I Became the Prime Minister’s Adored Wife after Transmigrating

Chapter 363: Zhao Zhao, long time no see (finale)

  Chapter 363 Zhao Zhao, long time no see (finale)

  Ji Zhao glanced at her unexpectedly, and asked curiously, "Chunyan, have you met His Majesty before?"

"Well," Feng Chunyan lowered her head shyly, "Didn't His Majesty also come on the day Kang'er was washed? I... When I was flying a kite with Zhuang Zhuang, the kite suddenly broke and hung on a tree. Come on, it was His Majesty who retrieved the kite for us..."

  Actually, Feng Chunyan didn't dare to look up at the emperor's face at all at that time, but she felt that the fragrance on His Majesty's body was very good.

  Besides, when Emperor Jingchen turned to leave, she boldly took a sneak peek. Although she only saw the emperor's side face, even that one glance was enough to make Feng Chunyan's heart move.

   "Sister A Tao, His Majesty was an unattainable existence for me before, but after hearing that His Majesty decided to choose from the folks, I... I couldn't hold back."

  That's why Feng Chunyan secretly signed up for the draft. When she learned that she passed the first test, she was extremely happy.

   But when the news came back to the Shen family, Mrs. Shen was really very angry.

   "Chunyan, do you really like Your Majesty?" Ji Zhao looked at her blushing face and smiled softly, "I can persuade my sister-in-law to allow you to enter the palace, but you need to promise me one thing."

   "Sister A Tao, tell me!" Feng Chunyan asked impatiently.

"Before loving others, love yourself first." Ji Zhao rubbed her head, and advised with gentle eyes, "Once you enter the palace, you will no longer be Feng Chunyan, but Your Majesty's concubine. A low-level status also means that you will be bound by palace rules, and you must be cautious in every step in the future. His Majesty is not a person of lust, and it is not easy for you to walk into his heart."

"At the beginning you may feel excited, but whenever your efforts are not responded to, you will be disheartened. At that time, the love will gradually disappear. Most love at first sight in this world It's all just for the sake of sex, just think about it, you only saw His Majesty once, how would you know his personality?"

  Feng Chunyan was a little dazed when he heard this.

  Finally, her gaze gradually became firmer, "Sister A Tao, I want to try bravely, even if I can't walk into His Majesty's heart in the end, as long as I can look at him from a distance, I will be satisfied."

"Since you have made up your mind, I won't persuade you much. As for sister-in-law, I will help you." Before leaving, Ji Zhao smiled and nodded her nose, "Chunyan, since this This road is your own choice, so go on bravely, and I wish you all the best.”

   "Sister A Tao, thank you!" Feng Chunyan said gratefully with a smile.

  Finally, Feng Chunyan entered the palace as she wished. Because she came from the Shen family, she was named a talented person when she first entered the palace.

  Later, she spent a full eight years melting the ice-like heart of Emperor Jingchen with her sincere love; she finally became the empress that Emperor Jingchen respected and liked.

  In the second year of Jingchen, Shen Yao accompanied Ji Zhao back to Shanghe Village.

  Opening a corner of the carriage, looking at the smoke curling up in the sky in the distance, the couple looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

   "I'll ask Imperial Physician Li to visit the village chief soon," Shen Dashan said with a frown. "Several villages around our Shanghe Village have been merged in recent years, and the village chief has contributed a lot."

  Shen Menghu is a wise and insightful person;

  And for Shen Yao's affairs, he also helped a lot.

  In Shen Dashan's eyes, Shen Menghu is a respectable elder!

  Two days later, Shen Menghu still died of illness.

   But before he left, he had a smile on his face.

  Shen Dashan helped the village chief's family hold a lively funeral for Shen Menghu.

  Later, Shen Dashan became the new village head of Shanghe Village.

   And Shen Yao also accompanied Ji Zhao to renovate the Earth Temple and reshape the golden body for the land father-in-law.

Over the years, Ji Zhao has bought quite a few properties. From Dingyuan County to Yunchuan Mansion to Kyoto City, her Spring Breeze Restaurant has been opened in every state capital in the Dajing Dynasty, but the Spring Breeze Restaurant The owner behind the scenes has also become the richest man in Dajing.

   Only a very few people know that the richest man in Dajing is the family of the first assistant of Dajing.

