Seeing that Aoyama Liuyun was actually a ninja of Konoha,

This makes this daimyo of the Fire Nation a little embarrassed,

The ninja in his own territory is so unruly!


Aoyama Liuyun smiled,

“Then I don’t know, what are the rules that a ninja should have?”

Seeing that Qingshan Liuyun could actually ask like this,

Some daimyo,

The face was very proud to explain for Qingshan Liuyun,

“First point, when a ninja sees a daimyo, he must at least learn to kneel first!”


Qingshan Liuyun did not speak,

And at this moment, Zhaomei on the side just silently took two steps back, so as not to be affected!

If it was before, Terumi is not very sure, what will happen now,

But now, Terumi has decided,

These daimyo will die!

Dare to use such a tone to talk to Qingshan Liuyun?

Isn’t this looking for death yourself,


After being silent for a while, Qingshan Liuyun suddenly smiled!

“What are you laughing at?”

This sudden loud laughter made all the daimyo, all frowning, look over,

“Nothing, just thought of something very interesting!”

First waved his hand,


Qingshan Liuyun explained playfully,

“After all, it’s just a bunch of stupid pigs in captivity, and since when did they actually have the idea that they are the protagonists of this world, which is really funny! Hahahaha! ”

The wanton laughter spread throughout the palace,


The butler who brought the green mountains and clouds,

At the moment, I was already a little dumbfounded,


Are you so brave? Directly in front of the daimyo, say that the daimyo is a stupid pig, do you want to see what you are talking about first!

“Find death!”


Not surprisingly,

Aoyama Liuyun’s words angered all the daimyo,

How long has it been,

How long has it been, no ninjas, dare to scold them in such a face,

I can’t bear it!

Especially the daimyo of the Land of Water, even said directly in the direction of Terumi,

“Water Shadow! What are you waiting for, don’t hurry up and catch this ninja who offends our daimyo’s danger! ”


Perhaps, I don’t think there will be ninjas, disobeying their orders, even if it is a shadow,

So the tone of the shouting seems to be very natural,


Half-ringing events,

Seeing that Terumi still didn’t make any movement, I couldn’t help but look over!


Facing these gazes, Terumi said very directly,

“Well! I’m sorry, but my strength is not enough to catch Liuyunjun! What’s more, why do you think that I support you instead of Liuyunjun!” ”

These idiots are simply looking for their own death!


The existence of the daimyofu is important for the Shinobi Village,

But it’s not that necessary!


According to Miyu’s attitude, it can be said that it was beyond the expectations of all daimyo,

Wait a minute

The development of this matter, I always feel, a little unexpected!

Especially in the sight of

Qingshan Liuyun’s smile at this moment has become a little playful,

These daimyo are finally a little flustered,

“Wait! What the hell do you want to do, we are daimyo, is it possible, you really want to kill us? ”

It’s impossible, let’s do it!

Some daimyo, or lucky,

After all, they are daimyo!

As a ninja, how could Aoyama Liuyun have the audacity to make a move against the daimyo?

But the reality is!

“Of course I won’t do anything to you!”

Aoyama Liuyun’s words, let all the daimyo,

I couldn’t help but feel relieved, and I thought that Qingshan Liuyun really didn’t dare to make a move on them,

But Qingshan Liuyun’s next sentence,

But let all the daimyo, all stunned in place,

“It’s Uchiha who did it to you, what does it have to do with me Aoyama Liuyun?”

And it’s not your own hands, does it matter?

Qingshan Liuyun said this, but it is very innocent!


What does that mean, Uchiha?

Some of the daimyo who got up were just about to say something,

But the next second,

“Mu Dun – The Art of Cuttings!”


The wooden thorn that flew out quickly hit the daimyo in an instant,


Under the influence of Chakra,

The wooden thorn exploded directly in the opponent’s body!


The first daimyo, this is it!

Until the other party fell for a while,

The rest of the daimyo around him are still in a dazed posture,

Obviously, this is not yet reacting.

Qingshan Liuyun will really do something to them!

“How dare you!”

Hands on! I actually did it!

By what!

They are daimyo, high daimyo,

A ninja is just a ninja, no matter how strong his strength is, he shouldn’t have the courage to do something to these daimyo of them!


Only the dense flying wooden thorns answer these daimyo!

Too late to think about it,

The daimyos in a panic, one by one, just want to escape here quickly!

But in the face of absolute strength,

This is doomed to be just delusion!

“Boom! Boom! Boom! ”

One after another, the wooden thorns that hit the opponent exploded one after another!


The strong smell of blood spread throughout the palace!

In the end, it’s just a bunch of ordinary people!


Those daimyo who wanted to escape, including the butler who had a high tone before, all fell to the ground at this moment!


That’s it?

So, these guys won’t really fail to recognize reality!

At the end of the day, it’s just a little bit of money.

In such a ninja world, money is important, but it can also be said that it is not important,

Only strong strength is the root of everything!

“Let’s go!”

After saying a simple sentence,

Qingshan Liuyun turned away directly, his eyes were flat, and he didn’t take such a thing in front of him as a thing at all!

It’s just insignificant!

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“It’s really you!”

The people are gone, and Terumi naturally does not need to continue to stay there,

Instead, he kept up with the footsteps of the green mountains and clouds,

After all, it is a daimyo, and if you say do it, you will do it!


It is Aoyama Liuyun who does this kind of thing,

Zhao Mei also felt that such a thing did not seem to be so difficult to accept!

