I Have Signed in at the Academy for 80 Years, and I Am Invincible in the World

I Have Signed in at the Academy for 80 Years, and I Am Invincible in the World


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Su Xiuyi of the Great Zhou Dynasty and her beloved won the champion and second place respectively in the temple examinations, but in the face of the saint, Da Zhou Shenglong saw through the second place as the demon saint, the demon saint is noble, shemale The two clans never died.

The Emperor Zhou imprisoned the demon saint in the sky prison.

Su Xiuyi sneaked into the sky prison to let the demon saint woman go.

He was imprisoned in the Wanwen Academy, which is known to be ten dead and lifeless in the Academy, and could not take a step in his life.

Wanwenyuan, known as a place of ten deaths and no life, has never come out alive, and they have all been cursed to death by the curse of the courtyard. When Su Xiuyi was desperate, he signed in to the system.

When I first entered the Wanwen Academy, I signed a patch of Heavenly Pill.

In front of the Wensheng stele, I signed Abidao Sandao.

In the book building, the King of 4D, the strongest divine literary “Tao”, was signed in.

In front of the altar, a sign was signed for Ten Thousand Fairy Blood.

Su Xiuyi wanted to sign in silently until Invincible under Heaven came out of the mountain, but the demon saint of the past entered the imperial city, and Su Xiuyi also discovered her identity, which turned out to be…

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