  In the fourth year of Jingchen, Shen Shoufu and his relatives left for the northwest to help the people in the northwest reclaim wasteland and be self-sufficient;

  In the sixth year of Jingchen, Ji Zhao gave birth to another daughter for Shen Yao, named Shen An'an.

  In the eighth year of Jingchen, under the rule of Emperor Jingchen, the Dajing Dynasty has become the most prosperous and powerful country on the Yunzhou mainland.

   In the fifteenth year of Jingchen, Shen Dasan and his wife were seriously ill one after another. After three years of mourning, Shen Yao asked himself to resign, but the papers he handed over were suppressed by Emperor Jingchen;

  In the 30th year of Jingchen, Shen Yao, the chief assistant of the first generation, died of illness in his sixtieth year; in the spring of the following year, his wife Ji Shi also passed away in her sleep.

  After Shen Yao passed away, he was posthumously named Yipin Yiguo Duke by Emperor Jingchen; his wife Ji Zhao was also posthumously named Yipin Gaoming Mrs.

  It wasn't until Emperor Jingchen issued the imperial decree that the people of Dajing knew that Duke Yi and his wife had secretly done countless good deeds that benefited the country and the people!

  Before she died, the Duke’s wife handed over all her property to the imperial court.

  This righteousness has touched countless people.

  Since then, the story of Yi Guogong and his wife has become a favorite story among the common people.

  “I used to be unable to extricate myself from the size of the world, and I was also addicted to it in my dreams, struggling not to be true or false…”

  The familiar ringtone of the mobile phone suddenly came to mind, and Ji Zhao, who was lying on the desk, suddenly woke up.


"My God, Zhao Zhao, you finally answered the phone, do you know that I have been calling you for three hours? But you have been busy all the time! What's going on with you? Wait Ah, I'll be at your house soon...beep beep..."

   There was a flurry of voices coming from the phone, but Ji Zhao was in a daze.

  Her eyes fell on the cookbook on the table, and then on the desk lamp emitting a soft light, and she blinked puzzledly.

  After a quarter of an hour, Ji Zhao confirmed one thing, she returned to the 21st century.

  With the arrival of best friend Zhao Xue, she also understood why she wore books.

  Zhao Xue is an author of online novels, and the book she has read is Zhao Xue's new work.

   It's just that she felt that Zhao Xue's writing of the former heroine Ji Atao was too brainless and miserable, so she complained a few words.

   As a result, she actually transmigrated into the book, changing the plot direction of the whole book from Ji Atao's perspective.

"Zhao Zhao, what do you think of my newly revised one?" Zhao Xue couldn't wait to hand the revised draft to Ji Zhao, and said with a smile, "Thanks to your complaint, I also feel that the heroine's It’s much better after changing the character design. You don’t know how difficult it is to be an online novel author now. If you want to write abusive novels, readers think it’s not sweet enough; Zhao Zhao, did you hear what I said?"

   "I heard it!" Ji Zhao nodded with a smile, "After this change, it is indeed much better."

  It turns out that the thirty-three years she spent in the Dajing Dynasty were nothing more than a three-hour dream in the new century.

   Now that she woke up from the dream, she left feeling empty in her heart.

  Seeing that she was still in a daze, Zhao Xue dragged her directly to the coffee shop downstairs.

"Zhao Zhao, are you really okay? Didn't you like to drink the cappuccino from this shop the most in the past? Why are you in a daze today?" Zhao Xue asked anxiously, "Zhao Zhao, if you have something to do, don't bear it." Come on, be sure to tell me, I am willing to be your emotional trash can! Really!"

   "I'm really fine." Ji Zhao shook his head, picked up the cup of coffee, and took a sip until she caught a glimpse of the tall and strong figure outside the glass window from the corner of her eye, and she hurriedly chased it out!

   That tall figure, wearing a delicate gray suit.

  When he saw Ji Zhao rushing in front of him, he raised his eyebrows and smiled.

   "Long time no see, my Zhao Zhao."

  Ji Zhao couldn't hold back his emotions anymore, and threw himself into his arms, tightly wrapping around his waist.

   Zhao Xue, who witnessed this scene, was full of doubts?

  How could her best friend know the big boss of their website?

   Until her best friend became the proprietress, Zhao Xue couldn't figure it out.

  End of the full text.

  (end of this chapter)

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