80-1. Love of Love (Red Flavor)

“Try more.”

Looking down. The corners of the mouth raised close to ridicule. For example, it’s a lame provocation to try if you can.

Even after coming here, this dragon princess is the strongest creature on earth, united with pride.

So what do we do? I have to teach you the subject. Who’s stronger, at least in bed.

An unbearably strong s*xual desire and a sense of excitement dominates the whole body. Wherever it comes from, it is constantly pumped out and intoxicated by the thick and poisonous demonic energy that flows through the blood vessels.

“I mean. I really wanted to touch this boob that shakes while pretending not to.”

“You pervert. I knew you would. I didn’t know…”

Crush Doha’s big breasts with both hands. Too damn big It doesn’t come in one hand.

“Oh, it hurts, this bird… I’m sorry!”

Doha frowned at my violent kneading hands, but she didn’t care and kneaded them harder.

The texture is similar to soft jelly. It’s been a long time since my cock exploded in the chest of a woman who felt it properly.

“I don’t know if I wanted to look masculine.”

Remove your hand from Doha’s chest and put your hand between the buttons on your shirt.

“Hey… Don’t?”

Quad Deuk!

Her buttons burst all at once, putting her half-threatening tone to shame. In an instant, two obscene hills appeared through the torn shirt.

As she doesn’t know how to dress up, her basic, plain white bra is impressive.

“Hey! I told you not to! Search.”

“Stay still.”

Press Doha’s shoulder as he tries to get up. She gets close to her face and then warns Doha.

Because if you keep rebelling, you’ll want to deal with it even more harshly.

Then, he grabbed the bra that was covering her breasts with his hand and pulled it off with force.

After throwing the white bra she was holding in her hand, she stood up and watched Doha’s naked body, revealing the negligence hidden under her shirt.


Doha just looked up at me without saying anything, perhaps because he was frightened by my behavior, or if he was quite taken aback by the unexpected behavior.

“Listen to that ass.”



It’s foreplay, it’s naked, and I can’t stand it anymore. She’s sorry for her but she feels like she’ll do worse if she doesn’t put it in right now.

Doha sighed at my command and slapped her ass. She lifted it very slightly.

I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t take off her panties, so I went down and grabbed her panties and pulled them down.

“Take black next time. That’s even worse.”

Similarly, I took off my white panties and threw them back like a bra.

A black bra worn by a black dragon… I get excited just imagining it.

“What are you talking about?”

Doha, who covered her chest with her arms folded, reacted with a crooked attitude. She met her eyes with mine and then she slyly turned her head away.

You still don’t have enough manners. What is the wrong attitude and unconfident gaze?

“Ha, if you’re going to do it, hurry up and finish…?!”

Doha’s waist bounces after making a breathless sound while talking.

Because I spread my thighs apart and wordlessly f*cked her wet cunt.

The wall of her vagina, which suddenly allowed invasion, moved around and tried to push my cock out, but since my strength from above was stronger, it only served as a good stimulation.

This is a woman’s vaginal wall. Like a living creature, it must be pushed out in the shape of my cock.

“Mi, you crazy bastard…Hah…Ahhhhh!!”

The cock is completely pulled out and inserted again. Doha, who was about to say something, trembled as if she had been electrocuted again and then fell limp.

“It’s just the beginning, but what if I’m already tired?”

Whispering in Doha’s ear as she bites her lip and closes her eyes tightly. Then, Doha’s vaginal walls contract strongly with the momentum to extract the semen.

Hot heat. The temperature of the body burning as if it had entered a furnace. Doha gave up covering her chest, covering her face with both hands and gasping for breath.

“I … I’m the first time … Deha!

It’s my first time. And it’s okay. I heard that it doesn’t hurt when you have your first experience with a dreamer.

Hold on Doha’s slender waist and shake her waist in earnest.

“Hagh! Ugh! Crane! hahahaha! Stop… Stop! Stop… Ugh!”

As soon as she stopped her waist as she requested, Doha trembled and lifted her hips up.

It’s pink. Is that blood flowing between your legs?


When I was looking at the mysterious liquid, Doha spread her legs toward me and clearly exposed her pussy, and squirted her love juice right in my face.


