in three days,” Su Bei said heavily. “Three days. It’s not a loss, right?”

Everyone looked at each other for a while. Gao Ban was in support of Su Bei, so he immediately stood up and said, “I agree! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with President Su’s way of doing things! Artistes are role models in society, and they’re also role models for young people to learn from. We have the responsibility to promote high-quality artistes and filter out inferior artistes!”

Yue Ze nodded. “I agree with President Su.”

The two of them had important positions to begin with, so when they spoke, many people agreed as well. “I agree too.”

Lu Yaolan was extremely angry, but her foundation was unstable. She could only watch helplessly as everyone sided with Su Bei.

She returned to the office angrily, but she knew that this was a good thing. If Su Lu could not settle Ji Rufeng’s matter properly, she would gain the trust of other employees as the person who wanted to chase Su Lu away from the get-go.

It would allow her to always have a place in the hearts of the people of Nirvana Entertainment. After all, there would always be endless disasters.

Lu Group.

Lu Hang handed the information he had found to Lu Heting.

After flipping through it, Lu Heting called Su Bei.

“There’s more information on Yu Lan and Ji Rufeng. Shall I send it to you on WeChat?”

“So soon?” Su Bei calculated the time and didn’t expect him to send it sooner than expected. “Okay, send it to me.”

“How are you going to thank me?” Lu Heting asked with a smile.

Su Bei said softly, “I’ll thank you however you want.”

When she said this, she was very provocative. Lu Heting was left to his imagination.

He tugged at his tie. “Then I’ll pick you up after work.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Su Bei smiled.

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She soon received the message from Lu Heting. It was indeed very similar to what she had found out from the paparazzi.

However, the information given by Lu Heting was more detailed, and the evidence was extremely clear. What Su Bei found out was just hearsay.

With the two pieces of evidence, Su Bei was confident.

She contacted Yu Lan again. “Miss Yu, I hope you can publicly apologize to Ji Rufeng for your actions and tell everyone that your accusations against him are all false.”

Yu Lan laughed mockingly. “President Su, I’ve already rejected the benefits President Lu offered me. Do you think I’m doing this for benefits? I’m just trying to seek justice and set a benchmark for women!”

“Set a benchmark for women? Women don’t need a benchmark like you. You use women’s rights and the rights of the disadvantaged to find a dignified reason for your self-interest!” Su Bei’s voice was cold and stern. “Stop abusing women’s rights. They’re in place to protect women who are really hurt, not people like you.”

Yu Lan was unmoved. “Then you really do have double standards!”

“What about you? What do you have to say about your relationship with Tong Yan?” Su Bei asked.

Sure enough, there was silence on the other end of the line.

The uneasiness in the air could be felt through the phone line.

However, Yu Lan still held onto the hope of getting lucky and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please don’t look for me again!”

Since Yu Lan was so stubborn, there was no need for Su Bei to be merciful to her.

She immediately contacted the media and marketing accounts and gave out the information she had.

[Shocking news! Yu Lan and Tong Yan have already registered their marriage! The two of them have been secretly married for many years!]

[The news came out at eight o’clock in the evening. Yu Lan and Tong Yan registered their marriage in Las Vegas a few years ago!]

[Tong Yan has been pretending to be single! He’s hidden his marriage for many years!]

[What’s the inside story behind Yu Lan’s so-called sexual assault?]

Su Bei had already given Yu Lan a chance, but she did not appreciate it at all.

She had no choice but to release the evidence.

The evidence showed that Yu Lan and Tong Yan had registered their marriage many years ago. That was why Yu Lan terminated her contract after signing a contract with Dream Entertainment.

This was because the company did not want to see Tong Yan’s commercial value greatly reduced by marriage.

Yu Lan had made a sacrifice for their future.

From then on, Yu Lan stayed in the D-list ranks and earned just enough money to pass the days. The rest of the time, she stayed at home and managed her family in peace.

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However, she had always been filming. After all, she had the resources given by Tong Yan.

Last time, Su Bei had asked Lu Heting to help investigate Yu Lan’s identity through the rare high-end jewelry she was wearing.

Yu Lan would not have expected Su Bei to see through her because of this.

She usually did not dare to wear the jewelry that Tong Yan had given her to formal occasions. This set of jewelry was very niche and could not be sold in the country. Coincidentally, Su Bei had gone to the United States and knew something about it. That was why she followed the clues and investigated Yu Lan.

After the evidence was released, Tong Yan’s fan club was about to collapse.

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