52 Suspicion

That man could annoy Tang Susu to death. She was already ignoring him, but he was still trying to provoke her. He kept his eyes on her and he could even perform recitals better than a monk. He was so noisy that it made her head hurt!

For the rest of the journey, he eventually quieted down as if he was dying.

However, before the two cars could even drive out of the gate, they could hear angry curses coming from close by.

“Where are you guys going?!”

“Don’t go! Who told you that you can leave? Come back! Otherwise, never think about coming back!”

“The zombies have come in and you haven’t dealt with them yet. Please, you can’t leave us alone!”

While waiting for the giant metal gate to open, Tang Susu glanced at them.

She saw a group of people hiding in a villa by the gate. They were standing on the balcony and stared in their direction with anxious eyes.

“If you listen to their tone alone, others who don’t know better might think that they are masters and we are servants who must obey their commands!”

Mrs. Tang was so annoyed that she was ready to argue with them.

Tang Mingzhou comforted her and said, “It’s not that they don’t understand it. It’s just that they’ve chosen their own self-interests and have given up on becoming decent human beings.”

“That’s right. They’re smart people. If we argue with them, they’ll see that we’re reasonable people and start to guilt-trip us.” That was also the reason Tang Susu decided to use violence against violence.

The fists were often the ones upholding the truth!

When the double gate had opened and then slowly closed back into the middle. Tang Susu stepped on the accelerator and bolted out, running over a terrifying zombie!

The silver Range Rover followed behind and just as they had left, the iron gates closed behind them with a bang, separating the two worlds.

A group of people took the risk of chasing after them, but they only saw smoke and dust hanging in the air. The two large cars were like hot knives cutting through butter as they knocked away the approaching zombies one after another as they sped away without any problems. They did not even hesitate.

The roaring of the cars’ engines attracted countless zombies into the once-deserted streets. When they saw the humans hiding behind the iron gates, they all dove over in excitement!

“Ah! Run!”

“What’s going on? Where did they go? Isn’t this place safe?”

Just as they were running for their lives, Jin Dahai heard that the Tang family had left. He brought the spectacled woman and rushed over into Villa No. 6.

“They only left in two cars and they had so many people with them. It’s impossible for them to take that many supplies with them.”

“I don’t know if that person was telling the truth or not. Did the Tang family actually transport plenty of supplies here before the end times?” Although the woman was suspicious, her voice was quivering with excitement.

“Either way, there has always been something strange about them. I have to figure it out no matter what. Those are all secrets to surviving in the apocalypse. We must take them over!” Jin Dahai said as a glint of light appeared in his eyes.

The two of them barged into the kitchen, but they did not find even a single piece of vegetable. They were not disappointed, however.

“It’s likely that the supplies are underground!”

As they said that, they ran down to the basement and pushed open the warehouse door with excitement.

The door opened to both sides and a gust of frigid air blew right into their faces…

And then the expressions on their faces were frozen in place.

“No, this is impossible!” The bespectacled woman ran off in a panic. She kept on knocking on the walls and floors and leaving no corners unturned in the enormous warehouse.

“They must have hidden the supplies somewhere. Come and help me! I don’t believe that we can’t find them!”

Jin Dahai also followed her around, but he was calmer than the woman who fell into despair.

“I knew there was something strange about them. Look at this place. They must have stored a lot of things at one time.” He pointed at a mark on the ground.

“Argh! They’re so despicable! They left nothing behind!” The woman kicked the wall furiously. She then hissed out in pain however when she hit her own wound.

“I’m more curious about how they took away so many things…” Jin Dahai’s expression darkened as his fists clenched so tightly that they were about to break!

Meanwhile, Tang Susu received a notification and pressed a button on the micro-earphone without showing it. She heard everything that Jin Dahai and the woman said after they broke into her home.

She heard everything through a hidden microphone she had left in her house, which cost her ten million.

Fortunately, the points were well spent. She did not expect Jin Dahai to be so sophisticated and that he could come up with something like that…

It seemed that she could no longer let him live.


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