Her pelvis, which rose upward for a few seconds after spurting out her love juice, did not know how to go down.

Doha continued to convulse as she held onto the blanket as if to tear it apart, and I wiped the liquid from her face with the back of my hand.

I heard that arrow comics say that this is so delicious.

Carefully bring it to the corner of her mouth and dab it with her tongue.

Unflavored. Instead, the subtlely fragrant scent coming from the tip does not erase from the nose. A scent similar to that of sweet flowers.

If you smell a strong perfume up close, it’s like feeling dizzy and your nose tingling.

“Whoa… Whoa… Oops…!”

Looking at Doha with the back of your hand down. Do-ha groaned strangely because of her lower body falling down and trying to hold back her moaning.

“You… Don’t leave me alone! Haaagh!”

“I won’t leave you alone either.”

The pleasure is over for a while, and the cock is inserted into Doha’s pussy, which is getting stronger again.

I don’t feel the pressure from before, perhaps because it’s damp, so I’ve completely relaxed. Unable to bear it, I instinctively put my hands on her neck.

“Heuk! Ah…Ah…Ugh…”

The strangled Doha widens her eyes and grabs my arm.

“Ugh… Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”

Even though it is in pain because the oxygen is not coming in, every time I insert my cock, the eyeballs turn inside out and come back again and again.

Doha, who began to exert excessive force on her whole body, twisted her stiff body around and around, and her vaginal walls began to exert strong pressure again.

Doha in pain. The moment a tear fell from the corner of her eye. s*xual pleasure has reached its limit.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!?”

Put force into her hand strangling her, and spur the piston quality as if you were dipping and pressing.

The room is filled with the sound of flesh colliding mercilessly. The moment I felt the strength slowly drain from Doha’s hand and the blood rushing to my cock.

“Kuk…! It’s cheap!”


Release the sense of ejaculation that you have been holding back. The cock jerks like crazy, pouring the long-loaded semen into her vagina.

Every time the cock moves without overcoming the ejaculation force, Doha’s waist also bounces in time with the beat.

Unknowingly, I pushed my back in even more, and Doha’s waist almost folded in half thanks to the cock that was deeply embedded into the root.

At the end of the ejaculation of more than 10 seconds. I freed Doha’s strangled neck.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Doha, who was barely freed, inhaled urgently, forced to inhale the air, and coughed in agony.

“Collock! Awesome!”

Doha stopped coughing and moaned when he pulled out his cock. Once again, the bright pink cunt that was spitting out love juice was wide open, and my semen, which I hadn’t swallowed, began to flow.

“Coloc …! f*ck … Coloc!

Are you… Angry? Did I go too far?

Do-ha looks at me with a face full of life even though she can’t even control her body.

With a face covered in sweat and saliva and a pussy still spitting out semen, I was overcome with a strong urge to f*ck him again, even though I was sorry.

“Collock! Kaak! Tup!”

Doha seems to have finally calmed down and spits phlegm on the floor. Then he took off the messy school uniform shirt and threw it down.

“Add more. You bastard.”

“Crazy b*tch.”

Doha, her eyes wide open, smiles and spreads her legs toward me.

It is clear that she has lost her taste just as I have lost her taste. If the taste has gone, it wouldn’t be bad to be faithful in this moment.

In response to Doha’s provocation, he grabs his ankles and spreads his legs wider.


“Haaah! No, please! No more!”

“What are you talking about?”


The 6th ejaculation.

Do-ha collapses onto the bed with convulsions, as if she doesn’t even want to hold back her moaning.

I’m sorry, but I’m still lacking. If you collapse here, the naming value of Kwangryong is a waste.

Forcibly lift the fallen Doha by the waist with his hands while lying face down like a dog.

“Sir, don’t you think we’ll do it again? Hey. Really, just once. Just look at it…Ugh!?”

Doha hurriedly stretched out her hand toward me, but she couldn’t stand the pleasure that came again and buried her face in her pillow.

“Ehh! Hhh! hhhhh!”

The first few times I rebelled and refused, but now I’m busy moaning.

“You’ve become a good female?”

“Looking… Aang!”