Although it looks a bit busy!


This decisiveness to say that you can do it is hands-on, but it makes Terumi feel excited!

What a man he really values!

“What is that!”


Qingshan Liuyun doesn’t think that such a thing is nothing!

“Next, are you ready to go to war?”

“Hmm! If you continue to don’t need to protect the daimyo, then naturally you have to join the main battlefield, and you can’t let the ninjas of the Mist Hidden Village fight on their own! ”

This shadow of yourself,

I still have to come out and support the field!

As for those daimyo,

Terumi didn’t care about anything,

Just like Aoyama Liuyun said, the person who did it is Uchiha Madara, does it have anything to do with them?

As for saying,

In the end, who cares, anyway, as long as there is one person to carry the pot,

If you have the guts, question Uchiha!

“What about you?”

Terumi followed the trend and looked at the green mountains and flowing clouds,

“Naturally, continue to look for the eight-tailed and nine-tailed human pillar power!”

Qingshan Liuyun has not forgotten the purpose of his coming out this time!

In any case, at least know some news from the other party!


Seeing that Qingshan Liuyun still has a task, Zhaomei did not block anything,


Looking at the back of Qingshan Liuyun who was about to leave, Zhao Meiyu still said something,

“When this battle is over, I have something to say to you!”

Terumi is not a pretentious person,

Right now, it coincides with the fourth ninja world war, and the chaos is very chaotic,

There are a lot of good, it’s hard to say,

But when this Ninja World War is over, they will have a lot of time!


How come all of them have words, and after the end of this war, they have to say it to themselves,

Can’t Fairy Ah say it directly?

Of course

Think about it!

But Qingshan Liuyun still agreed!


Then, in an instant, disappeared in place,

Terumi was speechless for a long time, this is to stop, looking at the direction that Qingshan Liuyun had just left,

After a long time, there was an extra charming smile on Zhao Mei’s beautiful face!

“Yin has been detected and has reached level eighty! Eye Skill: Spirit Immortal! ”

Even if it is to find Naruto Uzumaki and Kirabi,

Qingshan Liuyun also did not carry his own cultivation,

Finally, a few days later, Qingshan Liuyun successfully brushed to the point of eighty levels!

“Immortal spirit?”

Qingshan Liuyun took a general look,

The so-called spirit is not extinguished,

It means that as long as Qingshan Liuyun’s willpower is firm enough, it can guarantee that its own spiritual power will never be exhausted!

Even if it is worse, there will be a trace of it left to save the last life of Qingshan Liuyun,

The immortal bones derived from physical skills, the endless life brought by yang,

Plus the spirit obtained now is immortal!

“I don’t really want to become an immortal being, am I?”

Aoyama Liuyun sighed to himself with a funny feeling,

Although it is not yet to the point of immortality and immortality!


I believe that if you continue to improve in this way, it only takes a little time, you can really not die!


I’m looking forward to it!

“Host: Aoyama Liuyun! 【Feature: Limit breaking】

Shinobi: 321

Body: 321

Phantom: 321

Simplified ability: Chakra Cultivation Method (LV321)! Shuriken throwing (LVmax)! LVmax! Physical Surgery (LV321)! Spiritual Power Cultivation Method (LV:321)! Read (LVmax)!

Simplified Technique: Water Escape (LVmax) [Feature: Sharp]! Ludun (LVmax) [Feature: Anti-injury]! LVmax [Feature: Armor Breaking]! LVmax [Feature: Burst]! Lei Dun (LVmax) [Feature: Spread]

Simplified special escape technique: Ice Escape (LVmax) [Feature: Infinite]! Yang Dun (LV344)! Mu Dun (LV302) [Feature: King Kong]! Melting (LV:max) [Characteristic: Corrosion]! Lan Dun (LVmax) [Characteristics: High Pressure] (Li Yihao)! LVmax [Feature: Double Bounce]! Shadow (LV80)!

Simplified Ninjutsu: Spiral Pill (LVmax)! Sealing (LVmax) [Feature: Dissipation]!

Skill: Chakra Burst! Combat intuition! Speed! Instantaneous! Mental confusion! Analytical understanding! Armored! Superbody! Mastery! Mare’s nest! Holy Word! Immortalization! Endless!

Real damage! Pain increase! Space markers! Spiritual creation! No bones! Mental immunity! Distort reality! The spirit is not extinguished! ”

After taking a look at his task template,

For the direction to go next,

Qingshan Liuyun has roughly made some arrangements!

“Eighty level Yin should be enough!”

Before there was obviously a chance, but did not continue to fuse the blood lineage,

Qingshan Liuyun is waiting for the improvement of the Yin Escape level,

Eighty levels of yin, although not as good as more than three hundred levels of yang,

However, if it is used to fuse the Escape Technique, it is enough!

“Next, it’s the fusion of yin and yang!”

Whether it is the blood succession limit, or the blood succession elimination!

Or above these levels, more tricks are needed to be able to fuse the blood succession snare,

It’s not comparable to the fusion of Yin and Yang Escape Techniques!

“Six Dao Immortal Arts!”

The fusion of Yin and Yang Escape Arts, called Six Immortal Arts!

Simply put, it’s the power at the apex,

The Six Dao Immortal Arts are more like a rule,

For example, the co-killing ashes of Kaguyahime Otsuki is as if it is the power of rules,

As long as you are attacked, you will definitely die, without any bells and whistles!

It’s very simple.

But it’s also terrifying!

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