Even though he is furious at the expression of putting himself down, he can’t stand it and collapses when his cock comes in.

“That, stop! hahahaha!!!”

The 7th ejaculation. As soon as he ejaculated the semen to see if there was no more space, he felt the pressure pushing his cock.

It is not the walls of her vagina, but the semen that is full of her uterus, which cannot enter and flows back.

Semen and love juice are already flowing down in a frothy mixture at the junction where they are connected to each other.


Doha endures countless peaks without losing consciousness.

“Whoa… Whoa… Please… Let me rest for 5 minutes… No, just 1 minute…”

“Take a rest because you did well.”

Doha groaned in a sweet voice as he pulled out his cock.

The cock, which has already been covered in all sorts of liquids, is still standing upright without losing its majesty.

That’s right. There was something I really wanted to do.

I walked towards Doha’s head, dangling my cock. Doha, who was barely breathing, spread out on the bed, opened her eyes to the shadows cast over her head.

“Clean up.”


“Please suck it.”

Doha stares blankly at me with her mouth open as if she is dumbfounded.

“You mean to put in the wide open?”

“Oh, no sleep… Oops!”

Pocket the cock straight into the lying Doha’s mouth. Surprised, Doha pushed my thigh away, but I, who already had the upper hand, didn’t care and grabbed her arm as a handle.

“Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!”

The bottom of Doha’s chin bulges like her cock then goes down. This is deep throat No Is it Iramachio? What was it

Whatever. That’s not what’s important right now, more important is the feel of Doha’s soft tongue on the tip of my cock.

“Boo-up! Oops! Oops!”

The arm of Doha, who was pushing me away, loses strength. Perhaps in desperation, Doha, who relaxed her body, just held the cock as I moved.


“Eup?! Ugh! Puch! Creepy! Oooh!”

As I kept moving back and forth, I pressed my lower back at the feeling of ejaculation coming up again.

Doha’s arms and legs began to flap like crazy as my cock pushed up to her throat, and soon semen poured into her throat.

“Keek! Whoop! Whoop!”

Doha’s tongue loses its way and moves quickly. It seems that they are trying to create a space to breathe somehow, but it is impossible.

She swallows semen to live, so her uvula seems very urgent.

“Paha! Uweeek! Cool!”

When the ejaculation was over and the cock was pulled out, Doha turned her body and retched her to the floor. If it’s fortunate, it’s fortunate that I didn’t really vomit, it was just nausea.

“Cough…! Cough…!”

Doha coughs and coughs up semen on the floor. As she holds her hand on the edge of the bed, she can see her breasts pouring down, unable to overcome the force of gravity.

“I’m really sorry.”

“Eh? Big!”

Doha raised his head like an idiot at my apology. I grabbed Doha’s head and put the cock back in my mouth.

“Ummm… Haoop… Big…”

Without saying a word, I wrapped her arms around my waist and I grabbed her hair and rocked her back and forth quickly.

“Big! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!”

Her warm tongue coils around his cock nonstop like a snake. She even turns her head from side to side on her own, stimulating it more strongly.



Wrap her head around her and press it between her legs. As before, Doha’s cheeks swelled up and the air escaped.

Gulp… Gulp…

Doha starts drinking semen pouring into her mouth without stopping.

It was undoubtedly an excessive amount of ejaculation, but Doha swallowed it all without spilling a single drop for the first time.

As he released her hand from her hair, Doha slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth, covering her mouth with her hand, closing her eyes and shaking her body.

Raising her head, Doha soon passed the last of her semen down her throat, and when she opened her eyes, she opened her mouth at me.

“I… I… Finished it…”

The pupils of Doha who were looking at me with a smile appeared in the shape of a heart for a moment.

Sometimes, when I can’t control my demonic energy and release it, it’s like her immersed in lust.

“Me. I want to do more. Here… More here.”

Doha spread her legs in a rather supple gesture. Her cunt, which had already been swollen red from so many rough acts, and her skin, which had heated up from friction, were dazzling.

“Pack it inside. I want more. Make a mess.”

Doha stretched out her arms towards me. Like asking for a hug.

“Put it in Doha… Raj…”

Anyway, it seems like I haven’t slept well tonight.

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